In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 48


Chapter 48: The Goal – Yancheng!
Nine in the morning.

Wei Feng and Ling Xiaoxiao had breakfast in a restaurant near Angel Mall.



Ling Xiaoxiao’s phone started vibrating.

She stuffed the bun into her mouth, then wiped her hands before answering.


After their conversation, Ling Xiaoxiao and Wei Feng both frowned.

The call was from an elder in her family, and he mentioned the Power of Control.

According to rumours circulating among the elites, Power of Control now lies in Yancheng.

And it was true!

“How could they possibly know?” Ling Xiaoxiao frowned.

Wei Feng asked, “How would they know where Power of Control is?”

She shook her head, “I don’t know – my family doesn’t even know the person who conveyed the news, but they believe it blindly!”


Wei Feng nodded. It was like this when he was in Yangtze – when news broke that Power of Control was no longer in Yangtze, everyone looking for it immediately left.

It was as if everyone was puppets controlled by big invisible hands.

“I think it should be fine – they don’t know the exact location of Power of Control, and they didn’t mention me. Maybe it was a lucky guess, or they just know it’s here,” Wei Feng reassured.

A day passed.

Wei Feng trained normally.

He no longer was a junior Beastmaster in Yangtze – he was a senior Beastmaster that had two Level 10 beasts, and he himself was as strong as a Level 9 beast!

The Beastmasters who came to hunt the Power of Control will soon be the ones hunted.


At night, Wei Feng trained in the living room.

Arcs of electricity molded his body, making him feel numb.

Thunder Bird’s technique was painful.

After intense practice, Wei Feng was able to exert 80% of his body’s strength.

This strength was integrated into every inch of his flesh and blood, and he can control this power pretty effectively.

In addition, the Wolf King began training Wei Feng’s combat capabilities, reaction time, and coping and coming up with contingency plans in the face of emergency.

One o’ clock.

Ling Xiaoxiao got up and peered out her window, looking at the young man training hard in the open space of her villa. She couldn’t help but smile.

From the moment she learnt that the Power of Control lies in Wei Feng, her attitude towards him changed – she doesn’t know how to feel about Wei Feng, especially after the scene at the night market.

She started summoning her own beast.

Then, her elf, Zixi, stepped out of the hexagram.

“Zixi, what do you think of him?” she asked her beast.

Zixi peered out the window.

This is not the first time her master questioned about the boy.

“He’s very powerful!”

Zixi’s evaluation was simple, but she knows this wasn’t the answer her master was looking for.

Sure enough, Ling Xiaoxiao asked again, “Do you think he likes older girls?”

Zixi remained silent, but replied with something that stunned Ling Xiaoxiao, “Don’t humans have a proverb? Younger women are like gold. I think he follows this proverb as well.”

Ling Xiaoxiao: …

Early in the morning.

Wei Feng was still training.

It seems like the only thing he’s focused on is training.

Wei Feng pondered for a while.

How is he going to continue living in this world?

Obtaining eternal life and being the strongest Beastmaster in this world is naturally his biggest goal, but this goal was too far away and it cannot be accomplished overnight.

He thought of saving money to buy a house, and maybe get into a relationship, and marry his wife.

Wei Feng always longed to be ordinary.

Seven thirty.

In the same restaurant, Wei Feng and Ling Xiaoxiao had their breakfast by the window.

At this time, a familiar figure walked past the window, which surprised Wei Feng.

It was Zhang Xiyao!

“Did you see someone you recognise?” Ling Xiaoxiao asked.


Wei Feng nodded, and pointed towards her, “Back in Yangtze, she was my deskmate for half a month.”

Ling Xiaoxiao studied her, then exclaimed, “Very good! I can tell she’s full of youthful energy.”

Wei Feng: ?

What’s going on?

Wei Feng remained silent after hearing her words.

After breakfast, Ling Xiaoxiao did not go to Angel Mall immediately, but asked Wei Feng to accompany her to walk around the area. To digest the food, as so she said.

However, it was obvious Ling Xiaoxiao was looking for something.

At 8:30, the two entered Angel Mall.

They went to the 51st floor.

As soon as they got out of the elevator, two men-in-black waited by her door.

Wei Feng immediately stepped forward and shuffled Ling Xiaoxiao behind him.

Ling Xiaoxiao pulled herself to his ear and whispered, “Damn it. It’s the elders of the Haicheng family – you need to hide yourself.”

“Hide myself?”

Wei Feng glanced at her curiously. Worry was painting her face.

“Don’t forget – you paid me for a reason,” Wei Feng said.

Ling Xiaoxiao’s eyes flashed with gratitude, and nodded at him.

Ling Xiaoxiao regained her composure, and walked towards her office door.

One of the men opened the door to let her in, but another man blocked Wei Feng from entering.


The man in front of Wei Feng was a head taller than him, his hand reaching out to stop Wei Feng from entering.

“Don’t touch me!”

With a simple push, it was as if the man was hit by a car – he flew more than ten metres to the left, then slammed into the wall!

“Don’t move!

Another man-in-black took out his pistol – as soon as he lifted the gun, Wei Feng’s palm pressed against the muzzle.


The pistol shatters.

The man was in shocked and looked at Wei Feng with a horrified expression, then was slapped unconscious.

Wei Fent felt good.

He liked feeling strong, he didn’t like being given orders.

Ling Xiaoxiao was dumbfounded.

Wei Feng’s movements were as if he received professional training – he looked cool!

“Right. Let’s go.”

Wei Feng pushed opened the door for Ling Xiaoxiao.


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