In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 43


Chapter 43: An Endless Battle!!
Seven senior Beastmasters!

This is insane.

Wei Feng did not expect that he had to leap into action as soon as he accepted the job.

He felt that he needed to request for commission from Ling Xiaoxiao.





The majestic royal beast stepped out one by one from their star arrays.

Scaled lions, blood wolves, flame trolls, giant dogs…

Ling Xiaoxiao’s men-in-black shouted from behind Wei Feng:

“Protect the president!”

“Quick! Call security! We need backup!”

“Newcomer, summon your royal beast!”

Looking back, the men-in-black had already summoned their royal beasts. Ling Xiaoxiao took refuge in the car, but she was still looking at the scene before her.

Wei Feng understood his role.

To be paid 30000 yuan a day, he needed to prove that he was worth the price point.

Wei Feng stretched out his palm, more than 400 summoning symbols appeared at the same time – Wolf King was summoned.

The Wolf King remained in his small, dog-like size.

“Caw, caw!”

Thunder Bird also flew out of the star formations, still the size of a pet bird, and perched himself on Wei Feng’s shoulder.

Wei Feng quickly whispered to Thunder Bird, “Protect Ling Xiaoxiao.”

Thunder Bird spread its wings and perched itself on the car.

Even if his dog and bird were Level 7, what good can they do with their small size?


On the opposite side, the senior Beastmasters saw Wei Feng summon a “dog” to hinder all of them. They sneered.


The Scaled Lion on the right roared and rushed towards the Wolf King, who was standing in front of Wei Feng.

However, the Blood Wolf leapt into battle too, and bit at the Scaled Lion’s right leg.


The lion roared out in pain and fought the blood wolf instead.

The senior Beastmasters were dumbfounded, and the six other Beastmasters stared angrily at the owner of the blood wolf.


The owner of the scaled lion beast roared out, and punched the owner of the blood wolf.

“I didn’t-“

He didn’t have time to explain and was swiftly subdued by the other senior Beastmasters.

“You better command your blood wolf to stop, or don’t blame me for ruining you.” The owner of the scaled lion then took out a dagger and placed it on the neck of the blood wolf owner.

He was stunned and immediately shouted to stop his blood wolf, but it didn’t work at all – the blood wolf was too engrossed in battle.

The owner of the flame troll then looked at Wei Feng before his face turned dark.

“Stop this fighting! That guy’s beast is the Silver Moon Wolf King!” the flame troll’s owner yelled out.


“The Level 9 Silver Moon Wolf King…” the blood wolf owner exclaimed.


The Wolf King howled.

Everyone: …

Giant Dog: ?

“Leave the two beasts! We need to retreat!” The flame troll’s owner shouted and unsummoned his beast. They then quickly boarded their vehicle and started.

Everyone quickly unsummoned their beasts, except for the scaled lion and blood wolf who were still fighting.

Seeing that they were about to escape, Wei Feng quickly ordered his Wolf King: “Get them. But don’t kill them.”


The Wolf King howled with excitement, then transfigured itself into a silver light and rushed out.

This is the first time Wei Feng would see his Wolf King in battle.

Don’t judge a book by its cover.

The Wolf King rushed towards the car, and swung a paw – the vehicle was flung into a 90-degree angle, and crashed to the ground.


The scaled lion got off the blood wolf and rushed towards the Wolf King.


The Wolf King transformed into a silver light again, and rushed towards the lion – the lion flew back from the impact, knocking over three cars before laying lifelessly.

In front of the overturned vehicle, the Giant Dog was about to be summoned.

However, the Wolf King, as if he teleported, appeared in front of the star formation and swung his paw – the Giant Dog had not completely stepped out of the formation.


The formation was broken.

The Giant Dog was sliced cleanly in half, the scent of bloody dog meat instantly filled the underground garage.

“Woo… woo!”

The dying screams of the Giant Dog shook the hearts of the people in the vehicle.

Not many people have seen Level 9 beasts – they didn’t expect them to be this powerful!

If they were told that the Wolf King was actually Level 10, how would they feel?

The battle ended as soon as it started.

A dead Giant Dog, a seriously injured lion and wolf.

Security soon arrived, and they arrested the seven people in the vehicle.

Wei Feng calmly walked towards Ling Xiaoxiao’s car and opened the door for her.

She was very satisfied with Wei Feng’s performance – no, she should be impressed with the performance of the Wolf King.

He then followed Ling Xiaoxiao to the 51st floor of Angel Mall.

This is the top floor of Angel Mall – it is also the president’s office.

A room on the right was luxuriously decorated, with extremely huge floor-to-ceiling windows – most of Yancheng could be seen from this view.

This room alone was about 600 to 700 square metres, in addition to a separate bathroom, dressing room, lounge, gym, and a flower room.

This was the first time Wei Feng has even seen something this luxurious and grand, so he was curious about everything.

Ling Xiaoxiao sat at her desk – the set of off-white office chairs looked minimalistic.

She didn’t seem too phased by the attack just now, and was examining the account book in front of her.

Wei Feng felt weird – he couldn’t believe they were still using traditional methods to keep their accounts.

Shouldn’t they be recorded using a computer?

Wei Feng didn’t ask to clarify, though. He sat down and turned his back to Ling Xiaoxiao and continued training his breathing method.

Although practicing this in board daylight isn’t effective, diligence can make up for it – he can still gain a bit of power if he practices it.

The Wolf King and Thunder Bird were whispering softly, and Wei Feng eavesdropped. They were talking about him and Ling Xiaoxiao!

“Looks like master found a rich woman to take care of him!” gossiped Wolf King.

Thunder Bird chirped back cheerfully, “Mmhmm! This environment is good.”

Wei Feng’s face darkened.

A sugar mommy?

He was doing serious work, okay! He was a bodyguard!

Wei Feng wanted to argue with them, but kept quiet.

After practicing for two hours, it was time for lunch.

Ling Xiaoxiao stood up and announced, “Come on, it’s time for lunch.”


Wei Feng responded and got up immediately.

He was very hungry.

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