In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 38


Chapter 38: The Chosen One
A dark cloud covered the bright moon, and the entire community plunged into darkness.

However, Wei Feng shone as brightly as the moon, countless fireflies gathered by him. It wasn’t too bright – but he looked dreamy.

Wei Feng glanced at his attribute panel.

Before this, his Spirit Power was displayed as 273 (+6120).

The additional bracket behind the number means that he has yet to fully control the Spirit Power shared with his royal beasts.

But now, his mental power has directly turned into 6680.

That E-Tier Forbidden Item [Spirit World] gathered all the Spirit Power, and allowed him to fully control this Spirit Power.

And after he had learnt his new breathing method, his base attributes are doubled, so now his Spirit Power has reached 6680.

“Master, do you feel any different?” The Wolf King asked.

Wei Feng nodded, “I feel… different. Your breathing method is too strong – I can now fully control my Spirit Power, and it also created a forbidden item. An evolvable one at that.”

“An evolvable forbidden item!” The Wolf King widened his eyes.

“Is something wrong? Don’t you have it too?” Wei Feng asked.


The Wolf King didn’t know what to answer.

“Oh! And my other two forbidden items got activated – and my S-Tier Forbidden Item was strengthened as well – but I think the forbidden item would suit you better, to be honest,” Wei Feng rambled.

The Wolf King immediately bowed his head in a surrendering position.

He had already smelled the presence of Forbidden Items on Wei Feng, he just didn’t expect it to be S-Tier, and he had two Forbidden Items at that!

This person is not normal.

This is a god walking among mortals.

The Thunder Bird glanced at the Wolf King; he could help strengthen Wei Feng’s forbidden items too!

He quickly flew to Wei Feng’s shoulder and chirped, “Master! Master! You should try my Thunder Bolt Forging Method too! It’s very effective.”

Wei Feng smiled, but shook his head. “It’s fine, we can try again after my [Absolute Zero] wears out.”

Thunder Bird widened his eyes, “Master, do you mean you can activate it again shortly?”

“Yeah! It’s pretty easy…?” Wei Feng looked quizzically at Thunder Bird.

Are forbidden items difficult to activate?

Thunder Bird looked at the Wolf King, and they both kneeled.

They know what to describe Wei Feng now.

The Chosen One!

Early in the morning.

Five o’ clock, Jiang Haiyan went out.

Her job at Angel Mall is a day shift. So, she won’t be back until noon.

So, Wei Feng was alone at home during the day.

Wei Feng came to the living room.

He summoned all his beasts and fed them beast food – Wei Feng made himself some breakfast as well.

The Wolf King prepared a training plan for Wei Feng last night.

He suggested Wei Feng to utilise the Dragon Ape’s core ability [Field of Strength] to create a field where Wei Feng can practice – this can accelerate his training and also the Dragon Ape’s training.

It’s like killing two birds with one stone.

However, before this, Wei Feng intends to finish using [Absolute Zero].

Because if the Wolf King is promoted to Level 10, his attributes will definitely skyrocket.

Wei Feng also estimates that using Thunder Bird’s method, he can activate [Absolute Zero] again, and maybe he can also upgrade to Level 10.

Wei Feng is also preparing to level his Dark Dragon’s Ape up.

As the direct opposite of the Dragon Ape, ever since the Dragon Ape hit Level 6, the Dark Dragon’s Shadow was quite literally the Dragon Ape’s shadow.

As for his Ice Giant, he doesn’t have much plans.

Ordinary royal beasts can only absorb the energy from the same forbidden item once.

At present, the only forbidden items Wei Feng has to upgrade his beasts are [Absolute Zero]. He has to wait until he obtains a similar forbidden item so that his Ice Giant can finally be upgraded.

Seven thirty.

Wei Feng sat silently on the sofa in the living room, shirtless – the snowflake pattern on his chest shone with moon-white light.

The Wolf King sat across Wei Feng, and adjusted himself as it was cramped.

The Wolf King is a Level 9 royal blooded beast, and its willing to become a royal beast for mankind – isn’t that amazing?

The Wolf King never thought this day would come.

“Are you ready?” Wei Feng nervously asked the Wolf King.


The Wolf King then adjusted his breathing again, then said, “Okay, let’s start, master.”

To be honest, Wei Feng didn’t expect royal beasts to be so nervous when it comes to Forbidden Items.

[Absolute Zero] has been used twice before, once when Wei Feng passed out, and once when his Dragon Ape passed out, so it should be fine.

“Let’s begin.”

Wei Feng whispered.

Wei Feng stretched out his palm and pressed the mark on the Wolf King’s forehead – his snowflake pattern on his left chest suddenly spread out like light passing through a crystal.

It’s like the last time his Dragon Ape was healed, except this time, [Absolute Zero] emits bright white moonlight.


Light spurts out of his snowflake tattoo and flooded into the Wolf King’s forehead.

The Wolf King was immediately enveloped in moon light – like every strand of fur is coated in thick moon light.

“Breathe in!”

“Breathe out.”

The Wolf King used its breathing method.

The thick moonlight surrounded his body.

Wei Feng closed his eyes and absorbed the energy as well.

When his royal beast is strengthened, he feels the effects too.

Thunder Bird, Dragon Ape, Dark Dragon’s Shadow, and Ice Giant silently stared at the scene before them.

The aura of the Wolf King slowly changed.

Wei Feng didn’t understand what was happening. Thunder Bird looked on, and his other beasts were filled with dread.

3 hours later.

A prompt finally sounded, and Wei Feng’s body was suddenly flooding with power again.

This was unprecedented – the energy was too much for his body to handle. It hurt. It felt like his body was being shattered.

But he survived. The prompt sounding extra clear in his head.


[NOTICE: [Absolute Zero] has been used.]

[NOTICE: The Wolf King has been upgraded to Level 10.]

[NOTICE: The Wolf King obtained a new core ability [Transformation].]

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