In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 51


Chapter 51: Out of The City
Ling Xiaoxiao was surprised – it seemed like she knew a thing or two about the tabooist.

“Wait right here.”

She put on her slippers and ran back to her room – she returned with her tablet shortly.

She sat beside Wei Feng and pointed at her tablet, “I found some information on tabooists from my family database.”

Wei Feng glanced at the tablet. The information was merely just a general gist of a tabooist.

“This is…”

Wei Feng thought of Zhang Xiyao.

Tabooists are extremely rare – their bodies need to be extremely fit and possess a forbidden item.

And by cultivating an extremely fast-evolving royal beast, they can use this forbidden item to transfer the powers and abilities of the beast to themselves, making themselves a tabooist.

Of course, this differs from Wei Feng – this forbidden item causes the beast to die!

In addition, tabooists are extremely sensitive to forbidden items, and they cannot control any additional forbidden items – this is the price of becoming a tabooist.

When Zhang Xiyao left Yangtze, she gave Wei Feng a letter, and she knew that [Absolute Zero] was in Wei Feng’s possession. Wei Feng was confused as per how she knew, but now it’s clear how.

She must be a tabooist!

Her royal beast can rapidly evolve and she is sensitive to the presence of forbidden items, that means she must be a tabooist. However, she hasn’t transferred the powers of her royal beast to herself.

“I get it now!”

Wei Feng said to himself after reading the information on the tablet.

It is extremely difficult to become a tabooist, but the power one can obtain from becoming a tabooist is also amazing.

If a senior beast master becomes a tabooist, their strength is equal to that of a Level 10 beast, and that’s the lowest possible power.

After a beast master has power equivalent to a Level 10 beast, they can break through the tenth level by devouring three additional Level 10 beasts!

Wei Feng glanced at the Wolf King and Thunder Bird.

After tonight’s battle, he is sure that Yancheng will become livelier.

Level 10 beasts are not easy to find, and most of them come from rich families – when a nobody like Wei Feng suddenly appears with two Level 10 beasts, it is no surprise that the tabooists in the city became crazy.

Breaking through the tenth level…

The temptation is too great.

Early in the morning.

After a night of torrential rain, the world was cleansed.

It seems like the community they were living in was barred.

Not a single person was seen within the community, and the collapsed buildings from last night’s battle was still there.

Inside the villa.

Wei Feng requested to resign his role as a bodyguard.

Now that he is the centre of attention, Ling Xiaoxiao will be in danger if she stays with him.

In addition, Ling Xiaoxiao’s funds seem to be frozen – no salary was credited to Wei Feng’s card this morning.

Nine in the morning.

Wei Feng decided to leave.

Not a pin drop could be heard wherever Wei Feng went.

“Thunder Bird, transform!”

Wei Feng stopped walking and let Thunder Bird reveal his original form – he was more than five metres long! Wei Feng and the Wolf King then hopped onto Thunder Bird’s back.


Thunder Bird flapped his wings, and like lightning, took off.

From the sky, Wei Feng saw no-crossing lines placed four or five kilometres away from his original position.

In the distant sky, he could see several helicopters surveying the area.

Right in front, a big red bird flapped its wings – a figure was riding the bird.

There really is no escape from being watched.

“Go South!”

Wei Feng ordered, and Thunder Bird immediately turned his direction and flew towards the South.

Several helicopters parked near the south immediately retreated to make way for them.


Thunder Bird suddenly accelerated – with electricity coursing throughout his body, and like lightning, disappeared in a flash.

Just like that, the helicopter and bird trailing them disappeared from sight.

“Master, where do we go now?” Thunder Bird asked.

Wei Feng hesitated, then said, “Let’s get out of this city – let’s see the outside world!”


Thunder Bird chirped happily, and disappeared in a flash.

Wei Feng glanced behind him – perhaps they were too fast, so nothing was trailing behind them anymore.

Half an hour later, they reached the tall city walls of Yancheng.

This is the first time Wei Feng has seen the city walls of this world.

It really is too tall.

Every once in a while, the pillars of the wall emits a white light that slices through the sky – between these rays of light, a white laser flashes from time to time.

Wei Feng frowned.

That should be the air defence system of the walls – it is said that this laser can easily slice the body of a Level 9 beast.

In addition, the wall also has a fully automatic thermal cannon.

The muzzles of the cannons with a diameter of half a metre had slowly turned and aimed at Thunder Bird.

Wei Feng: …

This made him nervous.

No wonder they weren’t in any rush to trail behind him – there was no way he could escape the city.

“Master, do you want me to forcibly break through the wall?” Thunder Bird chirped, electricity in his body surging. He wasn’t afraid of the cannons.

“It shouldn’t be a problem either. We just need to pay attention to the white lasers,” the Wolf King added.


Wei Feng nodded, and gave once last look at Yancheng, “Let’s go!”


The Wolf King howled.

Moon-white rays of light poured down, and a wolf beast appeared on the ground – he used his [Summon: Wolf King] ability!



On the city wall, the thermal cannons bombarded the wolves below.


At this time, Thunder Bird surged with electricity and swooped downwards.

The Wolf King activated [Silver Moon Domain], and a ray of moonlight shrouded Wei Feng.


The moment they crossed the city wall, a thick white laser swept through them.

The rays of moonlight exploded, and terrifying energy surged through the air.

Wei Feng saw that the light beams on his left and right dimmed.

The force repelled back to Wei Feng, but Thunder Bird turned sideways to protect Wei Feng.


Electricity crackled through the air – they broke through the defence of the city walls, but Thunder Bird is free-falling through the air.

The Wolf King transformed to his true form and leapt down, catching Wei Feng and Thunder Bird safely.



However, thermal cannons were aimed at Wei Feng, and immense energy bombarded towards him.

Wei Feng had rage built in him from seeing Thunder Bird fall, and at this moment, his body was shrouded in white light.



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