In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 47


Chapter 47: 2 Minutes Is All It Takes For Action To Turn Into Death!
Wei Feng was shocked.

The little girl asked, “Big sister, are you sure you can eat a hundred mutton skewers? Our stall’s skewers are quite big!”

Ling Xiaoxiao nodded, and patted her head, “It’s okay! This big brother over here can eat very well – we won’t waste a single skewer.”

“Okay! But you have to wait a while!” She nodded and turned to leave.

Wei Feng got up and went to get beer and opened two bottles. He placed one in front of Ling Xiaoxiao and said, “I didn’t expect you to like a place like this.”

Ling Xiaoxiao rolled her eyes, then picked up the beer and took a couple of sips.

Wei Feng was about to get cups, but when he saw Ling Xiaoxiao directly taking a swig, he shook his head.

Beautiful makeup and a high-end evening dress contrasts her current behavior.

It was a sight to behold.



The sound of high heels was approaching them.

Wei Feng turned his head and saw that a tall and slender woman was walking towards them.

Behind her were several men-in-black – they started to draw up summoning symbols.

“Ah, what a bother.”

Wei Feng muttered with a smile on his face.


As soon as the order was given, a shadow stepped out of the summoning symbol, attacking like a ghost.



The dark shadow appeared behind the group of young people who were busy drinking – blood spurted from their necks; heads were rolling to the ground – they didn’t even realise they were dead.

The shadow then swept swiftly towards the bald man and the little girl.


A silver-white light flashed, and the Wolf King forced the shadow to retreat to its master.

Wei Feng stretched his right hand out, the light in his palm shining.

“How great!”

A familiar voice sounded, “Not bad for a boy toy!”

The mysterious woman then stepped forward, showing her pearl-white legs as she walked, exuding a dangerous aura – it was Wang Xiaoyu, from the hotel.

“Wang Xiaoyu, you are out of your mind.” Ling Xiaoxiao sat in her seat, glaring at Wang Xiaoyu.

She stopped near Wei Feng, and said, “It’s rare you are willing to give me a chance to fight, so why should I sit idly?”

Ling Xiaoxiao sneered, “You have no idea who you are facing.”

Wei Feng: !

Wang Xiaoyu glanced at Wei Feng and his Wolf King, and smiled, “Hah! A Level 9 beast and your boy toy.”

Wei Feng: …

Wei Feng wanted this woman to shut up, especially after she couldn’t stop barking about him being a “boy toy.”

“Right, where were we, ah-“

She was about to taunt again, but Wei Feng interrupted her.

“Wait a minute!”

Wei Feng stood up and turned his head around, asking Ling Xiaoxiao, “Do you want me to kill them?”

Ling Xiaoxiao nodded.


Wei Feng sat back down in his seat, “If that’s the case, your wish is my command.”

Wei Feng simply waved his hand.

The Wolf King took a deep breath.

“Huff… puff…”

A flash of silver light – and the Shadow beast was immediately dispelled into nothing.

Then, the cracking of bones and the piercing of flesh could be heard – Wei Feng knew what was happening without looking.

Wang Xiaoyu stood in shock; her palm red from the giant slash in her neck.


She was unable to form any words – this entire scene from start to finish was only 2 minutes.

Ling Xiaoxiao was pale.

“Fine. Let’s go.”

Wei Feng spoke, and Ling Xiaoxiao quickly stood up – before she could take a step, Wei Feng walked over and carried her, “The ground is dirty – I don’t want to dirty your expensive dress.”

Ling Xiaoxiao remained silent, but let Wei Feng carry her in his arms.

Wei Feng stepped on pools of blood and made a squish noise – Ling Xiaoxiao subconsciously closed her eyes.

Wei Feng could tell this was the first time that she had witnessed death in such close contact.

It was also his first time.

The villa.

Wei Feng cooked some instant noodles for Ling Xiaoxiao – she seemed hungry, and devoured the bowl of noodles.

Wei Feng waited for her to finish, then cleaned up for her.

“Can you please talk to me?” Ling Xiaoxiao curled up on the sofa.


Wei Feng sat on the sofa opposite hers.

Ling Xiaoxiao got up and sat beside Wei Feng.

She then muttered, “Isn’t life fragile?”


Wei Feng didn’t know what to say.

It was a hard question.

“When I was ten years old, my mother died,” she said, a hint of depression present in her tone.

“Then, when I was twelve, my father died.”

It was very early in the morning.

Wei Feng sat on the sofa, continuing his training.

The bright white moonlight showered him with clouds of white mist.

Last night, Ling Xiaoxiao poured her heart out to Wei Feng, and accidentally fell asleep while talking.

Wei Feng covered her with a blanket, and stayed beside the sofa she was sleeping on all night.


[NOTICE: Your E-Tier Evolvable Forbidden Items have upgraded to D-Tier!]

[NOTICE: Spirit Power increased by 10%!]

[Hint: This increase in spirit power is not shown in the base value.]

The sudden prompt surprised Wei Feng.

After a week of harsh practice, [Spirit World] has upgraded a tier.

And with this upgrade, [Spirit Power] increases his spirit power by 10%.

It’s a direct increase too, so no matter what the base value is, it will always increase by 10%.

In addition, he could feel that the Spirit Power in his brain has changed.

[Spirit World] is like an egg.

It’s strange, but wonderful. It’s like looking at a baby being nurtured.

Wei Feng was looking forward to it hatching.

He took out his mobile phone to check the news.

However, there weren’t any news report on it.

Someone must have intentionally covered it up.


“Ugh… what time is it?”

Ling Xiaoxiao woke up, and when she saw Wei Feng sitting by her, she couldn’t help but smile.

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