My Mom is my Guardian Deity Chapter 14


-Don’t mind me and focus on resolving the problem in front of you. It is an important virtue to always have the habit of thinking about what’s the priority, Hwang Jae-min, my child.

As soon as the nanny, who was sent by mom on her own will, arrived, she started saying crap which I couldn’t differentiate between nagging or nonsense. 

‘Where is she?’

I looked around my surrounding. 

But I couldn’t particularly see any woman who seemed to have spoken to me. 

With a healthy mind and a healthy body, there’s no way what I heard just now could have been a hallucination. 

I guess I can only hear her voice in my mind. 

That’s kind of creepy. 

“If you don’t think it’s going to work out, then please get out quickly. Can’t you see the people behind you waiting?”

“Defense department? Association? Geez, it sounds ridiculous when I listen to it too. How could you possibly talk about that?”

“N-no. why did the <Spirit of language> skill not…”

The woman who dropped me into a state of confusion just now, left the seat under the pressure of the scouts. 

Even as she was leaving, she looked at me sideways while mumbling, “This can’t be…”.

-That woman just played a dirty trick on you, my child. Anyway, you were almost about to fall for her false sweet talk which didn’t even make sense. Thankfully, I arrived just in time and drove the negative energy away.

Again, I can hear her voice again.

Well, what’s the point in being surprised by a voice playing in my head when my mom is my Guardian deity.

But I hope she gives a proper explanation at this rate now… Mom?


I looked into the empty space with my eyes urging an explanation, but there was no response from mom. 

Don’t tell me she’s still mad?

-Sung Hyun-sook…My apologies. I mean the ‘previous deity’ has logged out from the ‘underworld’.

What? Logged out? Suddenly?

-She went to borrow ‘God coins’, you see. While the ‘previous deity’ is away, I, being your nanny, will take over the role of your Guardian deity, Hwang Jae-min, my child. I’m looking forward to working with you.

Ah, I see. 

Well, it’s true that ‘God coins’ are a must if I want to keep receiving sponsorships and be together with her for a long time.

Being able to enjoy a proper ‘gamer life’ if you have a lot of money is the same in that world too I guess. 

Just when I was about to reply. 


Among all the people jabbering about down payment and granting special treatment, a man with his back facing toward came into sight. 

A sullen-looking middle-aged man.

It’s a face I know. 

I’m sure he’s probably here as a scout as well but gave up early due to being tired from the fierce competition of the bigger guilds.

“….A habit of thinking about what’s the priority, you say?”

It’s not wrong. I accept that. 

I quietly muttered, got up and left the access module. 

“M-mr. Hwang Jae-min?”


As soon as I stood up, the babbling crowd went silent at once. 

All those eyes focused on me are asking. 

Did you finally decide which guild to join?

Yes, I did. 

But the answer you all are expecting is not going to come out of my mouth. 

“Excuse me.”

I approached the man who was leaving with a dark look on his face. 

Perhaps he thought it wasn’t him who I called out to, but he didn’t stop walking. 

I had no choice but to grab his shoulders with my hand. 

“I called out to you.”

Just then.


For a moment, the man’s shoulders went up and down so much that I wondered if he was having a cardiac arrest. 

Sheesh, I almost freaked out too. 

He turned his head towards me like a broken-down machine and pointed at himself with his eyes wide open.

“Y-you, y-you mean me?”

“Who else is here beside you?”

“W-what business do you have with me…?”

He had a doubtful expression.

The same went for all the scouts who were lined up behind me and watched.

While silently screaming, No way? Don’t tell me? No, it can’t be, right? 

There’s no point in beating around the bush. 

I straightforwardly said what I had to. 

“Well, if you don’t mind, I would like to sign up with your guild, <Black Lion>.”

As soon as my words resonated through the silence, everyone opened their mouths wide. 

<Black Lion> guild. 

It’s not a large scale guild that everyone knows the name of, but instead, it’s a small to medium-sized guild, which there are plenty of in South Korea just like there are pebbles. 

That is ‘for now’.

I know the future of this guild. 

‘It jumped to success in just six months after that dude joined.’

In addition, I am also familiar with the internal circumstances of the <Black Lion> guild. 

I have no choice but to be. 

Because during my previous life, it was the guild I worked as a porter for. 

And more importantly….

‘This is probably the fastest way to find a clue to the poison fog dungeon.’


“I-I will have to tell you in advance that we are not in a position to give you the contract down payment amount offered by other guilds. O-of course, you are too good for our guild, Mr. Hwang Jae-min, so we will guarantee you the best treatment though….”

“I get it. I won’t change my mind or anything so don’t worry.”

“I-is that so? I must have gone ahead of myself. I apologize….”

How many times has he said that already? I gave up on counting from the fifth time. 

The name of the pitiful middle-aged man who is driving, dripping with sweat as if he took a shower, is Heo Jin-Hwan. 

He is <Black Lion’s> scout as well as a ‘Searcher’ who is responsible for entrance to the gate. 

While I was sitting in the backseat of an SUV, that was driving smoothly on the road and was heading to the headquarters of <Black Lion>.

-Hwang Jae-min, my child, I was waiting to see what kind of judgement you will make but…In the end, you decided to go with a guild that guarantees success in the future. That is a wise decision. I’ll generously give you 15 points.


I wondered.

Should I point out that ‘Hwang Jae-min, my child’ which is lowkey irking me since a while ago, or should I ask about the ‘points’ she just mentioned?

“…What’s the point of arguing with a voice in my head?”

In the end, it’s only me who’s going to get tired out of it. 

Let’s ask about the latter. 

Unfortunately, she can read all my thoughts which is very annoying. 

That’s why I don’t really have to talk out loud if I want to speak to her. 

This means there won’t be any reason for Mr. Heo Jin-hwan to see me as a crazy person who talks to empty air by himself. 

‘Those points you mentioned just now, Do they mean something?’

-Of course, they do. Every time you behave in an exemplary way, I will give you a ‘point’, Hwang Jae-min, my child. Of course, I would love to give you loads of them if I could, but I have been given an order by the ‘previous deity’ to guide you strictly. You understand what I mean right?

I totally feel like a kid who’s been left in a nursery while my parents are away. 

Isn’t this too much to do for someone who’s a fully grown adult, mom….?

‘Where are these points used?’

-Points are points. If you collect a lot, something good will definitely happen. You can look forward to it.

Look forward to it, my ass. 

Don’t just go over it so ambiguously and give me a proper explanation.

Don’t just show me the tip of the iceberg like that. 


Just when I softly clicked my tongue so that it wouldn’t be heard Mr. Heo Jin-hwan.


“Oh no…”

The car suddenly stopped along with Mr. Heo Jin-hwan’s exclamation. 

When I looked forward, wondering what it was, barricades stuck closely together were obstructing the path. 

And besides the barricades?

Armed soldiers were guarding a red whirlpool-like gate and keeping civilians out. 

Mr. Heo Jin-hwan scratched the back of his head as if he were embarrassed. 

“Looks like an ‘Outbreak’ is going to happen soon…Geez, this is the fastest way to the headquarters, what to do..? I’m sorry, Mr. Jae-min.”

“Ah, no. It’s not even your fault, you don’t have to apologize.”


“If someone’s at fault, it would be those players inside that gate. It’s not common for there to be an outbreak because a gate, which is not even blue but red, hasn’t been completely tackled for a week right?”

I didn’t really want to blame them either but I just said it to make Mr. Heo Jin-hwan feel better. 

And yet, the look of remorse on his face did not go away, so I changed the subject. 

“By the way, every time I look at things like that, I feel like the system in a dungeon is so mean. Right? It would be better if other players could be put into the gate and quickly finish attacking…”

“Hmm, I know right. Well…There’s nothing we can do about it because the entrance of a gate with even one player already in it, is blocked for three days.”

“You know, if there’s a God who created dungeons, let’s just blame him for messing up the system like this. How does that sound?”

“…That is a good idea.”

Only now did Mr. Heo Jin-hwan’s expression brighten up.

This is tiring. 

Contrary to the heart-warming atmosphere inside, the situation outside was brutal. 


‘That gate’s done for.’

The mana’s wavelength is so strong that the vehicle is shaking. 

If this keeps up, it’s going to blow up in about 30 min…


“It’s an outbreak!”

“Everyone prepare for battle!”

“Is the player support yet to come?!”

…30 minutes? It literally blew up in 30 seconds. 

The gate, which was resonating beyond the barricade, suddenly ripped apart.

And what appeared next is..


“I-it’s an ogre!”

“That too a twin-headed one-!”

A one-eyed, double-headed giant jumped out of the torn gate and roared. 

Twin-headed ogre. He’s a tough guy, classified as a C+ class. 


‘How much was the compensation amount for C+ class dangerous species?’

In my eyes, it looked like a prey of instant fortune. 

Of course, a C+ species is not an easy feat but I was someone who has already beaten a distinguished specie which is the cerberus. 

In addition, that ogre’s giant body is full of terrible wounds. 

It was proof that the unknown player who had already entered the gate tried his best. 

Well, the victory ended up in the ogre’s hands though.

“I guess I can comfort the soul of that unknown player.”

“Ah! Mr. Hwang Jae-min!”

Ignoring Mr. Heo Jin-hwan’s scream, I got out of the car and crossed the barricade. 

A soldier blocked my way, but I showed him my hot and fresh license, that I just earned. 

Gasp, you are a player!? You came on the right time!”

The power of the license with ‘Class: B’ clearly written on it was great. The soldiers who thought the player support has arrived were relieved and got out of the way without saying anything. 

-Do you plan on going against a C+ class threatening species by yourself? That is reckless but brave behaviour. I’m sure the ‘previous deity’ will be happy about this too. If you succeed I shall give you a reward of 20 points. 

So exactly, what the heck do you use those points for? 

It’s a serious situation so let’s not get discouraged for now. 

One good thing was that, unlike the cerberus, I already knew how to attack a twin-headed ogre. 

I remember seeing it in a guidebook during my first life. 

If I didn’t know how to attack it, then I wouldn’t be crazy enough to bravely step out like this. 

‘First, I need to attack the eye which is red out of the two heads.’

There it is. The right head. 

He’s got a lot of movement, so I want to aim exactly for his eyes without going too close if I can…

Just then. 

[‘Pandora’s box’ will be opened!]

[A weapon that can be used most effectively against the ‘enemy’ recognized by the user will be summoned!]

“Yes, as expected!”

Perhaps it heard my wish? The smart ‘pandora’s box’ summoned and placed a bow and arrow in my hand. 

It was a black ‘Compound bow’ especially used against large monsters. 


I induced mana around the arrow straddled on the string. 

The blue stream of energy circled and condensed on the silver arrowhead.


I shot the arrow with the blue energy, aiming exactly for the eyeball of the right head. 




Perhaps the dude wasn’t an idiot but he easily caught the arrow by raising its arm. 

‘So you won’t allow me to attack your weakness when you’re eyes are literally bloodshot huh?’

But I didn’t look down on it either. 

I already played my trick. 



The arrow in its hand exploded, making small sharp shards of mana fly all over the place. 

As a result, the dude who lost its right arm cried with its eyelid closed on both sides probably because blood and flesh splashed into its eye. 

But it can’t be said that I attacked its ‘eye’ with just that much. 

-Well looks like you have no choice but to face it by going closer. Thankfully, both its eyes are hurt so you can…

“-approach it easily! I know that much too!”


As soon as I dashed across the ground, the compound bow split into particles and disappeared. 

While holding a single-edged bovie knife, which popped out of the ‘pandora’s box’ in reverse, I ran towards the ogre.


The ogre who could barely open his left eye swung a heavy iron mace in defense. 

Howver, since its vision was reduced to half, there was no way the flimsy attack would reach me. 


The attack from the iron mace ended up hitting the ground. 

And just like that, I jumped on the iron mace and was able to reach its arm. 

From there, I leapt forward as if I were kicking and pushing its forearm. 

And finally, 

“It’s no use closing your eye.”

I was hanging onto its head. 

Before its violent hands shake me off…


I stabbed the knife, induced with mana, into his tightly closed eyelid.

The wet soft feeling flowed from the handle of the knife to my wrist. 

It meant that the blade pierced the eyeball properly.


High-pitched soprano-like tones came out of its mouth that was contrary to its appearance. 

Now that I’ve attacked the eye, half of it is taken care of. 


‘The neck bone!’

The epithelium of the neck bone of a twin-headed ogre whose eye was attacked gets weakened. 

What I need to do is aim for the core surrounded by that weakened film. 


Hanging from the face of the ragged ogre, I turned my body as if I was performing a stunt and fell over its neck. 

There, indeed, was a purple core pounding like a heart which I could see through the weakened epithelium. 


I drew the knife horizontally at once, tearing apart the flesh and damaging the core. 


Its breath stopped with even a second of delay. 

At the same time, 


The giant who was as big as a house fell forward.


I exhaled a soft breath, wiping away the sweat from my head. 

Did I use too much of my energy when it’s still morning?

But I guess as much as I’ve worked hard, it’s a benefit for me because I get to have all the C+ monster relief compensation funds and the right to sell the by-products. 

Wow, so how much does all of it amount to?

-….That was impressive, Hwang Jae-min, my child? I was honestly surprise-…Ah! The ‘previous deity’ has logged in again. 

Oh, what? Already? 

She came back earlier than I thought. I thought it would take quite a bit of time. 

But you should’ve still come a bit earlier, mom. 

Then you could have seen me amazingly take down a twin-headed ogre on my own. 

-Then, I know it’s sudden but I will be taking my leave now. I’ll enter the 20 points before leaving so make sure you check your status window. 

‘Check my status window…?’

So suddenly? 

-Seeing is believing! Anyway, I’ll be looking forward to seeing you again next time. Until then, please listen to your mother and take care of yourself, Hwang Jae-min, my child!

Geez, she can just tell me to stay well but why does she have to annoy me by saying Hwang Jae-min, my child till the end. 

You’ll be looking forward to seeing me again? But I don’t wish to see you ever again. 


While grumbling, I asked to read my status window.


<Player info>

Name: Hwang Jae-min

<Muscle strength: 24> <Agility: 20> <Stamina: 28> <Intellect: 16>

Current reward points: 35

*Distribute the points to your desired status! Status increases by 5 points per reward point!



What is this?

Something’s been added at the end. 

“I can increase the status I want…? What sort of…”

Originally, a player increases their stats through the development effect of skills, items and achievements they receive during their performance in a dungeon. 

That’s the only way to get stronger. 

There is no system that raises the desired status with allocated points if you level up, like in an RPG game. 

This doesn’t apply to just me but to all the players around the globe. 

It’s definitely like that but,


But right now I have it.

A system called “Status point distribution’.

I have the freedom to choose and increase the status of whichever ability I desire. 

Just like a buffet where you can choose and eat your food!

[‘Sung Hyun-sook’ greets “Did you listen to your nanny well while I was gone to borrow God coins?”]

“Of course, Mom! I love nanny! I hope I can meet her again next time!”

My attitude changed as fast as an LTE signal and I couldn’t believe it myself. 

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