In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 49


Chapter 49: The Figure in the Rain

A gun was placed on Wei Feng’s forehead.

A crescent-shaped machete rested itself on Wei Feng’s throat.

Wei Feng immediately stopped moving, then glanced at the young man aiming the gun on his forehead, and the Shadow Demon holding the machete next to him.

He could’ve easily dodged this, but Ling Xiaoxiao was behind him.

Ling Xiaoxiao quickly rushed forward and stood in front of Wei Feng, “Ah! Yu, what are you doing?”


The young man sneered and lowered his gun, “Is this person your boyfriend?”

At this moment, Wei Feng gently stretched out a finger and slowly and firmly pushed the machete by the blade away from his neck.

The Shadow Demon, who was 3 metres tall, looked horrified, but Wei Feng lifted his leg instantly.


The Shadow Demon was kicked to the side, its body slammed into the wall, and cracks appeared in the wall.

Yu was shocked, and immediately raised his gun again, but Ling Xiaoxiao kicked him too.


Yu’s face immediately turned red, then slowly squatted in pain.

Wei Feng glanced at her in surprise.

She’s so cruel!

“Have you had enough fun?”

A voice sounded from Ling Xiaoxiao’s office chair – a middle-aged man in a red suit spoke, his tone clearly indicated that he was one of the greatest elites.

Next to the man was a young man, dressed in black with long bangs covering his left side of his face, looking a little feminine.

“For a girl to perform such crude actions, it really ruins the family name!” The man’s tone was low, and reprimanded Ling Xiaoxiao.

She was angry, but remained silent.

“From today onwards, all matters within the Yancheng branch will be controlled by me – grandfather’s orders.”

“Excuse me?”

Ling Xiaoxiao immediately argued, “Impossible. Grandfather told me I will always have the final say in the Yancheng branch – no one else is allowed to interfere.”

“See for yourself.”

The man snorted coldly, then threw a portable projector on the table.

On the screen was an old man, sitting on a mahogany chair, “Xiaoxiao, the Yancheng branch will be handed over to your second uncle for a while – what you have done is very serious, you will be punished.”

Ling Xiaoxiao’s feelings became complicated, and wordlessly turned around and went to the elevator.

Wei Feng quickly followed her.

When Wei Feng left, the man seemed to be relieved, then immediately ordered the young man beside him, “Quick. Go investigate who the man beside her is.”


Wei Feng trailed behind Ling Xiaoxiao as she left Angel Mall, but she did not say a single thing.

While waiting for the driver, Wei Feng noticed that the young man from the office was not too far away.

Wei Feng summoned Thunder Bird discreetly, then whispered some orders to him. Thunder Bird immediately flapped its wings and flew into the sky.

Ling Xiaoxiao noticed the scene before her, but remained silent.

When the driver arrived, the two got into the car, and the vehicle slowly drove away from Angel Mall.

After half an hour.

It arrived back at the villa.

When she returned home, she locked herself in her room.

Wei Feng didn’t want to bother her – he didn’t know how to comfort her anyways.

At noon, Thunder Bird returned.

Landing on Wei Feng’s shoulder, Thunder Bird chirped, “Master! That guy was trying to investigate you! Don’t worry – I gave him a short visit – he won’t be able to walk for the rest of his life.”


Wei Feng nodded.

Now, he needs to deal with the man in the office – Ling Xiaoxiao’s second uncle.

But he quickly dropped his idea.

He realised that he was no match compared with the elites in this world.

In terms of combat power, he believes he can best all of them.

Even if her family has a beast beyond Level 10, Wei Feng is confident he can escape from it.

He secretly wants to see a beast like that.

Because once he sees a beast like that, he can humble himself and think clearly.

Around 4 o’ clock in the afternoon, Ling Xiaoxiao finally crawled out of her den.

Seeing Wei Feng guarding outside her door, she forced a smile, “Come. Let’s go to drink.”


Wei Feng nodded, but suddenly said, “Actually, I know a good place, do you want to follow me?”

“Alright then.”

She nodded.

Wei Feng didn’t ask her to call her driver – he planned to drive the car himself.

In his previous life, he had learned driving skills at his technical school before, he could drive vehicles bigger than this.

Ling Xiaoxiao had confidence in him.

The two drove out of the villa and drove slowly towards the suburbs.

Wei Feng bought beer, barbeque skewers, and some ingredients at a convenience store.

Ling Xiaoxiao curiously asked, “Is this for you?”

Wei Feng loaded the things in the car and said, “Nope! This is to compensate for you not being able to eat barbeque the other night!”


After they left the city, Wei Feng became more confident in driving.

Not to mention, Ling Xiaoxiao’s car was excellent – he pushed the accelerator and they sped up.


The Wolf King stuck his head out the window in the back seat and let out an excited howl.

An hour later, in the southern suburbs, about 20 miles away from the Splendid Garden, there was a lake.

Wei Feng parked the car on the road beside the lake, then they went down with the items bought from the store – they set up a barbecue in a clearing and placed various ingredients on it. The smell of barbecue soon flooded the air.

Night fell, the fire reflected on the lake; the surroundings quiet.

Ling Xiaoxiao was giddy – after drinking two cans of beer, her face turned red, and she looked cute.

Zixi was also summoned – after drinking a can of beer, the elf was red too.

Wei Feng sat on stone, eating his skewers.

Obviously, the taste is far from the ones made at a stall.

At 10:30pm, Wei Feng took Ling Xiaoxiao back home.

When he came back, Wei Feng noticed some suspicious figures around the villa – they wandered around the villa pretending to be normal; their eyes sweeping across the insides of the villa from time to time.

Wei Feng understood what needed to be done. He summoned Thunder Bird, and all was quiet.

Night time.

Wei Feng continued training under the bright moon light. He felt somewhat depressed.

Yancheng’s sky was covered with a layer of fog.

Later on, at night, thunder sounded, lightning crashed. Torrential rain poured upon the city, as if to cleanse to cleanse the city of its corruption.

Wei Feng stood in front of the window, admiring the rain. Suddenly, a figure could be seen.

It was a human.

But it was a human with special abilities!

When the rain fell, it seemed to avoid this person – a force field was surrounding this person.

If this was an ability of a royal beast, Wei Feng wouldn’t bat an eye. However, this was a human being!

This means that this person can extract core abilities from their beast, just like him!

Otherwise, how could one explain this?!

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