In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 50


Chapter 50: Tabooist

Lightning crashed, illuminating the night.

Wei Feng saw the figure approaching, it was extraordinarily tall – it’s aura was oppressive.

“Master! It’s a tabooist!”

The Wolf King appeared beside Wei Feng, and whispered.

“A tabooist?”

Wei Feng was surprised, he never heard of anything of the sort before.

The Wolf King Nodded, “We don’t know much about tabooist – we only know they can easily grow to the strength of a Level 10 beast, and have one to three innate abilities.”

Wei Feng: …

Wei Feng frowned. He didn’t have enough information.


Thunder Bird soared into the sky, reverting to his original size. Electricity surrounded his body.


Thunder Bird gathered the static electricity in the air – the electricity made him look terrifying.

The figure stopped.


Thunder Bird swooped down, a lightning bolt illuminating the night sky.

“What’s happening?”

Ling Xiaoxiao was awake and came out of her room. She came to Wei Feng’s side and looked out the window.

However, the heavy rain blurred her vision – lightning was continuously crashing. It was impossible to see what was happening.


Thunder Bird chirped, and with unparalled power, slammed into the tabooist and pushed them away.


Suddenly, the area around the tabooist distorted – a force broke out, pushing Thunder Bird away.

Wei Feng could clearly see the ground by the tabooist was cracked.


Thunder Bird chirped again, electricity spewing out from his mouth.

Electricity arced through the rain, but could not penentrate the force field.

Wei Feng became worried, and ordered the Wolf King, “Assist Thunder Bird.”


The Wolf King ran out.

As soon as the Wolf King stepped into the rain, a force field pushed the rain away from him.

Ling Xiaoxiao was surprised, “Your Wolf King and Thunder Bird aren’t Level 9?”


Wei Feng nodded without moving his eyes. “Both of them are Level 10.”

“Level 10 beasts!”

Ling XIaoxiao couldn’t help but widen her eyes.

The moonlight bathed and illuminated the Wolf King, his body changing. He was now about 3 metres in length and 1.5 metres in height. He looked majestic and powerful.

[Silver Moon Domain] was activated. His attributes are now increased by 50%.

In addition, the Wolf King can now use [Silver Moon Blossom], which can increase a target’s attributes by 100% and double their recovery ability.

While the rain was pouring, a silver-white flower blessed Thunder Bird.


The electricity arced violently around Thunder Bird, the electricity arcing around him looking eerily like a disjointed arm.


Thunder Bird chirped, swooping down once again.

The tabooist could tell what Thunder Bird was doing, stepping back. It took formation, and clenched its right fist. The surroundings were still, then a terrifying force burst out, crashing into Thunder Bird.


Electricity exploded from the scene – the electricity swept across a villa nearby, reducing it to rubble instantly.

Thunder Bird was unphased, and flew back into the sky.

Silver light flickered in the rain – the Wolf King phased towards the tabooist and clawed at it.


The Wolf King’s attacks may be look elegant, but the power is terrifying.

His claws were imbued with moonlight, and the impact broke the silence of the night.


Wei Feng finally knew what a human cannonball was. The tabooist’s body was flung into the air and smashed into a 20-floor building. The building collapsed immediately.

Ling Xiaoxiao was horrified and covered her mouth.

“In that building…”

Wei Feng quickly explained, “Don’t worry. There isn’t anyone in that building.”

“Ah?” Ling Xiaoxiao was surprised, but recalled that there was no light in that building.

Not only that, the entire community was suspiciously quiet – every house seems empty, no lights illuminated the houses.

“Ten buses came half an hour ago. They picked everyone from the community up. Except for us.” Wei Feng explained.

Ling Xiaoxiao was relieved that there wasn’t any casualties.

She was still worried, though.

Then, it was an assassination attempt!

Moreover, to pick everyone else in the community… were they expecting this?

Ling Xiaoxiao glanced at the collapsed building – who was that person? Why are they so powerful?


In the sky, Thunder Bird swooped down again, carrying a barrage of lightning.


Wei Feng and Ling Xiaoxiao, who were standing by the window, felt the house shake violently.

Wei Feng simply muttered, “It’s over.”

In the distance, a red light flashed in the sky – it was a helicopter.

Wei Feng heard the sound of heavy vehicles pulling over too.

Whoever was targeting them was expecting this too, it seems.

Tonight, he needs to take action.

He can’t kill the tabooist.

Wei Feng telepathically sent a message to Thunder Bird and the Wolf King to return.

The Wolf King shrank back and reported to Wei Feng, “Master! That guy is seriously injured – he won’t be able to do anything for at least half a month.”

“Good work.”

Wei Feng nodded, staring at the ruins of the collapsed building.

Thunder Bird shrank, and perched himself on the roof.

Thunderstorms like these were his favourite.

After about ten minutes, rumbling sounds could be heard from the ruins of the collapsed building – and the tabooist walked out of the ruins.

There was no longer a menacing aura – he looked embarrassed even! He didn’t dare to approach Ling Xiaoxiao’s villa.

A vehicle soon came to pick the tabooist up.

Wei Feng stood guard and waited until the helicopter left before sitting on the sofa.

“My apologies. They are here for me, it seems,” Wei Feng couldn’t help but conclude. Ling Xiaoxiao was busy grooming the Wolf King’s fur.

Ling Xiaoxiao didn’t seem scared, “Don’t apologize. It’s rare to see a battle this intense. After all, I employed you for a reason.”

Wei Feng unconsciously nodded.

Indeed, the battle just now was intense.

How a human body can possess such terrifying power – this power is enough to conquer the world!

“By the way, do you know what a tabooist is?” Wei Feng asked.

“A tabooist!”

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