In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 42


Chapter 42: The President’s Bodyguard?!
Ling Xiaoxiao was intelligent – she didn’t hide anything about the terms and conditions and told Wei Feng everything he needed to know, and some educated guesses on his new job.

Turns out, the recent serial killings in Yancheng were closely related to Ling Xiaoxiao.

She might be the next target.

The five senior Beastmasters that were murdered were all close confidants of Ling Xiaoxiao.

Wei Feng frowned. The victims were all senior Beastmasters who are all experienced and strong in terms of royal beasts. This job is dangerous!

Wei Feng asked her, “So, what makes you think I can protect you?”

Ling Xiaoxiao smiled, and wordlessly reached out and swiped on the projected screen.

A picture of Wei Feng standing at the entrance of Angel Mall – the Wolf King beside him, and Thunder Bird perched on his shoulders.

Ling Xiaoxiao pointed at the Wolf King and said, “If I guess correctly, then this must be the Silver Moon Wolf King.”

“And this right here, must be Thunder Bird.”

Ling Xiaoxiao leaned back into the sofa and explained, “For a royal beast to change its size at will, then it must be a royal beast that is Level 9 or above!”


Wei Feng felt that she knew him better than himself.

But Wei Feng was still curious, “With your status, it isn’t difficult to find other Beastmasters with Level 9 Royal Beasts to protect you. Why me?”

Indeed, as the president of Angel Mall, she can be considered as one of the most powerful people in Yancheng.

Ling Xiaoxiao blinked, and pointed to the projection, “With your royal beasts, don’t you think you are a perfect bodyguard?”


Wei Feng looked at the projection and scoffed, “A dog and a bird?”

To the untrained eye, by looking at the picture, one would think that they were in fact, a dog and a bird.

And if Wei Feng put on a suit, it would look like a security guard patrolling with their dog!

Wei Feng: …

Wei Feng nodded anyways, “So when do I start? Do I need to sign a contract of some sort?”

Ling Xiaoxiao got up from the sofa, and placed a card on the table, “You start now. This card contains today’s salary. It can be used after you verify yourself with the bank.”

“Really? So, I don’t need to sign a contract?” Wei Feng was a little surprised, but took the card on the table anyways.

“Contacts are a waste of time and paper. Do as I say.”

“Alright then.”

Wei Feng nodded. He agreed with her.

Ling Xiaoxiao was about to leave, but suddenly turned around and walked towards Jiang Haiyan’s door, “I’m going to take Wei Feng away. Since I’m concerned for your wellbeing too, I will arrange additional residence for you in Angel Mall. You can move in whenever.”

Jiang Haiyan immediately opened the door and quickly bowed and thanked her, “Thank you, President! Please, take care and stay safe.”

Wei Feng shook his head as he witnessed this scene.

Rich and powerful people are a whole different world.

Ling Xiaoxiao walked to the door, and waited for Wei Feng to walk past her.

Wei Feng was originally lagging behind her, but when he saw her actions, he immediately understood his role, and went up to open the door for her.

His movements were smooth and natural, like he was born to be a bodyguard.

Ling Xiaoxiao nodded lightly, and walked out.

As she was walking out, Wei Feng looked back at Jiang Haiyan, who immediately smiled and waved him off.

Even though she was smiling, she looked a bit sad.

He followed Ling Xiaoxiao downstairs, and shook his head when he saw the three luxury cars.

Ling Xiaoxiao sat in the back seat of the middle car without closing the door – she then turned to look at Wei Feng.

Wei Feng immediately understood her intentions and carefully got into the car and sat as far away from her as possible.

When the men-in-black saw Wei Feng enter the same car as Ling Xiaoxiao, they were jealous and were filled with hatred.

“Vroom vroom!”

The cars started, and drove out of the community.

Wei Feng was sitting right next to a beautiful president – a cliché often referenced in novels – not to mention, he is the bodyguard of the beautiful president!

This plot is so old-fashioned.

Touching the leather seat and crystals that decorated the interior of the car, Wei Feng asked, “Aren’t you afraid I might get blinded by riches offered by other people and turn on you?”

As soon as Wei Feng said this, the car shook suddenly.

The driver was frightened by his words.

Ling Xiaoxiao just answered helplessly, “If you really are that kind of person, I wouldn’t have hired you.”

The car shook again.

Wei Feng glanced at her curiously – how could she be so sure he was a good person?

Ling Xiaoxiao explained, “Well, you have a Level 9 Royal Beast, and yet you still pay for your royal beast’s food in a self-service store. That’s too honest of you – I don’t think you are a bad person.”


Wei Feng blinked. He was speechless.

Although it seemed like she was admiring his character, he felt like he was being made fun of.

From what she said, does that mean if you are strong, you can just do as you please with no repercussions?

The biggest difference between man and beast is reasoning.

Compared to stealing stuff to get his necessities, Wei Feng would rather find an honest job to support himself.

Especially with his power, he needs to suppress all of his bad thoughts.

To be a human being, one must behave like one.

After an hour.

The vehicle drives into the underground garage of Angel Mall.

After the car stopped, Wei Feng opened the door and got out of the car. He used his Spirit Power to scout the surroundings and noticed something was amiss.

There were flunctuations in energy just two hundred meters away from them.

Wei Feng quickly pushed Ling Xiaoxiao back into the car and asked, “Your car should be able to withstand a bombing, right?”


It was the first time Ling Xiaoxiao was so rudely pushed back into the car, but before she could reprimand him, she noticed a spark not too far from their car.

Wei Feng quickly shut the door – the moment the door closed, a loud bang, accompanied by a blazing fire erupted in the garage.

The garage was bombarded with fiery flames and explosive barrages – Ling Xiaoxiao’s car was flung and it slid out more than ten meters, hitting a white van.

Thankfully, her car was specially modified – after such a violent attack, only the front windshield was slightly cracked.

Wei Feng turned his head and looked forward – seven people descended from a vehicle, and moon-white symbols and arrays started to light up in front of him!

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