In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 39


Chapter 39: Thunder Bird’s Thunder Bolt Forging Method
Wei Feng quickly looked at the Wolf King’s attribute panel.

[Royal Beast Panel]

Royal Beast: Silver Moon Wolf King

Level: Level 10

Attribute: None

Strength: 50000 (+15000)

Agility: 50000 (+15000)

Spirit Power: 50000 (+15000)

Passive Abilities: [King of Wolves] – The Wolf King holds dominance over wolf-type royal beasts. If a wolf-type royal beast is two levels lower than itself, it can make them betray its beastmaster.

[Sorrow of the Whispering Moon] – The Wolf King absorbs moonlight to strengthen itself, increasing all attributes by 30%.

Core Abilities: [Summon: Wolf King] – The Wolf King summons his guards to fight together, Level 9 Silver Moon Priest (5), Level 8 Ghost Wolf Guard (10), Level 7 Blood Wolf Warrior (20).

[Silver Moon Domain] – When in his domain, the Wolf King increases all attributes by 50% and is able to use [Silver Moon Blossom] – Increases all attributes of a target by 100%, and doubles recovery abilities.

[Silver Moon Bloodline] – The Wolf King comes from a royal bloodline, and he can be strengthened by Forbidden Items with no limit.

[Transformation] – The Wolf King can mimic other royal beasts he had seen for 5000 seconds at any time.

After reaching Level 10, it seems like the attributes of the Wolf King were the same values.

Counting additional attributes, then the Wolf King has a direct increase of 50000 to all attributes!

This power is crazy.

Level 10 Beasts are no longer divided into subclasses. This could mean that the Wolf King has already reached its peak.

His abilities have been buffed as well as obtaining [Transformation], which could prove useful.

He can now transform into any royal beast or creature he sees!

This could also mean the Wolf King could transform into a human.

“Master, how do I look?” The Wolf King glowed all over like the full moon.

After hitting Level 10, it seemed like the Wolf King has a more beautiful body and smoother body. It’s perfect.

Thunder Bird was envious and pushed Wei Feng to begin the Thunder Bolt Forging Method.

Wei Feng felt powerful, and agreed.

Thunder Bird explained that using this method, it can temper the body to make the power precipitate like lightning, so that this power can be controlled.

It’s important that Wei Feng can control this immense power that he now holds.

A person who can control this newfound power is like a well-proportioned bodybuilder.

And those who can’t control are like fat and bloated people who are unable to walk.

This comparison is realistic.

Wei Feng quickly agreed – this power in him is like a ticking time bomb.

“Crackle, crackle.”

Thunder Bird began its work.

Thunder Bird came to a conclusion from yesterday’s observation.

That his master is unimaginably powerful, so it is important that he helps his master control this power.

Thunder Bird intends to let Wei Feng be baptized by lightning, and forcibly suppress this “ticking time bomb” within Wei Feng, so that he may control it.


Arcs of electricity sprayed from Thunder Bird, and Dragon Ape’s hair were all standing.

With no warning, Thunder Bird directly hit Wei Feng with an arc of lightning.

It’s a powerful blow.

If Wei Feng didn’t share Thunder Bird’s core ability [Electricity Manipulation], this blow could have killed him.

Electricity lingered all over his body, surrounding him in a purple fence.

Lightning arced out of Wei Feng’s body like water.


Thunder Bird quickly signalled his assistant, Dragon Ape to bring the prepared equipment.

Two bare wires that are plugged into a socket.

The Dragon Ape held these wires close to Wei Feng, and connected it with Wei Feng.


Wei Feng’s hair stood up at attention.

Manipulating electricity and being electrocuted are both very different feelings – he feels paralyzed.


Thunder Bird spat out an arc of lightning towards Wei Feng.

Wei Feng felt like his entire body was frying.

“Crackle, crackle…”

Wei Feng’s body periodically shot out arcs of lightning, he looked like a mad scientist with his hairs standing at attention.

Thunder Bird continued to spit out arcs of lightning.

The electric metres in the room were whirling like a windmill. Unknown to them, all electricity in the community has been cut out, except for Wei Feng.


Wei Feng suddenly felt something occur.

The power in his body merges into his body homogenously.

Electricity bounced within his body, binding power tightly to Wei Feng.

Wei Feng felt… magical.

He felt like a shepherd – the power in his body is like sheep. Before this, he was without tools, and the sheep were disobedient. This electricity is like a whip, putting the sheep into submission.

“That should be enough.” Thunder Bird then motioned the Dragon Ape to disconnect the wires.


The lightning within his body finally stabilised, still crackling over Wei Feng’s body.

Wei Feng’s body seemingly transformed – his biceps were firm with muscle, and his abs were hard and shone brightly like stones.

In mechanics, under the same strength, the smaller the volume, the more powerful a force is.

Wei Feng has more than 10000 attributes, all of which are hidden in his small frame.

The lightning within his body jumped, and he found that they all gathered towards a place in the body.

It’s a position in the human body, known in acupuncture as the “God of Thunder and Lightning.”

The electricity rushed and condensed in this location, forging Wei Feng’s body.

Like a hammer!

The electricity was like a hammer, hitting and forging flesh.

An hour passed.

The lightning had finally calmed down and disappeared, and a crisp prompt sounded in his head.


[NOTICE: E-Tier Forbidden Item [Hammer of Forging] has been obtained.]

[NOTICE: You have mastered the Body Forging Method [Voice of Thunder].]

[NOTICE: After training your physique, your base strength is now increased by +1000.]

Wei Feng opened his eyes, arcs of purple electricity arced in his eyes, making his pupils turn lavender.

The snowflake tattoo on his left chest was crackling with purple electricity as well.

With no hesitation, he used [Absolute Zero] tp upgrade Thunder Bird.

Four o’ clock in the afternoon, Thunder Bird has upgraded to Level 10.

It’s obvious that it is slightly weaker than Wolf King, since each of its three basic attributes were 10000 less than the Wolf King.

A new core ability has been obtained, [Source of Lightning], where it now absorbs electricity in the air to strengthen itself.

Wei Feng shares this with Thunder Bird as well.

Wei Feng’s panel:


The Strongest Beast-Master System (Level 2)

Name: Wei Feng

Age: 16

Rank: Senior beastmaster

Strength: 26540

Agility: 23920

Spirit Power: 22490

Power of Control – Advanced: [You share 20% of all attributes with your royal beasts.]

Forbidden Items: S-Tier [Absolute Zero] – Evolvable. All stats +1 every 24 hours.

C-Tier [Ruined Symbols] – Active.

E-Tier [Spirit World] – Evolvable. Active.

E-Tier [Hammer of Forging] – Evolvable. Active.

Core Abilities: [Hardened Skin] – Derived from [Ice Giant], resist all attacks no greater than 225 strength.

[Source of Strength] – Derived from [Dragon Ape], increase strength by 30%.

[Source of Agility] – Derived from [Dark Dragon’s Shadow], increase agility by 20%.

[Summon: Wolf King] – Derived from [Silver Moon Wolf King], you can summon Level 9 Silver Moon Priest (1), Level 8 Ghost Wolf Guard (5), Level 7 Blood Wolf Warrior (10).

[Transformation] – Derived from [Silver Moon Wolf King], you can transform into any target in which you can read their attribute panels. Duration is 2149 seconds.

[Electricity Manipulation] – Derived from [Thunder Bird], your attacks are imbued with electricity, which is equal to 200% of strength stat.

[Source of Lightning] – Derived from [Thunder Bird], absorb the electricity in the air, and helps to strengthen [Hammer of Forging].

Royal Beasts: Level 3 Ice Giant

Level 5 Dark Dragon’s Shadow

Level 6 Dragon Ape

Level 10 Thunder Bird

Level 10 Silver Moon Wolf King.

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