In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 45


Chapter 45: Secret Exposed from My Appetite?!
Ling Xiaoxiao’s villa was huge.

A room on the far left was 15 metres high and was oval shaped – it was the size of a basketball court.

After dinner, Ling Xiaoxiao would practice in this room.

Wei Feng summoned his Dragon Ape, Dark Dragon’s Shadow and Ice Giant to let them move around.

Ling Xiao was surprised that Wei Feng had so many royal beasts, but didn’t ask anything.

She understood that Wei Feng kept some secrets.

10 o’ clock at night, Ling Xiaoxiao went to bed.

Wei Feng’s room was next to hers – at her request, the Wolf King guarded the front of the villa, while Thunder Bird took watch on the roof.

Wei Feng went to sit on the lawn and basked in the moonlight, practicing the Wolf King’s breathing technique until 2 o’ clock in the midnight.

He went and laid on his big and soft bed, and wondered if Ling Xiaoxiao had already fallen asleep, so he raised his head and used his Forbidden Item to let him see through things.

The entire villa immediately became transparent – he could even see the road outside the villa.

Wei Feng was speechless.

This item seems a bit hard to control and make use of.

At the same time, this item can’t be used to strengthen a royal beast.

Even though they are the best things used to strengthen beasts, that doesn’t mean every forbidden item is used to strengthen beasts!

Early in the morning.

Five thirty-five.

An alarm sounded in Ling Xiaoxiao’s room, and woke Wei Feng up too.

Now that his Spirit Power is extremely high, his need for sleep was getting lower.

If he wanted to, he can continue being awake for several days on end.

At six o’ clock, Wei Feng sat at the dining table and waited for food.

Ling Xiaoxiao packed her things and came out of her room – she sat opposite Wei Feng and took a sip of milk and watched as he gobbled up his food – she picked up a piece of bread while witnessing the scene in front of her.

Seeing his appetite, her views on Wei Feng have changed.

No matter who it is, the food consumed is proportional to someone’s Strength value.

The human body extracts calories from food to maintain their daily activities, and if they eat more than needed to, they will feel bloated and sick.

Everyone can confirm this feeling.

And if they don’t eat properly, they will feel hungry and they will want to eat more.

Wei Feng seems insatiable.

Ling Xiaoxiao approximately calculated Wei Feng’s calorie intake last night, and calculated that Wei Feng’s Strength is probably over 10000!

She was shocked at this value.

How can a human being reach this level of strength?

Even breaking a strength value of 1000 is impossible. It’s just like a fairy-tale.

But it is true – if Wei Feng is eating this much, then his strength is definitely over 10000.

This made Ling Xiaoxiao recall her assassination attempt – when an energy bomb was set off and she was shoved into the car, Wei Feng was outside the car – but he was unscathed.

At the same time, being able to have two Level 9 royal beasts – not to mention, the beasts are incredibly humble and listen to anything he says – this made Ling Xiaoxiao believe her own assumption.

She looked at Wei Feng.

This value could be way higher too!

She suddenly thought of something.

Her face contorted into shock – she remembered when she had someone investigate Wei Feng’s background, they relayed that he was from Yangtze.


Wasn’t there a legendary item in Yangtze?!

Ling Xiaoxiao’s heart was pounding.

She has never been so excited before!

But the legendary item in question does not belong to her, what is she getting excited for?

Ling Xiaoxiao blurted out, “Do you have [Power of Control] on you?”


Wei Feng was in the process of gulping his porridge, and spat it all out in an instant.

He looked at her in horror.

What’s going on?

How did she suddenly know that he had [Power of Control]?

Ling Xiaoxiao smiled, “So I was right!”

Was she simply guessing?

Wei Feng was dumbfounded.

How could she possibly guess?!

She’s too smart!

Ling Xiaoxiao explained that she calculated Wei Feng’s calorie intake, then used it to approximate his strength value.

Hearing her explanation, Wei Feng widened his eyes.

He really didn’t expect that his secret would be exposed from eating!

The bread in his hand was no longer as fragrant as it had been.

Ling Xiaoxiao got worried, and asked, “You’re… not going to kill me, are you?”

Wei Feng was amused.

Did she not think of this before?

She should have thought of this when she revealed his secret, it is too late to worry now.

Wei Feng shook his head.

Although [Power of Control] is a big secret of his, it isn’t big enough to kill someone over.

He is confident that with his current strength, he can deal with some of the crisis that arise if his secret leaks.

Wei Feng then asked, “So, what are you going to do with me?”

Ling Xiaoxiao’s eyes lit up, “We need to hide you, obviously! Don’t eat too much food in public – I’ll prepare some calorie-dense food for you! And don’t summon too many royal beasts in public – just your Wolf King!”


Wei Feng blinked, “Aren’t you going to tell your family and friends that I have this legendary item on me?”

“I don’t have any reason to tell them,” she explained. “It doesn’t benefit me either.”

Wei Feng absorbed her words carefully – does this mean she only wants him to herself?

Six thirty.

Ling Xiaoxiao’s car was parked outside the villa.

He went out with her, but recalled what she said to him.

Ling Xiaoxiao was blunt – she needs a bodyguard, he needs money – they are suited for each other.

But she is also emotional – she is aware of Wei Feng’s special condition.

When Wei Feng encounters a big problem, she would be available to talk about it with him.

Ling Xiaoxiao has done a perfect job so far in terms of gains and losses and handling things.

Ling Xiaoxiao sat closer to Wei Feng in the car.

Around seven o’ clock, the vehicle stopped at the gate of Angel Mall.

Wei Feng sighed in relief when he got out of the car.

He followed her to her personal elevator – but the floor button doesn’t lead to the top floor, but the 11th floor.

The 11th floor was the shoes and clothing section.

Does she want to buy clothes?

He followed behind her, and they found themselves in the men’s clothing section.

She chose a casual black suit for him.

Wei Feng was a little surprised, but was glad he got free clothes.

He went to the fitting room to try the clothes on – the price marked on it was 19999.

This set of clothes was 20000 yuan?!

Wei Feng was extra careful trying it on.

Wei Feng looked at himself in the mirror and felt emotional.

20000-yuan worth of clothes…

He felt smart and good.

Ling Xiaoxiao’s taste was very good, this suit suited him well.

“Good. Try this set now.” She stood aside and pointed to several pieces of clothing that the attendant was holding.

“More of these…?”

Wei Feng wanted to say these were ridiculously expensive, but kept quiet.

So, he tried on everything Ling Xiaoxiao chose.

Of course, he took a look at all the prices – the cheapest one was 5999 yuan.

These aren’t clothes… this is a robbery!

Wei Feng tried about 6 sets of clothing – they all fit well, and reflect different styles when worn.

When trying on the last set, Ling Xiaoxiao said, “Alright. You’ll be wearing this today,”

She then took out a black card and paid the bill.

Wei Feng felt flustered – he remembered the Wolf King’s and Thunder Bird’s gossip.

“Seems like master found a rich woman to take care of us!”

He really does feel like a sugar baby.

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