My Mom is my Guardian Deity Chapter 16



With a gasp, Park Chan-su had a great fall.

I realized the biggest plus point of this trash-like human just now. 

It’s the fact that when I hit the back of his head, he shows me how well I am at throwing hands. 

I admired the strength of my palms and looked down at him who had fallen down. 

“I was contemplating when I’d get to torture you, you know.”


“But thank you for creating this opportunity where it’s just the two of us by yourself, you piece of trash.”


“Get up at once. If you don’t wanna die, then quickly get rid of this stone wall you create-… Are you listening to me?”

Huh? Why’s he so quiet?

Don’t tell me…

I bent down and took a look at Park Chan-su’s face. 


His pupils were turned upside down and only the white of his eyes could be seen, his tongue was stretched out and his mouth was bubbling with foam.

…This jerk, he’s passed out. 

“I mean. How can he pass out by just one blow on the back of his head…?”

[‘Sung Hyun-sook’ is happy about ‘My son’s ♡’ growth and says ‘It’s not him who’s weak but you’re the one who’s so strong!”]

Yup. This is all thanks to the reward points given to me by the generous nanny.

Indeed, my stats skyrocketed in an instant.  

“But just by this, I can’t get an idea of how strong I’ve actually become.”

The fact that Park Chan-su collapsed is because he’s terribly weak. 

Seeing how he’s just a big-talk and someone with a trashy personality, I never expected much from him anyway. 

If I need to make an accurate judgement on how strong I am, then I need a bigger and stronger opponent. 

[‘Sung Hyun-sook’ smiles and says “It just so happens that such an opponent is close by!”]

“I feel exactly the same way as you, mom”


I surrounded my fists with the mana that lightly flowed outwards my body. 



I threw my powerful fist with all my might towards the high pile of stones that blocked my way. 

The stone wall crumbled into pieces, and inside the wide cave, I could see the confronting giant mole. 


“P-player Hwang Jae-min!”

The members who discovered my presence looked at me with bright expressions as if I was their saviour and, 


The giant mole roared, showing its teeth gruesomely as if it were happy to have an additional prey. 

I’m happy too. 

Because I’ve met a worthy opponent. 

“Everyone except the giant mole, please leave.”


[‘Pandora’s box’ will be opened!]

[A weapon that can be used most effectively against the ‘enemy’ recognized by the user will be summoned!]

The ‘Pandora’s box’ which was invisibly hanging on Jae-min’s back all this while summoned a weapon. 

What was the weapon summoned this time?

“It’s a spear huh.”

That too, it was a huge spear which seemed to be roughly 4 meters long and had a crude design. 

Why a spear out of all things?

Such a question of Jae-min, was resolved as soon as he dodged the attack of the giant mole who ferociously swung its claws. 

Thud-! Thud-!

Every time it wildly ran and swung its claws, the sound of the ground shaking echoed endlessly. 

‘If he digs in deep, then I’ll lose.’

Trying to get closer to it was like a person trying to run towards a moving train with their bare body. 

Hence, to defeat it, a weapon that can cause effective damage even in the case of being far away from the opponent is needed. 

That is why the ‘Pandora’s box’ must have summoned a long spear. 


Jae-min, who dodged the claws of the mole by stepping on the ground, exerted power on the hand he was holding the spear with. 

The moment where the mana, which gently flowed through his hands quickly spread through the spear. 

Stab stab stab stab-!

The spearhead attacked the whole bode of the giant mole fiercely like a machine gun. 

The spear blade, which contained extraordinary power, tore through the stiff fur of the giant mole and pierced its hard steel-like flesh at once. 


The giant mole, which had blood gushing from all over its body, screamed in pain. 

Soon, it perhaps lost its temper, he started shrieking and started to go berserk. 


“The one who gets agitated the first in a fight is the one to lose.”

No matter how angry it was, it was none of Jae-min’s business.

There was only one thing left for him to do. 

That is to keep striking using the spear at regular intervals, as soon as it lets its guard down.

And slowly, just like that, take away all his physical strength. 

Like this. 

Stab stab stab-!

‘It’s no surprise it’s a beast, its movements are big and simple.’

Perhaps because it was so simple and ignorant, it seemed to have no knowledge about the concept of ‘defence’, ‘dodging’ or ‘keeping the opponent in check’. 

All it knew was attack, attack and attack. 

Nothing is easier than dealing with an enemy who has a monotonous pattern.

No matter how big of a monster it is, 

‘In the end, it’s a monster of a yellow gate.’

For Jae-min, whose average stats are over 65, it was a pretty doable fight. 

…Only now does he realize it. 

The fact that he’s much stronger compared to his past self, and his self from yesterday. 

Additionally, he also has the benefits of <Blood is thicker than water>, hence, his current self looked like a great master who has been excelling in the art of spearmanship for the past 20 years. 

“W-woahhe’s literally flying around.”

“This is really much more than what I expected.”

“So you’re telling me that he’s a rookie player who has just received his license today?”

“No, but, why would talent like that wish to join an unknown guild with no future…?”

While looking at Jae-min’s skills of effortlessly dealing with a big monster, the members of <Black Lion> could not keep their mouths closed. 

Just five minutes ago, they were almost exterminated by the giant mole.

Being afraid, they should have run far away from the cave but, they couldn’t take their eyes off Jae-min’s fight. 

“…Sh-shouldn’t we join too?”

“Don’t be ridiculous. If we stepped in we would be nothing but a burden.”

“Let’s just quietly wait here without going somewhere else. It’s much better if we move along with him than by ourselves.”

In terms of experience alone, it was like being lead led by someone who is much younger than you, but they didn’t really care. 

Jae-min’s skills were so good that it was meaningless to argue over seniority. 

And in terms of skills, it was no exaggeration to say that Jae-min was the one who had more seniority. 

And like that, while they were praying for Jae-min’s success. 

“Th-that, bastard…”


Suddenly a faint voice could be heard nearby. 

It was nothing else, but the sound of Park Chan-su, who was knocked out from getting hit in the head by Jae-min, waking up. 

Park Chan-su’s face was twisted like a devil. 

While the members, who were suddenly horrified, took a step back, Park Chan-su spoke while breathing heavily. 

“I’m going to kill him…That bastard…How dare he hit the head of his president…!?”

Staring angrily at Jae-min, who is engaged in a fierce battle with the giant mole, Park Chan-su ignited flames in both his fists. 

It was clear that he intended to throw the fireball, which he used earlier to block the entrance, at Jae-min. 


Upon seeing that, the members started shaking their pupils rapidly.

What should we do? Should we stop him? But he’s our guild’s president though?

…Wait a minute. This bastard. He tried to feed us to the monster earlier.

It was something which didn’t any more thinking. 



The moment Park Chan-su raised both his arms to throw the once-in-a-lifetime fireballs he created.


“You crazy jerk, how dare you!?”

The members joined forces and attacked Park Chan-su. 

With a yelp, Park Chan-su fell sideways. 



The fireball which had already left Park Chan-su’s hand was flying towards the cave. 


“Mr. Jae-min! Dodge!”

The members who were crushing down on Park Chan-su with all their might shouted as a warning. 

But it was already too late. 

In another sense I mean. 

“I already know about it!”

Because even before they planned on attacking Park Chan-su, Jae-min had already caught on to the attack. 


Jae-min lowered his body and easily dodged the fireball which came flying from behind. 



And inevitably, the giant mole was hit by the fireball Jae-min dodged instead of him. 

The giant mole, whose face was hit, roared as if it was in disbelief. 

Though unfortunately, the once-in-a-lifetime fireball thrown by Park Chan-su did not cause significant damage to the giant mole. 

Maybe that’s why?

[Geuoghh-! Geuoghhh-!]

It looked like the giant mole was angry rather than being in pain. 

It immediately discovered the person who was the cause of its anger. 


Park Chan-su, who belatedly realized that something is not right, turned pale and gasped. 

But it was already too late when he realized. 

Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!


The giant mole, who had changed its target from Jae-min to Park Chan-su, was running towards him with all its might.


The members who were pressing down on Park Chan-su’s body quickly moved away. 

And like that, 


The body of the giant mole, which was about the size of a house, collided with Park Chan-su. 

At that point, Park Chan-su’s body was already put to silence. 

It was twisted in a way that the joints of his body could not turn and hence, he could not even let out a scream from his mouth. 

But, it doesn’t stop there. 

Stomp-! Stomp-! Stomp-!

Perhaps its anger could not be relived, the giant mole hit Park Chan-su like crazy with his heavy feet. 

Jae-min, who was watching the scene from behind, looked in astonishment while covering his mouth with his hands. 

“O-Oh my god…”

[Guardian deity ‘Sung Hyun-sook’ is thrilled and feels refreshed!]

“M-mom, you sure have guts…”


Right now is the chance when all its attention is focused on Park Chan-su. 


Jae-min, who ran like a hurricane, took a leap as soon as he was out of the cave.

He was now flying as high as the ceiling and his eyes shone sharply like a hawk. 

His eyes were on the giant mole, which was busy turning Park Chan-su into a lump. 

[‘Sung Hyun-sook’ shares information “!ts core is on the back of its head!”]



Jae-min’s right arm, which was pulled back like a bowstring, attacked in an explosive manner. 

The mana, which swirled around like a storm, flowed to the spear held in his hand. 

Like that, 

“-I sure am aiming for the back of heads many times!”


The javelin-like spear, which shot out of Jae-min’s hand,

Penetrated the back of the head of the giant mole, which looked like an island. 


The result of my self-assessment was extremely satisfactory!

Though I feel like I had an easy victory thanks to Park Chan-su’s stupid behaviour so it doesn’t feel as good…

“Anyway, a victory is a victory.”

[‘Sung Hyun-sook’ gives a thumbs up and says “Being able to use variables is also a skill!”]

“Yeah. I think this is the first time Park Chan-su has been helpful in my life.”

I paid a small silent tribute to Park Chan-su’s body, which was so terribly damaged that it was hard to recognize its shape. 

Ugh, I can’t do this. 

It’s just too gruesome. 

I’m weak when it comes to things like this. 

But the next moment. 

A relief pitcher* who will get me out of the feeling of this disgust took the mound.

*T/n: In baseball and softball, a relief pitcher or reliever is a pitcher who enters the game after the starting pitcher is removed due to injury or other reasons.


Park Chansu’s body which was the definition of abomination, turned to dust and crumbled away. 

And the dust moved on its own and flew towards me. 


It was sucked into the ‘Pandora’s box’ which I was wearing on my back. 

“…It’s fascinating every time I see it.”

Let me tell you about another story for a bit. 

How do you think I disposed of the corpses of all those <Bolt> members?

The answer to that question is revealed right here. 

[‘Pandora’s box’ absorbs dead bodies using the skill ‘growing gluttony’.]

[The level of ‘Pandora’s box’ goes up!]


After finishing its meal, the ‘Pandora’s box’ closed its zipper with a sound that sounded like a burp. 

That’s right. 

‘Pandora’s box’ is a being that ‘eats’ the prey I hunted and ‘grows’.

That too, only the dead bodies which are of no use to me. 

Hence, the body of the giant mole, which is highly valuable as a by-product, remained the same.

“I can’t believe players like myself don’t have any concept of ‘levels’ when a bag can level-up…”

I was jealous of the bag for no reason and opened its ‘item status’.


<Pandora’s box: Level 1>

Status: happy, very satisfied. 

Growth: 31.89%

Characteristics currently in possession

  • Expression of anger: Summons the most optimized weapon according to the type of enemy. 
  • Growing gluttony: Grows my absorbing lifeless dead bodies.
  • ???: [Revealed upon reaching level 2]


It was already 29% when he ate up the <Bolt> guys but now it’s barely over 30%

That’s a decent rate of growth. 

They say even the most useless thing can come in handy at times, I guess Park Chan-su was pretty useful as nutrients?

“Level 2 huh…”

It is already of great help now but I can’t believe there’s more to it. 

What could it be?

I’m getting excited about it for no reason. 

I’m not jealous of the ‘Legendary sword’ at all. 

‘Pandora’s box’, you’re  the best!

…That’s it for the silly talk. 

“Let’s get moving.”

After staying with Park Chan-su for a long time, I missed the fresh air outside. 

Let’s quickly get out of here. 

Of course, before that, I’m going to dig up all these countless ores. 



Looking back at the members, I was dumbfounded. 

It was because they were taking out their mining equipment with bright eyes. 


“L-looks like you guys already know what I was about to say…”

「Just give us your command!」

“No, why would I command you when I’m younger to you all? Let’s just dig together…”

After a while. 

We walked out of the gate with our bags full. 

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