In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 52


Chapter 52: The Most Dangerous Creature!

The force blew Wei Feng away.

Under the Wolf King’s blessing [Silver Moon Blossom], Wei Feng’s stats were doubled – his strength was as high as 50000.

But the explosion of energy blew him away – he couldn’t control this surge in power.


The thermal cannons kept bombarding them – the Wolf King quickly pounced towards Wei Feng and Thunder Bird and escorted them out of the range of the cannons.

They finally got out of range, and he stopped.

Wei Feng rolled off the Wolf King’s back.

He was full of frustration.

Even though he was surging with power, he couldn’t do anything.

Fortunately, it seems like Thunder Bird was fine – he just passed out from the shock.

Wei Feng recalled the scene just now.

Even if he has a Level 10 beast, his own attributes were that of a Level 9 beast – and even then, it wasn’t enough to just walk through the artillery fire.

The Wolf King seemed calm.

Sitting up, Wei Feng ripped off his tattered clothes, leaving only a pair of shorts, “Let’s go! I need to become stronger.”

There was no tones of ambition or revenge behind his voice.

It has been a while since he was forcibly brought into this world – before this, he was trying to live an honest life in the city – he thought that, with a Level 10 beast and strength equivalent to a Level 9 beast, he would be fine.

But he didn’t expect that he would be under heavy supervision – and it was just beginning.

Wei Feng was fortunate that he was able to see the reality of this world, otherwise, he wouldn’t be alive now.

His steps were firm, leaving the city walls behind him.

This was the first time he stepped foot into the outside world.

When living in the city, he overheard stories of the outside world – danger, danger, danger.

All he has learnt about the outside world was from within the city.

Humans and royal beasts live within the city walls.

Outside, there were thousands of different races!

Demons, beasts, monsters, and more…

Only those who are branded with summoning symbols on their forehead can be called royal beasts.

In the outside world, creatures that look exactly like your royal beasts could tear you to pieces and eat you alongside fruit pulp.

These creatures are also extremely hostile!



A low wolf howl could be heard in the distance.

Wei Feng stopped.

He has barely left the city walls, and yet, has he already encountered a beast?

The Wolf King stepped in front of Wei Feng and sniffed the air, “Master, it is the Blood Wolf clan. And if I’m right, there’s a Level 8 wolf in this clan.”

Wei Feng looked into the distance. Indeed, he could see some red figures laying low in the distance.

“Can’t you just order them to be on our side?” Wei Feng asked.

The Wolf King shook his head. “Now that I have the summoning mark on my forehead, I am like a traitor in their eyes.”


Wei Feng nodded, “Then, let us fight! Let me see how dangerous the outside world really is!”

Clenching his fist, he felt his heart beat fast.

Excitement, nervousness, fear.


As Wei Feng and the Wolf King approached, a low wolf howl signalled an attack.

Red figures surrounded them, rushing towards them.

Wei Feng summoned the Dragon Ape and Dark Dragon’s Shadow, then activated [Summon: Wolf King].


The Wolf King also let out a howl, using his own [Summon: Wolf King].

The wolves in [Summon: Wolf King] are merely just wolves made out of energy and aren’t real wolves – they will dissipate automatically after a period of time.

A circle of energy wolves protected Wei Feng.

The blood wolves slowed their advance.

There are more than fifty blood wolves, and their leader was a Level 8 blood wolf.

After finding a human being and a high-levelled traitor of the same race, they wanted to go up and shred them to pieces by numbers’ advantage, but they did not expect such a scene to happen.


The Wolf King let out a low growl, and [Wolf King’s Majesty] spread out into the air.

In an instant, at least half of the blood wolves became weak.

The mechanics of that ability comes from the suppression of blood.

If the Wolf King didn’t have a summoning mark embedded in his forehead, these wolves probably would have all kneeled by now.

Shortly after, the battle ended. The Level 8 blood wolf fled with some other blood wolves.

Wei Feng spared the weaker wolves, and the summoned energy wolves dissipated after about half an hour.

Wei Feng walked for about half an hour – his end goal was the big mountain in the distance.

The Wolf King explained the rules of survival in the outside world.

There is only one rule.

The strong eat the weak!

As long as you are strong, you can run wild and search for resources everywhere to strengthen yourself.

But there is no specific standard for strength.

In some places, Level 8 or Level 9 is king.

In some places, Level 10 is the standard.

And outside the city, there are Restricted Areas everywhere!

There are currently 1375 known Restricted Areas recorded in the Federation.

The key word here is “known”. And Restricted Areas function under different rules as well.

“Master! That mountain you’re heading to is a Restricted Area.” The Wolf King then pointed his paw at the mountain.

Wei Feng: …

Wei Feng then asked, “Why didn’t you tell me earlier, then?”

The Wolf King then replied, “I think you misunderstand what a Restricted Area is.”

“Excuse me?”


The Wolf King nodded, then explained, “Although it is dangerous, there are many good things in it too! Moreover, you can find Forbidden Items!”

“And what if we die?!” Wei Feng reminded.

The Wolf King scoffed, “Master, can we be more confident in ourselves? With our strength, we can completely level and dispel a small Restricted Area!”

Wei Feng: …

“So, this Restricted Area isn’t even all that?” Wei Feng frowned.

“But it was so difficult for us to even escape a Level 4 Civilized city!” He added.

The Wolf King: …

“Master, I think you are underestimating the power of humans!” The Wolf King shook his head.

The fact that a human-built city can stand strong in this world speaks for itself.

Human beings not only have royal beasts, they also have the power of technology.

The most dangerous species in this world are humans.

Wei Feng: …

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