In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 46


Chapter 46: Simplicity
If he was being honest, Wei Feng was grateful that Ling Xiaoxiao was keeping his secret and even bought him clothes. This moved him.

First moves leave a bigger impression.

Ling Xiaoxiao understood this better than Wei Feng, clearly.

Carrying 100,000-yuan worth of clothes, he followed her to the elevator to the 51st floor.

She asked him to put his clothes in the lounge – afterwards, she took out a black card that is rimmed with gold and handed it to Wei Feng.

“What is this?”

Wei Feng wasn’t sure what it was, but still reached out to take the card anyways.

“There’s three million in the card – take it, and use it whenever you need it,” she said casually.

Wei Feng’s palm started to tremble.

Before he could refuse, she explained, “As a bodyguard, it’s your job to go out to help me buy food.”


Wei Feng put the card in his pocket.

It wasn’t actually his three million.

He still felt a little lost.

In the morning, Ling Xiaoxiao sat quietly in her desk and dealt with the daily businesses of the mall, while Wei Feng sat on the ground and continued practicing.

The Wolf King and Thunder Bird were sitting together and chatting together, the topic unknown.

Wei Feng didn’t listen to them chatting to save himself the trouble.

At noon, some special dishes were packed.

She specially customized this calorie-intense food for Wei Feng – it looked like synthetic meat, and the meat looked as hard as stone.

Wei Feng had a good jaw, however. He sadly ate the meat and ate a little bit of ordinary human food and was full.

Wei Feng packed the rest of the meat.


Ling Xiaoxiao and Wei Feng went to train.

In the evening, they returned to the villa – eating, training, and sleeping.

And just like that, a day passed.

Wei Feng was impressed by Ling Xiaoxiao’s self discipline.

For three days straight, it was mundane.

Life being mundane – this is what it should be like.

This world is very big – there may be wonderful and legendary things going on in every corner, but Wei Feng was content.

No one would come to trouble him for no reason.

Especially after he became the bodyguard of Ling Xiaoxiao – even if he was looking for trouble, it was for Ling Xiaoxiao’s sake.

After a week passed, Wei Feng has more than 200,000-yuan in his salary card.

He gets to save most of the money too since his food and accommodation is being taken care of by his boss.

6 pm.

Work was done – Ling Xiaoxiao got up and stretched and said to Wei Feng, “We aren’t eating at home tonight – let’s go to a place only the elites in Yancheng can attend!”


Wei Feng was a bit surprised.

Back at the villa, Wei Feng put on a suit bought by his boss, and stood in front of her door.

“How about this suit?”

Ling Xiaoxiao walked out of her room wearing a blue evening dress – the slight V-neck showed off her snow-white skin perfectly.

“Very nice!”

Wei Feng was staring at her snow-white skin, and said honestly.

“Alright then!” Ling Xiaoxiao smiled, and followed Wei Feng out the villa.

The event was held at the Sky Blue Hotel in Yancheng – at around 8:30 pm, her car stopped at the entrance of the hotel.

Wei Feng got out of the car first, then helped her out – they then walked into the hotel lobby.

Ling Xiaoxiao informed Wei Feng in the car that not only would he be a bodyguard, but also a male companion.

This hotel lobby was exactly like what Wei Feng imagined.

Men in suits and leather shoes and women in various evening dresses walked back and forth in the fancy lobby holding wine glasses and chatted with each other.

Royal beasts were also present.

Some men summoned their most powerful beasts to show off.

Some women were holding cute royal beasts.

The arrival of Ling Xiaoxiao attracted the attention of many people – many people came over to greet her, and their curious eyes swept over Wei Feng.

A woman wearing a cheongsam with a slit on the right side of her thigh strolled towards Ling Xiaoxiao – Wei Feng could tell this woman was condescending.

Sure enough, her words were dripping with poison, “Xiaoxiao, your little boy toy here looks good! However, I thought you liked older men more.”

Wei Feng: …

A boy toy?


This is outrageous!

Ling Xiaoxiao was flustered, but composed herself – she then said, “Ah, yes, Wei Feng, a Senior Beastmaster!”


The woman was surprised, but replied, “How old can he possibly be? A senior Beastmaster? Hah! His beast must just be a Level 7 beast then.”

Ling Xiaoxiao just smiled.

The woman continued chatting with her before leaving.

Ling Xiaoxiao whispered to Wei Feng, “She’s Wang Xiaoyu, transferred from the Wang family headquarters.”

“I see.”

Wei Feng nodded.

Later, a young man approached and talked with Ling Xiaoxiao.

Wei Feng simply stood beside her and continued smiling.

Two hours passed, and Wei Feng’s face was beginning to get numb.

Events like these are more boring than training.

Eleven o’ clock at night.

The main event begins.

The auction!

Wei Feng is witnessing with his own eyes the world of the Elites.

ACE Medicines, Beast-Controlling Weapons… these legendary items are like ordinary items in the eyes of rich people.

Some of these items are Forbidden Items!

According to the auctioneer, the forbidden item was used to treat insomnia, but the auction price was almost 4 million yuan!

After the auction was over, it was already one o’ clock in the morning.

They left the hotel – they drove to a night market, and Ling Xiaoxiao requested the driver to stop.

“I’m hungry, let’s go have supper!”


Wei Feng would never reject eating.

They walked towards the night market.

Most of the stores were closed, but some were opened all night – the lights illuminating the street.

Ling Xiaoxiao was walking slowly because of her dress, and the night market was less than clean – she then grabbed Wei Feng’s arm.

“Ah! Let’s just go there to eat,” she pointed towards a barbeque stand.

The owner was a bald man who was grilling skewers.

Tables and chairs were placed outside – some young people gathered together to drink, and the smell of barbeque was tempting.

“Let’s go!”

Wei Feng walked with Ling Xiaoxiao.

A little girl came up to them, “Big brother, big sister! What do both of you want to eat? We have mutton skewers and beer!”

She was about eight or nine years old, and her hair tied into two braids – her face was round and flushed red due to the heat.

Ling Xiaoxiao loved kids, and replied, “I see! Little one, is this your own store?”

“Yup!” She nodded, then pointed to the bald man, “That’s my dad – he may look scary, but he wouldn’t hurt a fly!”

Wei Feng couldn’t help but smile.

Ling Xiaoxiao smiled too, “Alright then, a hundred mutton skewers and ten bottles of beer!”

Wei Feng: !!

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