I Became The Rabbit Swordsman In A Novel Prologue



I thought I had reached the highest level as a swordsman.

When discussing the outstanding rapier swordsman on the continent, my name ‘Alix Wafer’ was always mentioned, people respected me, and those who had interests in swords worshiped me, watching my every move without losing sight.

So, I may have been a little arrogant and a little conceited.

One day, I was killed in vain by those who envied me. So, in technical terms, I was assassinated.

It seems like I’m speaking too calmly when talking about my death, but since it’s a thing of the past, I really have no choice.

More than that, although the situation that I am in right now is very strange. Not only was it strange that I, who should have died, was alive, 

“What the hell is this?”

In the broken mirror, a girl with silver hair and red eyes was looking at me with a pathetic expression. With white rabbit ears on her head.

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