My Mom is my Guardian Deity Chapter 15


‘Where should I invest it in?’

The 35 reward points my generous nanny granted me. 

1 reward point increases any aspect of the stats by 5 points which means I can invest a total of 175 points in whichever stat I desire. 

175 points? That’s crazy. 

Such an increase in points cannot be achieved unless one’s whole body is covered with the best of best items. 

How should I distribute it though…?

‘Perhaps the most basic ‘muscle strength’? No. Intellect is currently the lowest so maybe that? If intellect is high then mana consumption efficiency is improved too…’

Agh, I don’t know.  This is quite a happy thing to be troubled about, but since there are so many options, decision-making sure is an obstacle. 

If it was mom, what would she choose?

[‘Sung Hyun-sook’ avoids answering and says “Decide that much on your own!”]

…Ah, I see. So you have no intentions of babying me anymore, is that it? 

Your desire to increase your son’s independent thinking, I understood it well and clear, mother. 

[‘Sung Hyun-sook’ gives a slight hint and says “Think well about which stat is the most useful in your position!”]

I thought you weren’t interested in answering. 

Seriously, mom is so hard to figure out. 

‘The most useful stat in my position huh…?’

There are various positions in a dungeon. 

Isn’t there a so-called ‘DTH*’ in RPG games?

*T/N: Abbreviation for the gaming terms Damage dealer, Tank and Healer. 

It can be said that positions in a dungeon are 90% similar to that. 

In the case of being a ‘damage dealer’, one will focus more on muscle strength but if one is a supporter who mostly helps as a backup then they will probably invest in intelligence.  

But which position am I?

‘…All work I’ve ever done is as a porter or a miner though.’

Being an F-class I was someone who was ever so slightly stronger than ordinary citizens, so what position could I possibly have?

Forget about the stats or whatever, as long as one has two arms and two legs, even an ordinary citizen can be a porter or miner. 


With a sigh, I swept my hair upwards. 

I’ve decided. On which stat to increase. 

‘After giving it some thought, I think it’s better to just increase everything evenly.’

During my previous life, I didn’t have a position. A porter and miner? 

Those are not positions. 

That’s just called being a slave. 

But right now, things are different. 

‘I can do anything.’

Because right now I have the skill, <Blood is thicker than water>, which is a concoction of mom’s talents. 

A skill too good to be true which maximizes my proficiency in all kinds of weapons and other skills. 

In other words?

‘I’m an all-rounder!’

I don’t need to worry about which position am I fit for in the first place. 

Whether it be a damage dealer, tank or supporter. 

Because I can show off my talents no matter what the role is. 

‘I was in a dilemma for no reason.’

I, whose head was now cleared from any trouble, distributed the reward points without any hesitation. 

And the result of that was?


<Muscle strength: 74> <Agility: 70> <Stamina: 53> <Intellect: 66>

Current reward points: 0


At first, I invested 5 reward points (i.e. 25 points) in each item. 

But there were 15 reward points left so with the remaining points, I increased ‘Muscles strength’, ‘Agility’ and ‘Intellect’ by 5 points each. 

The reason why I increased my intellect rather than increasing my stamina is pretty simple. 

‘Because it’s a known fact that it’s freaking hard to increase one’s intellect.’

For some reason, compared to the other stats, there are not many means to raise intellect. 

On the other hand, stamina is the easiest to increase along with the use of skills and items. 

That’s why I chose intellect as a priority over stamina. 

‘…This is no joke…’

The average of all my stats is well over 65. 

What was the average in my previous life?

First of all, I remember there was no stat with more than 2 in the tens place. 

‘…Oh my god. I just achieved what I couldn’t even achieve in 3 years in just two days after regressing….’

Damn, this is some crazy speed. 

At this point, it’s lowkey starting to feel scary besides the happiness. 

[‘Sung Hyun-sook’ is shocked and says “Just how weak were you before regressing!”]

Let’s not do domestic violence using facts, mom!


If someone asks me what <Black Lion> means to me, then I’ll answer as follow. 

A love and hate relationship. 

…But if I were to choose, then it would be more close to ‘hate’ than ‘love’ I guess?

Thinking back, there are more memories of me suffering but it’s not like there weren’t any good times at all. 

‘Because Mr. Heo Jin-hwan was there. ‘

My previous life was as terrible as it could be. 

In it, Mr Heo Jin-hwan was one of the people who encouraged and supported me until the end. 

‘After regressing, he’s the number one person who I’d like to build a connection again with.’

If it weren’t for him, then I wouldn’t be able to last long in <Black Lion>. 

…Now that’s it for the ‘love’ part of the ‘love and hate relationship.’

Who was responsible for the ‘hate’ you ask?

“Oh! Nice to meet you! You’re the guy who received the starting grade as ‘B’ right?” I’m Park Chan-su, the president of this place!”


My second life is supposed to be as easy as a walk in the park but as soon as I saw his face, my head hurt. 

The <Black Lion> guild’s office. 

I held the man’s hand, who reached out for a handshake, with a fakest smile ever. 

“Nice to meet you. I’m Hwang Jae-min, the new member of <Black Lion>”

“Wow, it’s just like I’ve heard! The aura you already exude is extraordinary. Rumours have already spred wide and far that there’s a decent rookie who has been discovered after a long time.”

“I’m flattered. I’m grateful you think of me so highly.”

I had to use every muscle of my face to force myself to smile in front of this jerk. 

Park Chan-su. 

As he said just now, he is the founder of <Black Lion>, and also an incredibly trashy human recognized by me. 

‘To be honest, he’s eviler than monsters.’

Why you ask?

There’s no need for a long explanation. 

Let me just quote a few abusive remarks he made towards me in my previous life. 

  • …The S-class couple’s son? And you? With those skills?
  • Wow, so people who are known to be legends have given birth to this trash huh.
  • Hey, you just invest in our guild using the inheritance your dead parents left for you. I think that’s your only use. 

See? As you saw, he literally drags my parents every time he degrades me. 

Especially the thing he said about inheritance made me so angry, that I still remember it clearly without a mistake. 

Who would have imagines he would use such abusive language just because a few people were in clearing a dungeon mission. 

[Guardian deity, ‘Sung Hyun-sook’s’ body is trembling in anger!]

[‘Sung Hyun-sook’ is burning up with murderous intentions and asks “Can’t we just kill him right now?!”]

Mom, who roughly heard about what I went through on the way to coming here couldn’t contain her anger. 

…I feel like I shouldn’t have told her because it hurt her feelings. 

While I was trying to get a hold of my bitter feelings. 

Park Chan-su burst into laughter as he patted Heo Jin-hwan on the back next to him. 

“My, my. Mr. Jin-hwan you’ve done a great deal! To think you brought in such a bigshot! I thought all you knew was to mess up but looks like you are actually pretty useful?”

“…I-I’m flattered, sir.”

Mr. Jin-hwan, who was conscious of Park Chan-soo, smiled awkwardly. 

There was a slight frown in his eyes, and a faint sigh could be heard in his voice, anyone could tell he was forcing himself to smile. 

‘If he hadn’t brought me, he would be swearing at him right now. It’s obvious.”

I would like to believe, I’m the only one he treated like crap but…

From what I’ve witnessed, there is no way that’s true. 

  • Mr. Heo Jin-hwan, what are you good at? Do you even have something? Aren’t you even ashamed when you’re already that old?
  • Is bringing in a rookie player that hard? You can’t do anything I tell you. 
  • Are you able to breathe well? From what I see, you don’t even deserve to breathe. 

These are the insults Mr. Heo Jin-hwan had to go through every time he failed to recruit a rookie player Park Chan-su had his eyes on. 

But why was Mr. Heo Jin-hwan’s performance so low?

Is it because he isn’t talented? 

If it was so, then I could have understood Park Chan-su even if it was a pea-sized amount. 

‘But first, he should at least offer enough down payment to compete with the other guilds instead of insulting people like that.’

Mr. Heo Jin-hwan is pretty skilled. But what can he do if you asked him to bring players without offering them a budget that meets the industry standards atleast…Isn’t that ridiculous?

I’m sure this time too, he ordered him to recruit me by offering a tiny sum of money. 

And if he would have failed to bring me, then he would have insulted him out loud in front of all the other members. 

Sigh, I can see it in front of my eyes. 

Anyway, that pinchpenny bastard. 

‘Well, in the end, he quit after paying a hefty amount of penalty for breach of contract but…’

Since then, Mr. Heo Jin-hwan had a negative outlook on life and in the end he… Hm. 

The more I think about it, the more my fist trembled in anger. 

But right now, I can’t simply punch that bastard in the face like a lunatic so for now, let’s hang in there. 

Park Chan-su and I sat face to face on either side of a table with a contract in between. 

“Should we start after you’ve signed the contract first? Ah, what would you like to drink? Coffee? Green tea?”

“It’s alright. I feel a bit bloated. “

“Oh too bad. Don’t you need some digestive medicine? There will be a welcome party later too.”

Yeah, it’s because of you, you know?

Of course, I hid my true feelings and wore a smile on my face for now. 

I closely (pretended to) looked at the contract placed on the table. 

The thing which caught my eye in the contract which looked fine on the outside but was actually full of plot holes was-

“About this ‘Entrance test’…”

“Hm? Ahh..the one where a new member goes to clear a dungeon along with the existing members to be officially accepted? Just ignore it! Because Mr. Jae-min, you are a case where we have especially scouted you so as an exception-”

“No. I would like to take the test.”


I spoke with a straightforward tone. 

“We need to abide by the terms of the contract. If you’re going to make an exception only for me then…isn’t it a bit unfair?”

“No, I’m telling you, the people who are scouted are an exception so why would you-…”

“It’s because while I’m at it, I would like to showcase my skills to you, sir. Was it rude of me to ask for it?”

“…No, not at all.”

He must probably not understand at all.

When I’m saying that I wish to do something bothersome myself. 

Anyway, it’s probably a good thing for Park Chan-su. 

He nodded without much suspicion. 

“Hm, it’s not like we can’t do it. Okay! Now that it’s come to this, let me have a look at our new rookies’ skills up close!”

“Huh? You mean you’re going to accompany me till the dungeon?”

“Of course! I always take a part in our guild’s entrance tests! Isn’t that a given when the president is someone as diligent as me?”

Diligent my ass. Look at him spout nonsense from his mouth. 

Does he think I don’t know he usually throws the responsibility on other members?


‘This is great.’

Right now, I was glad of his hypocrisy. 

I didn’t know he would say it himself before I could even bring it up. 

At that moment, I liked Park Chan-su for the first time in my life. 


There goes a saying like this in the world. 

You can fix machines, but you can’t fix people. 

Sigh. I don’t know who said it but…

“You bunch of idiots. How are you all worse than someone who has just received his license today? Aren’t you even ashamed of yourself? Fxck, I really can’t stand it.”

Some things just never change. 

That is what I thought while looking at Park Chan-su curse out loud at the other members when it hasn’t been even 30 minutes in the dungeon. 

A temporary attack team consisting of three other members besides me and Park Chan-su were assigned to a dungeon that was in the form of a cave. 

The inside of the dungeon was extremely dark. 

To the point where we would soon lose our sense of direction if we weren’t using a lantern. 

In addition, 


“It’s a <Ventrata*>!”

T/n: Probably the carnivorous plant Nepenthes x ventrata

“Where?! Where!”

“Above, on the left side! No wait, on the right…Ack!”

Amidst the dark cave, there were strange plants, that looked like a pouch, firing poison from their stems. 


A second-class plant that hunts its prey by blending into the background like a chameleon and then spews venom out of the blue. 

‘Rather than plants, they’re more like monsters who look like plants though.’

Due to its nature of hiding its body thoroughly in a pretense and then making a surprise attack, it can be said to be a quite tricky opponent for players with low stats. 


‘The others are not as bad as I expected.’

Although they are flustered, they are steadily hunting while maintaining their given positions until the end. 

Though they’re not excellent, it can be said that they’re average. 

But of course, 

“Tch. I can’t believe I’m looking at a scene where you can’t even catch a plant. Foolish idiots.”

That wasn’t visible in Park Chan-su’s eyes. 

[‘Sung Hyun-sook’ can’t believe what she just heard and says “They’re doing a good job right now, what kind of nonsense is he spewing?!”]


During my first life. 

The time I joined <Black Lion> was much later than the current date. 

That’s why such a thought comes to my mind. 

Maybe, the Park Chan-su of this time is nicer than the Park Chan-su I knew? 

“Hey, Hey. That punk over there. Don’t tell me he got hurt? Oi, maintain your positions. Don’t give it to him. It’s not like he’s going to die from the wound. Just tell him to manage on his own. Don’t waste such a precious item on him.”

“B-but sir. If we don’t do first-aid immediately then our strategy will fail-…!”

“At best, to me, it looks like you, who’s commenting about the strategy failing in this yellow gate dungeon, are the one who needs emergency first-aid in the head.”

Mhm, I was wrong. 

Once a trash is forever a trash. 

In fact, I think he’s cursing even more or is that just me?

[‘Sung Hyun-sook’ is dissatisfied and says “That’s why they say you should never trust black-haired beasts*”]

*T/n: Idiom where black-haired beast refers to people (as Asians usually have black hair) and means ‘never trust people because they are ungrateful and always betray you.’

My mom is so kind.

She is at least referring to him as a beast.

“Excuse me for a minute.”

I pulled out a dagger from the waistband of the man who was worse than a beast.



I threw the dagger at a ‘Ventrata’, which was about to fire poison hanging from the ceiling, hiding in the darkness. 

The Ventrata died on spot along with a crunch sound. 

The rest of the plants were taken care of by the other <Black Lion> members, so there was nothing more for me to do. 

In case it helps in future attacks, I made a suggestion. 

“ ‘Ventratas’ are monsters who are sensitive to mana. So while dealing with them, it’s better to tone down your mana spirits as much as possible.”

“As expected!”

The one who made such an exclamation at my words was Park Chan-su. 

Agh, Why him of all people?

“The rumours that a rookie with exceptional skills has appeared were true! On top of skills that are like a slap on the face to veterans, you have such a high intellect!? Wow, this is really! Much better than what I had expected!”


“In comparison…”

Park Chan-su’s eyes which were shining brightly turned cold at once.

Sure enough. 

That cold gaze was towards the member who had just been poisoned and the other members while they were examining his wounds.

“I can’t raise my head in front of you due to embarrassment, Mr. Jae-min. I can’t believe that I’m in a position to lead such idiots because I’m their president.”


“You guys have no desire to work harder? If this goes on, what if Mr. Jae-min leaves the guild because he is so disappointed, huh? Are you all going to take  responsibility then?”

[‘Sung Hyun-sook’ is certain and says “I can say for sure that he is mentally ill!”]

He might be thinking that he must be posing as a ruthless and cold-hearted president but in my eyes, he just looks like the most boomer-like boomer to ever exist.

Isn’t it common sense to think that if he treats his subordinates so recklessly, I’ll be disappointed by that instead and leave the guild?

[‘Sung Hyun-sook’ advises “It’s best to not expect common sense from lunatics!]

Indeed, my mother has a keen eye being a legendary player who went through all sorts of hardships. 

I can’t believe she has already figured out the nature of Park Chan-su in such a short time. 

I give you a 200 out of 100, mom!


We treated the wounded member and continued again. 

Of course, even while taking out the detox potion from one of the member’s bags to perform first-aid, Park Chan-su’s criticizing showed no signs of stopping. 

However, once the shoulder area hit by the poison began to turn yellow,  Park Chan-su clicked his tongue and reluctantly allowed the treatment. 

It is a simple treatment which just involves pouring the detox potion on the wound, but it was delayed for no reason because of this batard and the wound worsened. 

“This time, I’ll let it slide because of Mr. Jae-min, but next time there’s no way I’m doing that, so keep that in mind. Whether they’re poisoned or get their hands and limbs cut off, we leave those who fall out, behind.”

Of course, this bastard doesn’t have any self-awareness that he is the one at fault. 

What should you do to a lunatic?

Not expect any common sense from them. 

While we continued our attack amidst the funeral-like atmosphere. 


Suddenly we were faced with a huge wall. 

But it wasn’t a dead end. 

As there was a straight path which emerged from the left. 

However, none of us walked past the wall. 


“An unnaturally straight wall. On top of that, the slight energy of mana which can be felt…This smells fishy.”

A grinning Park Chan-su nodded while looking at the member beside him. 

He’s signalling him to go and touch the wall. 


The member who received the order, took a reluctant step and stroked the wall carefully. 

And then, 


The wall started to become invisible like it didn’t exist in the first place. 

And what unfolded before us was-


A huge cave filled with emerald-like ores!

No one, including me, knew the exact name of the ore. 


Neither did anyone know the value of the ore that filled the cave. 

Not all minerals grown in a dungeon are necessarily of high value. 

But if it’s a mineral with mana flowing out on its surface?

‘Then that’s a different story.’

[‘Sung Hyun-sook’ gazes with brightly shining eyes and says “My son has hit the jackpot!”]

To gain this much harvest in a yellow gate dungeon is safe to say that one hit the jackpot. 

Park Chan-su’s eyes gleamed with greed as he looked around the emerald-like ore. 

“What are you waiting for, you punks! Get ready to mine!”

Park Chan-su who seems to have lost his senses is now openly treating his members like slaves.

The members hurriedly took out mining equipment from their bags and entered the cave. 

“Keep in mind that the one who digs the least is going to be killed by me.”


The dagger pulled by Park Chan-su, shone with a green glint. 

Upon sensing the murderous atmosphere, turned pale with horror and started to wield their pickaxe like crazy. 

Finally, he has revealed his true colours completely. 

There’s no doubt that this guy is a psycho. 

‘I wish I could just smack his head right now…’

While I was contemplating whether to release the violent desires pent-up inside of me and wriggled my hand. 


Suddenly, something sprang through the ground of the cave. 


Stiff brown fur and eyes that shone red. 

In addition, claws, that stuck out like a blade. 

It was a mole with a body height of about 8 meters. 


It roared so loudly that it was hard to believe it was the cry of a mole, and looked down at the shocked members.

I remember seeing it in a picture book. 

<Giant Mole>

It is a large monster that burrows into areas where a lot of minerals are grown and lives there to eat prey. 

‘No wonder. It was too good to be true…’

But I didn’t expect a monster that exceeds the difficulty level of a yellow gate dungeon to a great extent to appear. 


“S-save me-…!”

As the giant mole approached, the members who were mining threw away their equipment and rushed towards the common entrance. 

That is a very wise decision. 

Because with their skills, the most they can do is give the giant mole a few scratches on its body, 

[‘Sung Hyun-sook’ brags and says “My son can definitely defeat it!”]

“I was thinking of the same thing.”

I started calculating in my head while keeping a track of the giant mole’s momentum. 

Pandora’s box. 

The attacking method I know through the picture book. 

My stats, which increased thanks to a generous nanny. 

Add to that, mom’s bragging. 

‘Alright, calculation over.’

The odds are in my favour. 

Though it’s not going to be easy. 

I took a step inside the cave while being faced with the members who were rushing toward me. 



Until Park Chan-su suddenly blew a fireball on the ceiling if the cave and blocked the common entrance. 



A pile of stones came crashing down with a loud roar. 


“S-sir! What did you-…!”

The scream of the members running towards the entrance was soon blocked by a wall build with stones. 

I was speechless standing in front of the entrance which was now blocked. 


What just happened?

“What is this?”

I couldn’t help but ask because I was genuinely curious. 

Park Chan-su replied nonchalantly. 

“Giant moles sleep for a long time once their stomach is full.”

“And so?”

“What do you mean? And so I gave it some food.”


“We’ll wait here and once he’s asleep, we’ll hurry and go dig up the ore. Hm…But I guess we will sweat a bit while trying to dig up all that when it’s just the two of us? Haha!”


“Anyway, I was about to kick those members out and charge them for a breach of contract. Rather, it’s better for them to be able to die in a dungeon honorably.”

[Guardian deity ‘Sung Hyun-sook’ is speechless with a blank face!]

Park Chan-su, who was patting the stone wall proudly, looked back at me.

“Alright then! While waiting here, how about we have something to ea-”

The next moment, my palm was smacking him on the back of his head. 


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