My Mom is my Guardian Deity Chapter 20


「Swords of redemption」

  • This is one of the two swords used by sacred hero Sung Hyun-sook on the ‘Day of destruction. One was lost after the end of the war, and unfortunately, its whereabouts are unknown. 

…is what the description says.

I moved my gaze, which had been on that short phrase for a while, towards the glass window. 

Inside the transparent wall, a katana with a broken blade was reverently displayed. 

I reached out my hand unintentionally but it was blocked by the glass case. 


Mom’s relic. 

My vision became blurred. 

I felt mixed emotions. 

I can’t figure out if it’s anger, sadness or either of them…

[Guardian deity, ‘Sung Hyun-sook’ gives a penalty to ‘My son ♡’!]

[‘Physical damage filled with love’ is inflicted on the representative!]



A round intangible hit the back of my head. 

Just like that my body leaned forward and I kissed the glass case. 

What did I do wrong?!

“What was that for?! I almost broke the glass case!”

I know what emotion I’m feeling right now. 

This is anger. 

For a moment, while I shouted at my mom, the attention of the people walking in the exhibition hall was focused on me. 

I coughed after quickly grasping the situation. 

[‘Sung Hyun-sook’ explains the reason for her violence “I hit you because looking at you look at the relic with such sad eyes made me feel like I’m really dead.”]

“I don’t quite understand the correlation between feeling like feeling like you’re really dead and hitting me though, mom…?”

Thanks to this, tears that were about to drop from my eyes fell right back in. 

You could have just sent a message telling me not to cry.

[‘Sung Hyun-sook’ asks “But why did you suddenly come to the museum?”]

“…Ah, about that.”

The place I am currently at is the National Museum of Korea in Yongsan-gu, and I’m specifically at the ‘Sacred Exhibition’ taking place on the 3rd floor. 

The course displays the equipment of the players who passed away in glory since the era of cataclysmic change. 

Of course, it also houses the pieces of equipment of my parents who sacrificed their bodies in the war against extinction. 

I would visit several times every time it came to my mind. 

But this time I am visiting for a different reason. 

“To fix Sung-soo’s mother’s illness, there’s something I need to take from here.”

Last night, I acquired a scroll as a reward at the workshop of ‘Certified Saintess’ whom mom brought over. 

What was written in it, you ask?


<Item info>

Name: How to make <The divine essence of everything>

Classification: Consumption

Description: A scroll that shows the method to make <The divine essence of everything>.

Effect: You can create the consumable item <The divine essence of everything> using the materials described below. 

Frozen plant 0/50, Desert ginseng root 0/15, Stone ivy 0/70, Soul Core


The divine essence of everything

The name itself sounds convincing, doesn’t it?

That it’s a panacea that can cure every disease in the world. 

“There’s no issue in getting a frozen plant, desert ginseng root and a stone ivy…”

These are miscellaneous items that are common when you enter a green gate. 

Of course, it is not easy to get and collect dozens of the. 

But nothing to worry about. 

Why, you ask?

  • Leave it to us, Sir! You don’t have to worry at all!
  • If you’re thankful then just buy us a nice meal later, sir!

Lee Il-ho and Lee Du-ho…Ah right. 

I decided not to call them that. 

I mean, the black and white bros agreed on getting those instead of me. 

They sure are worthy of being so buff. 

The problem is…

“The soul core.”

No wonder, I thought how come it’s so easy to make a panacea but there was a headache waiting for me at the end. 

Unlike ordinary cores that can be collected by killing monsters, soul cores have no choice but to be obtained through special means. 

I don’t even have the choice of buying them through money at the ‘Player’s market’.

Aside from the price, it’s not being sold at all right now. 

That’s because, 

“Right now, in the world, people don’t know of its existence.”

Soul core appears in the world only 3 years later. 

And if I, who returned to ‘3 years ago,’ spread it around to others that I know the way to acquire soul core, it’s just going to be a waste of my time because who would believe me. 

“A retrograde dungeon.”

[‘Sung Hyun-sook’ asks “What’s a retrograde dungeon?”]

It’s a dungeon that appeared after mom’s death so it’s only natural that she doesn’t know about it. 

But I was lazy to explain, so I decided to just show it myself. 


I touched the glass case in front of me, and let out some mana. 


A deep blue energy rose from my wide-open palms. 

Between my hand and the <Sword of Redemption>, there is an obstacle which is the glass case but…


A single layer of obstacle like that doesn’t matter at all, and the sword placed on the display stand was completely enveloped with my energy. 

Like that, mom’s relics and my mana resonated successfully…


[Representative, ‘Hwang Jae-min’ has tried to resonate with the relic of Guardian deity, ‘Sung Hyun-sook’!]

[Succesful resonance is achieved due to high affinity!]

[The flow of time and space of the past and present is temporarily integrated. ‘Retrograde dungeon’ will open!]

[Would you like to enter the ‘Retrograde dungeon – <Day of descending>’?  Y/N]

“I would like to enter.”

At the same time as my short answer…


The surface of the window was crushed and distorted, and soon there was a gate that was only visible to my eyes. 

A dungeon that opens when the relics of one’s guardian deity in-charge are possessed by mana. 

And soul core can be acquired only after clearing this dungeon. 

Of course,  it doesn’t always open if the relic is possessed by mana.

As mentioned in the system message, retrograde dungeons only appear when one has a high affinity with their Guardian deity. 

“Which is obviously no issue for me and mom as we have an affinity of 89%!”

[‘Sung Hyun-sook’ is disappointed and says “If something like this existed then why didn’t you tell me before!”]

[Affinity with Guardian deity, ‘Sung Hyun-sook’ drops by 0.001%!]

My mom sulks too easily…


  • When I come back, I’ll make my Jae-min’s favourite toast. I’ll put a lot of honey too. 

The memory of when I said goodbye to my parents for the last time. 

Huh, but why am I suddenly remembering that?

‘…It’s a dream huh.’

I vaguely remember losing my consciousness as I entered the dungeon.

But even if I dreamt, why did I have to dream of the one scene I didn’t want to remember the most. 

Damn it. 

Mom, who gently patted my head, is gradually moving away from me. 

Her back, quietly disappeared into the city’s hellish fire

  • Let’s go, Jae-min. This uncle will protect you so don’t be scared. 

Uncle grabbed my hand and hurried to the association’s underground bunker. 

The young me in the dream asks. 

  • Will mom and dad be okay?
  • Of course. Of course, they’ll be okay. Jae-min, you’re parents are strong. In fact, they’re the strongest in the world. That’s why they will be fine. I promise you. 
  • ……..

At first, I thought he was saying those words just to put me at ease. 

Even a child like myself would doubt that. 

Because I was a pretty smart kid. But, 

  • Look at this! The ‘S-class couple’ managed to recapture the Gang-dong area just two hours after they entered the scene! At this rate, Seoul, no, the whole world’s dreams of a better tomorrow will be…

The monitoring TV installed in the underground bunker. 

When I saw the news being displayed on that huge screen, I was amazed for a moment while forgetting my sadness. 

I was so amazed that I mumbled…

[You have entered the ‘Retrograde dungeon – <Day of descending>’!]

After the nightmare-like dream, the system message woke me up. 

I opened my eyes and my head still hurt as if it had been hit by lightning. 

I groaned with a slight frown. 


But there’s something wrong with my voice. 

How should I put it?

It’s like a soprano tone that wouldn’t even come out of my mouth no matter how sore my throat is?

“Ah, Ah. Ah.”

It’s true. 

I’m not imagining things. 

Right now, my voice is clearly strange. 

It’s as if my voice is almost like that of a woman’s….wait. 

…Ah, right. 

Usually in a retrograde dungeon, 

[From now on, you will fulfil the quest by imitating the body of your Guardian deity in-charge!]

[You can perfectly replicate the power of your Guardian deity while in the state of being possessed! Instead, any communication with the Guardian deity and sponsorship system will be blocked!]

[You have gone back to the most ‘noble’ days of the Guardian deity!]

You are placed into the body of your Guardian deity. 

…And my Guardian deity is my mom. ‘

“Damn, what I’m currently feeling is hard to define.”

I swore and looked at my current body. 

A uniform that is as red as a red flame. 

On top of it, a beautiful armour. 

Platinum long hair that reaches till the waist. 

And two swords stuck on the slender waist – <The Swords of redemption>

…I became mom. 

“I’m going nuts.”

It’s a relief. 

That contact with the Guardian deity is blocked in a retrograde dungeon. 

Imagine if mom saw this?

[‘Sung Hyun-sook’ swears out loud “You freaking crazy son. Get the hell out of my body!”]

…is probably what the message would say. 


Just then a black spear shot from behind cut my train of thoughts. 

I tilted my head sideways and twisted my body. 

The black spear, which raced through the air as if almost ripping it, cut off several strands of my hair and narrowly passed by. 

“Oh my god.”

Of course, I acted of my own will but I can’t not be surprised. 

“…The reflexes are incomparable to my body.”

If it was my original body then I would have become skewered meat right away. 

That speed just now can’t even be covered by my current stats. 

“Damn. I dodged that?”

“As expected, you’re worth your title, mom. This is going to be fun.”

“If you didn’t show off your courage, I would have already been jabbed in the head”

An abhorrent voice that irks my nerves came from a corner. 

I’m not in a composed state due to being in shock after possessing my mom’s body but…

‘I need to get my head straight.’

I looked around the surrounding.


A city covered in hellish flames. 

Burning and crumbling skyscrapers. 

A blazing sky. 

I was standing in the middle of all of that. 



They are self-proclaimed slaves of demons because they fear death and her thirsty for power. 

They walked towards me through the flames. 

I know them. 

I know this place. 

I know this moment. 

It’s only natural I did. 


<Day of descending – Number one>

Details: Disaster has fallen in the current world. You must become a God of war and prevent the world’s downfall. Recreate the noblest moment of a great hero you serve. 

Fulfilment condition: Killing more than 1000 ghouls that are destructing the city.


Because it’s the day my parents died. 

It is also the day on which my parents became legends. 

There’s no way I can forget it. 


I pulled the double swords worn around my waist without hesitation. 

The sharp edge of the sword brushed against the sheathe and gave out a bleak sound. 



At the same time, dozens of ghouls, who had been slowly coming closer, jumped


Their shadows, who covered the sky to the point it was invisible, cast on my body. 


This seems like a lot though…?

I pulled out the swords in vigour and maintained my composure but this was a bit too much. 


The ghouls let out their claws as they were about to fall on me

Don’t you think it’s too much to attack all at once!?

For now, I tried to be grand by swinging the swords in big movements.



They’re slow. 

It felt like 5 seconds but the ghouls were still in the air. 

As if they were in a slow-motion video. 

[Skill, ‘Extreme focus (S-class)’ applied!]

[Enemies nearby will be slowed down for 7 seconds!]

“…What in the world.”

I can’t believe that they’re not slow as if they were in a slow-motion video but they’re in slow motion themselves. 

On the other hand, I was the only one who could move freely in the slowed-down world. 

“Oh right.”

I quickly got a hold of myself. 

Let’s not think about anything. 

After 7 seconds, <Extreme focus> will end. 

I will have to destroy those countless ghouls within that time. 

“What should I do…Ah.”

Suddenly a memory flashed across my mind. 

Information, which is a first for me, kept flooding in as if I’m aware of it since before. 

…This means that if I possess mom’s body our memories get synchronized. 

In short, I could vividly recall them. 

Mom’s past ‘skills’. 

“…There’s so many.”

I quickly tried to find it while making exclamations of admiration and astonishment. 

A skill that can defeat a large number of enemies in one go. 

‘This is it!’


Mana enveloped the swords precisely. 

The blue flames surrounding the body of the sword soared up to 4 meters in length in the blink of an eye. 

The <Swords of redemption> in both my hands made my body tremble. 

[<’Powerful sword – Death storm’ is applied!>]

I lifted the <Swords of redemption> towards the sky and swung them in an ‘X’ shape. 

As the name suggests, the power of the sword, which is expressed like a storm, rushed toward the ghouls. 

At the same time, <Extreme focus> came to an end and, 


The ghouls were ripped to pieces before they could even reach the ground. 

Whoosh-! Drip, Drip…

Dark red blood poured down with their flesh towards me, but the mana guarding my body skimmed them off like an umbrella. 

The <Death storm> didn’t just kill the ghouls but also put out the neighbouring flames. 

That’s why, in the midst of the city filled with burning noises, only my surrounding was calm. 


This day. 

When I escaped to an underground bunker with uncle and saw mom fighting on the news on the screen. 

I definitely said this. 

“….My mom’s freakishly strong.”



<Player Info>

Name: Sung Hyun-sook (Currently possessed by representative)

<Muscle strength: 1531> <Agility: 1498> <Stamina: 1486> <Intellect: 1517>


* Fighter’s awakening (EX-class), Extreme focus (S-class), Death storm (S-class), Space contraction (S-class). Vision (S-class), Speed grant (S-class)……

Special note:

* ‘The Guardian deity is possessed’ (The stats of the possessed guardian deity has been perfectly replicated)

* ‘Effect of the <Swords of redemption> applied’ (All stats increase by 50%)

* ‘Effect of <Full body armour> set applied’ (All stats increase by 30% and all the owned skills increase by one rank each)



“Look at her obnoxious stats.”

T/n: He is being sarcastic.

As I excitedly kept killing the ghouls coming at me through the city covered with flames, at some point, a mountain of corpses formed in front of me. 

I sat down on the peak of that mountain and couldn’t contain my astonishment. 

This is because I opened and read mom’s status window as I was curious and it turned out to be way more than what I imagined

“I think being called a human weapon is an understatement at this rate.”

Indeed, the more one knows, the wiser they get and right now I have learned a lesson that’s going to be embedded in my flesh and bone. 

“….Let’s not talk back to mom from now.”

It wasn’t simply because of her otherworldly stats.

But because I could realize it through feeling it myself. 

Her movement, as if she has wings own. 

Her amount of mana, that was as vast as the sea. 

Her talent of handling weapons. 

Every part about her is beyond my common sense. 

‘She didn’t get the nickname of ‘God of war’ for no reason…’

Her combat skills were to the point where the word ‘defeat’ was unthinkable. 

Even so, 

‘Mom and dad were bound to lose their lives by Germadon.’

Extinction of the world. 

If it weren’t for mom and dad, it would have been a nightmare that would have completely destroyed the whole world. 

If the noblest moment according to the quest in mom’s life is this moment then…

‘Means Germadon, that damned bastard, will show itself soon.’

A retrograde dungeon consists of at least two linked quests. 

And on this day, Germadon didn’t appear immediately from the start. 

At first, he sent out its trained slaves- the ghouls to buy time while it transformed itself. 

My current quest is to wipe out more than 1000 ghouls. 

‘In that case, the next quest is definitely…’

Thud, thud, thud…!

My thoughts couldn’t be continued for long. 

This is because I heard a heavy footstep that shook the earth from behind. 

I looked back at the cause of the tremor, and over there. 

“I will…kill…I will kill…humans….”

A ghoul that was about the size of a mansion was waddling toward me. 

It was twice the size of the piled mountain under my butt. 

Because the evil energy has destroyed the roots of its soul, it cannot even speak the human language properly. 

“Which means it’s that strong.”

I lifted myself up, clutching the <Swords of redemption>, which I had thrust into the mountain of corpses. 

“Even if I kill you, the system will calculate that as one ghoul. What a nuisance.”

I didn’t care that this guy was stronger than the other ghouls. 

Because I knew I won’t lose. 

“Hm, let me use a skill I haven’t used before. Which one should…?”


In that moment. 

The giant ghoul exploded. 

No. To say that it disappeared would be a more precise expression I guess. 


My eyes widened looking at the ghoul disappear in seconds before I could do anything. 

“Phew, I just got free from a difficult situation.”


Soon, behind the ghoul who turned to dust, I discovered a silhouette walking towards me. 

And I put down the swords I was about to swing. 


My heart immediately sank and my mind was in a daze. 

My mouth was wide open and my saliva dried up. 

Soon, the silhouette revealed itself, and the soft voice of a man ringed through my ears. 

“Honey, if you keep getting rid of all of them than what am I supposed to do? This is why there’s no point in fighting separately…”



I spoke to the man with tears in my eyes. 


I’m dropping this novel.

You may be wondering why, and it’s quite simple really.

My mom passed away from covid I’ve been having a hard time coming to grips with it.

This novel’s subject of a mom watching over their son as a guardian deity really reminds me of my own mom whIt’s painful to remember the memories of my mom, and working on this novel reminds me too much of my mom.

Sorry to the fans who love this novel, but I can’t work on this novel anymore.


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