In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 44


Chapter 44: Invisible Forbidden Items
In the northern suburb of Yancheng, an abandoned factory:

A well-decorated room was inside – a man sat on a burgundy leather sofa, and he was watching the battle that unfurled in the underground garage of Angel Mall.

The man was obviously not very happy.

“These idiots!”

The man cursed, then quickly made a call, “Let go of Ling Xiaoxiao for now.”

The 45th floor of Angel Mall.

This is where the employees of Angel Mall eat – Ling Xiaoxiao eats here too, but she has a separate place for herself.

Wei Feng followed Ling Xiaoxiao, looking at the dozens of dishes on the table.

In addition to the plethora of dishes, there was also food specially made for royal beasts.

Compressed dried meat, fruit, various vegetables…

Ling Xiaoxiao summoned her own beast.

A hexagram.

An elf-woman donning sky-blue armor, and a delicate long bow strapped to her back – long purple hair like a waterfall stepped out of the hexagram.

Wei Feng widened his eyes.

This was too beautiful!

He was referring to the suit of armor.

After summoning the elf, Ling Xiaoxiao drew a pentagram and summoned a graceful dog with golden fur.

Ling Xiaoxiao’s golden retriever actually had combat capabilities akin to a Level 3 Beast!

Its paws were armed with beast-fighting gear, and they looked as if they were made of pure gold.

The golden retriever proudly stood tall and wagged its tail, but within the next moment, it cowered in fear.

Wei Feng understood why. He tapped the Wolf King’s head, warning it to not bully the weak.

Ling Xiaoxiao could care less, though, “It’s fine. The level between my royal beast and yours is obvious – it isn’t that bad to let my golden retriever be under your Wolf King. Maybe it can learn a thing or two.”


The Wolf King barked in excitement.

The golden retriever was stunned for a moment, and immediately moved to the Wolf King’s side with its tail tucked in between its legs.

Ling Xiaoxiao’s words were final.

Then, he glanced at the elf.

Ling Xiaoxiao noticed his gaze, and refused, “Nope. She doesn’t need your help. My elf has the royal bloodline in her – she will be able to obtain Level 7 soon enough.”

“I see.”

Wei Feng responded, feeling a bit of pity.

But after hearing that she had royal blood in her, he couldn’t help but peer into her details.

[Royal Beast Panel]

Royal Beast: Elf

Level: Level 6 (Advanced)

Attribute: Wood

Strength: 1650 (+825)

Agility: 2100 (+1100)

Spirit Power: 1740 (+870)

Feiyuena’s Bloodline: The royal bloodline of the elves increases all attributes by 50%

Core Ability: [Precise Archery] – Elves are naturally talented at archery – they can accurately aim at anything they can perceive.

Royal Beast Armor: [Level 4 Blue Armor] – Resists 1500 points of Strength. [Level 4 Elf’s Longbow] – Increases armor penetration by 1000.

It really is a royal blooded elf.

Moreover, it had extremely strong blood – having all your attributes increased by 50%, coupled with its beast armor, it can completely destroy a Level 7 Royal Beast!

Wei Feng’s views on Ling Xiaoxiao changed.

This woman is amazing!

If Wei Feng didn’t have The Strongest Beastmaster System and so many Forbidden Items, he wouldn’t be able to be compared to Ling Xiaoxiao.

After having lunch, Wei Feng felt like he needed to work harder.

Ling Xiaoxiao left, but she didn’t go back to her office, and came to the 49th floor instead.

This is Ling Xiaoxiao’s private gym.

Every afternoon, she comes here to meditate to open up her brain and train her beasts.

While she practiced, Wei Feng did too.

Consciousness is concentrated in his brain, his E-Tier Forbidden Item [Spirit World] floats idly in the center of his brain – all of his Spirit Power is concentrated in it – it can instantly map out the Spirit Power when used, and withdraw it in an instant.

Although Wei Feng understood the principle of [Spirit World], he didn’t understand the mechanics behind it.

[Ruined Symbol] has long been activated.

Wei Feng has also opened up the fifth layer of fog in his brain the past two days, and he is about to break it. He intends to use [Ruined Symbols] to open up the next fog barrier as well.

He spends 3 hours a day trying to break through the fifth layer of fog.

His current spirit power was too powerful, all thanks to [Spirit World].


Wei Feng concentrated his power, and broke through the fifth layer of fog.


[NOTICE: You have successfully opened up the fifth layer of fog. Your Spirit Power improves.]

After the fifth layer of fog was broken, his brain expanded, and [Spirit World] also underwent changes.

In terms of Spirit Power, it increased by 300.

He didn’t stop, and tried to break through the 6th layer of fog.


[NOTICE: You have successfully opened up the sixth layer of fog and your Spirit Power is improved.]

[NOTICE: You have generated D-Tier Forbidden Item [Abyss Peek].]

After the sixth layer of fog was broken, a forbidden item was generated.

This made Wei Feng excited, and hurriedly checked the function of the forbidden item.

[Forbidden Items]

Name: Abyss Peek

Grade: D-Tier

Type: Auxiliary

Function: Probe into a person. [3 uses per 24 hours]

Wei Feng: …?

Wei Feng was dumbfounded.

What does it mean?


Into a person?

I can see through them?

Wei Feng gave it a try and glanced towards Ling Xiaoxiao, who was meditating.


Wei Feng was petrified.

He averted his eyes, his heart beating violently.

He could really see through a person…

Their ribs, their heart, their spleen, their lungs… everything.

An ugly scene.

Wei Feng shook his head – this is too much.

You need to be able to stomach the scene to use this forbidden item.

4 pm.

Ling Xiaoxiao went back to her office to deal with some matters, and at 6 pm, they left Angel Mall.

The previous car has been replaced with a new one, and they sat in the back again. In the middle part of the limousine, the Wolf King and Golden Retriever were sitting together.

The vehicle shuttled through the bustling downtown, and entered the Fenglinwan Community twenty minutes later. It stopped in front of Villa No.7.

Wei Feng got out of the car alongside the Wolf King and the Golden Retriever. Ling Xiaoxiao stepped out shortly after.

He followed her into the villa, and the housekeeper had already prepared dinner.

Ling Xiaoxiao ordered a lot of food in advance, as well as red wine,

Ling Xiaoxiao asked Wei Feng to accompany her to eat – he had no reason to refuse. He picked up a bowl and a pair of chopsticks and was prepared to devour a lot of food, and Ling Xiaoxiao greeted him with a glass of red wine.

“Thank you for today,” she then took a sip of red wine.

Wei Feng scratched his head humbly, and drank a sip of red wine too, “You’re welcome. It is my job to protect you after all.”

Wei Feng’s impression of Ling Xiaoxiao was good now. He thinks she is a trustworthy person.

And there is a plethora of good food on the table! He chowed all the fancy food down.

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