In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 37


Chapter 37: The Wolf King’s Breathing Methods
Jiang Haiyan was a few years older than Wei Feng – her looks may be average, but she had a good figure.

At noon, she cooked some rice and fried her special dish, saying that she wanted Wei Feng to eat with her.

Wei Feng didn’t hold back – he finished the entire pot of rice, and not a single trace of the four dishes she made were left.

Jiang Haiyan was stunned.

After eating, Wei Feng went to the supermarket by the gate of the community to buy fruits and vegetables, as well as meat to express his thanks to her.

Not to mention, the goods here are cheaper.

Jiang Haiyan just stared at Wei Feng when he came back with bags upon bags of groceries.

She isn’t rich – if she was, she wouldn’t be staying in such a place.

“You bought… a lot of groceries! They will definitely spoil if you don’t eat them all,” she reminded him gently.

Wei Feng just laughed, “It’s fine. You’re the one responsible for cooking it, and I am responsible for eating it! I won’t waste food, promise.”

Jiang Haiyan: …

Are you using me as a nanny?! She thought to herself.

“Even if you have a big appetite, you can’t possibly finish this much food! Moreover, why should I even cook for you!” She interrogated.

Wei Feng smiled, “You are going to cook anyways, might as well cook my portions! Look – I’ll portion it so that it won’t spoil.”

“…Fine. But you have to help me – I have to cook a lot of dishes.”

“No problem!”

Wei Feng was happy that the issue of food is resolved.

As for his beasts’ food, there is a store selling royal beast food around ten miles away from the north of the community.

At dinner, Wei Feng ate a big pot of stew.

He also bought a cauldron at the supermarket, which can hold 20 litres of liquid.

Beef… pork… Wei Feng stewed all the meat together and seasoned the soup well.

Jiang Haiyan was enlightened once again.

He ate more than 10kg of meat alone, with 5 bowls of rice, not including the fruits and vegetables.

“I finally understand why you want to rent a house here.”

Night time.

The bright moonlight reflects off water, and the wind creates soft ripples in the water. The air was fresh and crisp.

Eleven forty at night.

Wei Feng sat up from the bed, and gently pushed open the window – he jumped out of the window.

From his room, the height was just about a dozen metres – Wei Feng landed perfectly with a muffled sound.

The Wolf King and Thunder Bird quickly leapt out of the window as well.

The Wolf King landed gracefully, while the Thunder Bird, well, flew down.

A human and two royal beasts walked silently in the moonlight and came to an open space.

The Wolf King then said, “Master! Let me demonstrate it for you my breathing method to train yourself!”


Wei Feng nodded and stared intently.

The Wolf King adjusted his breath, then breathed in slowly while facing the bright moon.

As the Wolf King breathed, strands of white moonlight flickered in the air and gathered around the Wolf King – he then breathed it in and exhaled the moonlight.

“Breathe in.”

“Breathe out,”

The moon was like water, the light rippling. The thick wafts of moonlight shone brightly as the Wolf King breathed it in.

Wei Feng widened his eyes.

He couldn’t believe it!

He had only ever heard legends of wild beasts consuming the essence of the sun and the moon, and using that essence as energy – but now, it is reality.

“Breathe in.”

“Breathe out.”

After a while, he stopped.

“Do you understand the process, master?” The Wolf King inquired.

Wei Feng shook his head; he didn’t really understand the mechanics behind just simply breathing.

“It’s okay. I’ll do it for you, but the feeling comes naturally – and you have to breathe slowly.” He explained.

The Wolf King adjusted his breath and started breathing, and the thick moonlight reappeared once again.

“Huff! Puff!”

And the moonlight, like water, flows towards Wei Feng – the crisp sound like a stream surrounds Wei Feng.

The ray of moonlight spreads to Wei Feng’s mouth and nose, and he subconsciously followed the Wolf King’s breathing pattern.

“Breathe in.”

“Breathe out.”

A cool air surged in Wei Feng’s lungs.

“Breathe in.”

“Breathe out.”

The air was like water – strong, but gentle.

“Breathe in.”

“Breathe out.”

On the third breath, Wei Feng could feel the tender hold on the water, but it was cold, with a hidden feeling of loneliness.

“Breathe in.”

“Breathe out.”

Now, it’s only Wei Feng breathing.

The Wolf King was delightfully shocked.

Wei Feng’s body shone brightly in the dark of night, wrapped in the loving embrace of the moonlight.

Wei Feng no longer needed the assistance of the Wolf King.

“What’s going on?” Thunder Bird whispered to the Wolf King.

“I don’t know – I think we just birthed a monster – his name does suit him! He is Crazy!” The Wolf King replied.

“How long did it take you to master this?” The Thunder Bird inquired.

“…Three years.”

Thunder Bird: …


Wei Feng felt as if he was ascending.

Streams of moonlight flooded his brain, condensing into a single, pearl-white dot in the centre of his brain.

Wei Feng felt his Spirit Power increase in strength – the moonlight drew power within his brain, and…

His [Ruined Symbol] floods with energy and activated.

[Absolute Zero] also shone and turned moon-white.


A violent vibration shook his brain.

The white dot materialised and turned into a square box.

A prompt sounded.


[NOTICE: E-Tier Forbidden Item [Spirit World] has been activated.]

[NOTICE: You have mastered the breathing technique [Secret of the Bright Moon].]

[NOTICE: Your body surges with power. Your base attributes are doubled.]

Wei Feng finally opened his eyes, and looked at the Wolf King quizzically.

What happened?

How did I generate a forbidden item?


[Forbidden Items]

Name: [Spirit World]

Grade: E-Tier

Type: Evolvable

Function: Boosts your Spirit Power.

This forbidden item can evolve too!

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