In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 40


Chapter 40: Walking the Dog
Wei Feng really loves this new attribute panel.

These values are double than that of a Level 9 Royal Beast.

And it only took a less than a day to reach these values!

Now that all of the values are specific values, which means he can now fully control this newfound power.

However, if Wei Feng wanted to use all these powers, he is far from ready.

Being able to control it doesn’t mean that he can use it effectively!

He needs to find out how to use these powers.

Using the methods from the Wolf King and Thunder Bird, he practices every day.

The Dragon Ape’s [Field of Power] also helps Wei Feng to practice for at least an hour every day.

In this case, Wei Feng will have to practice for at least half a month before he can exert 50% of his strength.

This means that he isn’t looking to throw a punch using all his strength, but using his strength to his fullest.

With the same strength, who would win? A professional boxer or an ordinary boxer.

It’s pretty obvious.

At six o’ clock in the afternoon, Jiang Haiyan finally came back.

She summoned her golden retriever, “I just came back and I heard there was a power outage! How are the ingredients in the fridge not spoiled yet?”

Wei Feng just sat on the sofa watching the news, “I don’t think the power outage affected our unit.”

“Oh, I see,” she replies and she retrieves a piece of beef to feed her golden retriever.

Although she had broken the first layer of fog in her brain, her Spirit Power hasn’t exceeded 50.

Moreover, she doesn’t have the intention of summoning a second royal beast. According to her, she won’t be able to afford to raise it.

“What are you looking at?” Jiang Haiyan changed into her slippers and sat on the sofa to watch TV.

A short banner was then broadcasted on the TV: “Yancheng Serial Killer – 27 victims, including 5 senior beastmasters with Level 7 Beasts.”

“Oh my god, this again…” Jiang Haiyan quickly looked away.

Wei Feng noticed that one of the killings took place not far from their community – near the royal beast ration store that Wei Feng visits.

“I’m going to make dinner; I can’t watch this.”

“I’ll help,” Wei Feng added, as he turned off the TV.

Soon, the kitchen is filled with the smell of food.

Jiang Haiyan noticed that Wei Feng’s body had become extraordinarily strong, exuding a charismatic aura that makes people’s heart flutter. She couldn’t help but want to get close to him.

She keeps fanning herself with her hands, her face constantly red like a tomato.

Wei Feng continues to feast on food meant for way more people.

Jiang Haiyan is still surprised.

She keeps thinking that it’d be better if Wei Feng doesn’t have that big of an appetite.

After dinner, she suggested walking the dog.

Wei Feng glanced at the Wolf King, and nodded in agreement.


The Wolf King acted as a dog professionally, and started to howl, trailing behind Wei Feng closely.

Thunder Bird also rested on Wei Feng’s shoulder and let out a “Caw!”

Judging by appearance, no one could tell these were Level 10 Beasts!

The midsummer days were long – it’s almost 7 o’ clock evening, but the sky was still bright red.

Birds can be found in overgrown flower beds, feasting on worms.

In the pavilion, the old men were still playing chess.

“Aha! I caught your king.”

“It doesn’t count! I didn’t see it clearly!”

“Nope. You lost! Hahaha!”

Wei Feng and Jiang Haiyan walked in the soil between the flower beds, the Wolf King ran straight ahead wagging his tail, and her golden retriever trailed close behind him.

“Look! They are just like brothers.”

Wei Feng: …

There’s a hidden message behind her words.

Several aunties then walked past them and made small talk with Jiang Haiyan, “Haha! My girl, it seems like you have found yourself a handsome boyfriend!”

“I told you she had it in her! Look at him, isn’t he young!”

“At most, 16 years old?” An auntie studied Wei Feng closely.

Wei Feng glanced at Jiang Haiyan, waiting for her to explain, but he didn’t expect her to go, “Haha! It’s nothing, you’re too nice!”

“Haha, it seems like our girl is still shy.”


“She’s just like me when I was young.”

Wei Feng felt helpless watching those aunties walk away.

Jiang Haiyan explained, “It’s useless trying to explain to them! Let’s go! Our dogs have run away!”

She then ran forward.

Wei Feng glanced at Thunder Bird, and petted him.


A crisp chirp!

After the dog walking, the two returned home.

Wei Feng was about to go back to his room, but the doorbell suddenly rang.

Jiang Haiyan went to answer it – a worker in overalls with a messenger bag on his left shoulder and a mini ladder stood right outside the door.

“Good evening, miss. We are here to investigate your electricity consumption. According to our records, your unit consumed a lot of electricity during noon during the power outage. We are here to find out why that happened,” the worker explained.

“Oh! Alright.”

Jiang Haiyan replied, then stepped aside, “Come on in, the electric metre is right there.”

Wei Feng stood right at his door, worrying.

The metre might give him away.

Sure enough, after a short investigation, the worker made a phone call.

Soon, three more people came. One men-in-black interrogated Wei Feng, but he swiftly denied all claims with confidence.

In the end, the other parties couldn’t find a concrete reason as per why the electricity consumption was so high that day.

They chalked it up to a equipment failure since the value on the metre was so high.

The man-in-black ordered the workers to replace the meter, and left.

Wei Feng sighed. He managed to escape paying a high electricity bill.

He is short of money now. Feeding him and his beasts – the cost is almost 10000 yuan a day.

Wei Feng needs to find a job, or he might end up homeless.

Night time.

Wei Feng practiced the Wolf King’s breathing method under the moon light by his window.

This breathing method can upgrade [Spirit World], and the function of this forbidden item is to nurture Spirit Power.

It’s vague, so he wasn’t sure what it actually does.

“Nurture” could imply that his Spirit Power might breed something.

And his Spirit Power hasn’t increased after using [Spirit World], but he felt that his Spirit Power was more condensed.

“Breathe in.”

“Breathe out.”

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