My Mom is my Guardian Deity Chapter 17


“Presdient Park Chan-su has died.”


Upon hearing the shocking news I said, the <Black Lion> office went silent.

Mr. Heo Jin-hwan opened his mouth wide, and one employee opened his eyes wide and froze in the position of holding a paper cup containing instant coffee. 

I’m sure he’ll soon drop that paper cup on the floor soon in shoc-….


…Nevermind, he’s simply drinking it?

What’s with these people? 

Why is their response so lukewarm when I’ve said the president of their guild has passed away?

“Ah, this is really…”

“Quite a bewildering news….Ahem!”

“Ha…So you mean the president has passed away…Let’s pray for him to rest in peace first.”

The employees scratched the back of their heads and smacked their lips.

They are definitely shocked but, what is this strange complex reaction I’m getting from them more than anything else? Don’t tell me…

‘These guys, are they actually being happy deep inside?’

They look as if they wish to break out in dance while shouting in celebration instantly but are trying very hard to hold themselves back. 

Otherwise, there is no other explanation for their calm attitude and quick acceptance of the news. 

…Geez, just how much of a devil were you, Park Chansu, for their reactions to be like that?

“H-how did it happen?!”

Mr. Heo Jin-hwan, who seemed to have some common sense compared to the rest, asked me about the situation. 

Is there any reason for me to hide it?

I revealed all the atrocities Park Chan-su, that bastard, committed.

It was a story that would even make a someone with common sense doubt their ears

In all likelihood, if it were only me who kept speaking about it then, 

‘C’mon, no matter how terrible he was, how can a person do that?’

‘Stop lying!’

…they would have reacted in that way. 


“That fxcking bastard threw as monster food you know?!”

“Like what was so important about those ores…!? Though we did end up digging everything in the end!”

“Seriously if it wasn’t for him then, by now we would have… u-ugh!”

The victims who almost became a sacrifice were present here. 

Their detailed alibi increased the credibility of my story. 

So what did the listeners have to say upon listening? 

“I thought he was just a fxcking bastard but turns out he was a great fxcking bastard!”

“Good he died, that dammed bastard!”

“Finally our guild is going to be freshened up! Haha!”

“I suffered from stomach issues because of that jerk so this is great!”

…They started cheering out loud like independence fighters who were able to get their country back. 

Looks like these people must have had a lot pent up inside of them….

[‘Sung Hyun-sook’ is taken aback and says “Shouldn’t we pray for that bastard’s peace at least!?”]

I know right.

I never knew they would be this happy to the extent of burning firecrackers like that. 

But wait a minute, where did those firecrackers come from?

Just then. 

“But…on the other hand, this situation is a bit awkward.”

Mr. Heo Jin-hwan, who was the only one who seemed calm right now, spoke.

“Mr. Jae-min, I can’t believe the president died after you took a difficult decision to join our guild…Now that it’s happened, I think <Black Lion> will be disband-”

“Then how about you take over as the president of <Black Lion>, Mr. Heo Jin-hwan?”


That wasn’t me who spoke just now. 

Who is it?

Ah. It was the employee who was coolly drinking coffee earlier. 

‘What perfect timing.’

The coffee employee took the words right out of my mouth. 

That’s great. 

Because if a rookie out of rookies, like me, would ask him to be the guild president, that would seem too arrogant, wouldn’t it?

There’s one thing I was determined to do after I made up my mind to join this guild. 

Which is, 

‘To make that man the guild leader of <Black Lion>.’

<Black Lion> is still a small guild so it doesn’t have a proper system. 

Hence, scout Heo Jin-hwan was also serving as a deputy guild leader. 

He is well qualified. 

Don’t they say the water of the lower stream can only be clean when the water of the upper stream is clean*?

*T/n: A Korean proverb which means the senior/leader should be good in order for the juniors/followers to be good. 

I nimbly joined in. 

“I don’t think that’s a bad idea?”

“N-no. H-how could I possibly be the guild leader…?”

I knew this narrow-minded man would definitely wave his hands and refuse. 


“I agree.”

“I agree too.”

“To be honest, I think you will do a much better job than Park Chan-su, that bastard.”

The other employees also voted in favour of the proposal without hesitation. 

As you can see, Mr. Heo Jin-hwan’s reputation in the guild is positive. 

It’s a kind of contrast effect if you compare it to the crappy personality of the previous guild leader. 

Alright, it’s time.

Taking advantage of the public opinion, I made a closing statement as soon as I got the chance. 

In a bit of a threatening tone. 

“Mr. Heo Jin-hwan, if you don’t take over the position of the president then I’ll have to reconsider my decision of joining <Black Lion>.”


“Also, I wonder who will be responsible for the livelihoods of these people if the guild is disbanded if you don’t take up the president position. Even in the eyes of a rookie like me, I think you are the only hope now, Mr. Jin-hwan.”


Mr. Heo Jin-hwan broke out into a cold seat and looked around his surrounding. 

Everyone around him either winked or gave a thumbs-up as if to say they fully trusted him. 

Mr. Heo Jin-hwan replied, 

“…If you ever feel like I’m untrustworthy, even a little bit, then impeach me right away everyone.”

Applause! Applause!

The sound of applause from me and the employees filled the office. 

Park Chan-su?

He’s already been wiped out of my memory.

‘There’s no way you are untrustworthy.’

In my opinion, Mr. Heo Jin-hwan’s skills are very excellent. 

No, apart from everything, I can bet my life and guarantee that his skills are better than Park Chan-su, that bastard. 

Now that he has become the president, <Black Lion> will finally be back on track. 

So first, 

“Let’s start by fixing our contract. I know it’s weird to say it now, but I saw some weird clauses in it.”

“Ah…well, definitely, compared to the standard contracts of other guilds ours is a bit…”

“Let’s brainstorm together and turn it into a normal contract!”


By making sure that I’m not tied down in any way because of the guild work!

Of course, I’ll make sure all benefits are guaranteed. 

Such as, getting to reserve gates or selling by-products of monsters for individual profit.

Isn’t that what guilds are for?

‘Now all that’s left is…’

To bring that guy in.

Yoo Sung-soo

A man who will make a name for himself around the world, being called the ‘flower of players’.


‘He’s also the one who will make my second life rosy like flowers.’

Sung-soo. This big bro’s coming for you!

While I was grinning to myself, drawing a blueprint in my head. 

“Mr. Jae-min?”

Perhaps, because he found it weird that I was smiling all of a sudden but Mr. Heo Jin-hwan looked at me with worried eyes. 

He’ll think of me as a lunatic at this rate. 

I tried to quickly control my expression and…


Suddenly, I realized that I was familiar with that gaze. 

That’s right, he was always like that.

During my previous life, every time I made a mistake, every time I was down, he worried about me and comforted me. 


…M-mr. Jae-min?”

I placed my hand on Mr. Heo Jin-hwan’s shoulder. 

Just like he did to me in the past. 

“This time, let’s go together until the end. Mr. Jin-…I mean, President Heo.”


8 days passed since I joined <Black Lion>.

“….is what my plan is. Both of you understood it well, right?”

“Of course, sir!”

“Don’t you worry, sir!”

Two fully grown men replied orderly like kids, showing their healthy teeth. 

That’s good and all but…

“…I’m sure I’m a new member so I don’t know why you are calling me sir?”

Apart from their hair colour, the two people who look exactly like each other as if they were copy-pasted are the team leader and deputy team leader of the ‘entry team’ I belong to. 

The white-haired one is the older brother ‘Lee Il-ho*’ and the black-haired one is his younger brother ‘Lee Du-ho*’.

*t/n: Their names literally sound like ‘Lee number one’ and ‘Lee number two’

[‘Sung Hyun-sook’ clicks her tongue and says “Didn’t their parents name them too thoughtlessly?!”]

I don’t think that’s something the culprit who kept my nickname as ‘Emperor’ when I was young should say mom…

Lee Il-ho and Lee Du-ho raised their thumbs up in order and spoke. 

“I call anyone who has greater skills than me as sir!”

“Me too! I’m happy to have another person to call as sir!”


And I suddenly have two followers out of nowhere. 

How do you think I feel to be called sir by two rock-hard buffed men?

I felt happy but while I was telling them to refrain from doing so. 


I suddenly caught a glimpse of ‘him’.

On the other side, about 50 meters away, a dead-looking man with dark circles dangling down to his cheek was seen walking. 

‘Yoo Sung-soo!’

Bathump Bathump

It’s the first time in my life that my heart is beating this way upon seeing a man. 

[‘Sung Hyun-sook’ smiles bitterly and says “A mother always respects her son’s choice.”]

Mom, please. 

Don’t misunderstand. 

It’s totally not in that way. 

I’ll bring you someone who is nice and pretty as my bride, mom.

The reason why my heart was beating is that Yoo Sung-soo is the person who is going to turn my second life into a rosy bed of flowers. 

Including <Black Lion>!

He is the no. 1 recruitment target of other guilds with no doubt and with no argument. 

“Mr. Lee Il-ho, Lee Du-ho. The person I’m pointing at right now.”

“Hm? Ah! So the man over there who looks like a corpse is the target of this mission!”

“….you understood my plan well and clear right?”

Why are they clenching their fists as if we’re going on a monster hunt right now?

That dude, Sung-soo is faint-hearted as it is.

“Then we’ll be back soon, sir! Let’s go, Du-ho!”

“Okay, big bro!”

Lee Il-ho and Lee Du-ho…for short let’s call them the black and white bros. 

The black and white bros left with a curious spirit. 

And soon, the black and white bros met Yoo Sung-soo. 

‘…Hopefully, they’ll do a good job right?’

I watched them with the same feelings as that a parent who sent their child on their first errand. 

“Hey, you cute guy over there. Where are you off to in such a hurry?”

“Can we tag along with you?”


What’s with that cringy line you would only see in a 90’s black and white manhwa?

‘If you’re going to choose a line like that, then at least do your acting properly!’

It’s as if a robot vacuum cleaner is acting. 

They’re literally saying “We’re acting right now~” openly…

“Wh-what is it all of a sudden!?”

Yoo Sung-soo whose complexion turned bluish took a step back and shouted.

…Oh my god, their acting actually worked?

Thanks to Yoo Sung-soo’s odd reaction, the black and white bros, who gained momentum, took a couple of steps forward.

Then, a shadow was threateningly cast over Yoo Sung-soo’s face. 

Then again. 

Aside from their pathetic acting, they sure do look like gangsters. 

“What is it you ask? Ah, well. It’s nothing much. You look pretty loaded, can you share some money with us?”

“It’s just that we’re hungry. It’s a tough world, so we should help each other out, right?”


The black and white bros’ huge palms were placed one by one on Yoo Sang-su’s slender shoulder. 

It’s a remote street where not a lot of pedestrians pass by, so it’s not the best place to ask for help. 

Yoo Sung-soo who was now in a tight corner began to tremble like a leaf. 

And it was finally my turn. 

“Excuse me! What’s wrong?!”

I suddenly realized while walking towards them after raising my voice. 

….That acting isn’t something easy. 

I’m sorry for saying those things earlier, bros. 

As soon as a saviour appeared, Yoo Sung-soo’s face looked relieved

And as prearranged, the black and white bros turned to me and started to pick a fight. 

“Who the heck are you? Where did you pop out from?”

“Dude. Nothing’s going on so just go your way. Or are you here to give us some donations too?”

I can’t act anyway so, I decided to resort to my actions instead of replying. 


I easily released my mana.

Gasp?! That’s?!”

“This bastard! He’s a player?!”

But these guys’ reactions areas if they’re Frieza seeing Goku transform into Super Saiyan. 

I had already given up in my heart but ended the act with an ending dialogue.

“Just fxck off.”

“Y-yes sir!”

The black and white bros who did not stop their terrible acting until the end quickly ran away and left the stage. 

Taking back the mana I had released, I approached Yoo Sang-su with a smile. 

“Are you alright?”


Yoo Sung-soo, who opened his mouth blankly for a moment, finally came back to his senses and bowed politely. 

“T-thank you very much! I don’t know how should I repay-…”

“Don’t bother about repaying. I just did what I had to.”

….Is it too narcissistic of myself to think that line I said was very cool?

But Yoo Sung-soo, this guy, maybe he’s really touched that he’s looking at me with sparkly eyes. 

At first, I was worried about their pathetic acting but thanks to this guy being naive everything went well. 

‘It would have been strange if I approached him first.’

I needed an excuse to approach this guy naturally. 

That’s why I used the black and white bros to create this cheap play. 

I know I just said that I don’t need any repayment, but that’s not possible, is it?

I spoke after I touched my chin and pretended to think. 

“Hmm…Then as a way of repaying back would you like to accompany me for a bit?”

“Pardon? By accompanying you mean…..”

“Just having a cup of coffee. I have a schedule for a dungeon attack later tonight, so I was alone till then and had nothing to do.”

“Ah, in that case…Of course! In fact, I would love to…!”

The actual first encounter took place now, but actually, we knew each other very well.

As for me, I have regressed back with all my memories intact, but Yoo Sung-soo must have found my face very familiar too. 

‘I’ve already spread my face everywhere so there’s no way he doesn’t recognize me.’

How could he not recognize a rising star mentioned in the newspapers as a ‘Jackpot’ or the ‘greatest rookie’?

Thanks to that, I was able to make this first encounter happen without much difficulty. And…


Far away from Yoo Sang-su’s view, I discovered the black and white bros winking and raising their thumbs toward me.

….Sigh, fine. 

It’s thanks to you guys. 

I grinned and raised my thumb back to them. 

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