In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 53


Chapter 53: Restricted Area No. 69 – Mount Soft Gold
Wei Feng stopped for a moment.

Indeed, the power of humans should never be underestimated – his own strength exceeds that of a Level 9 beast, and he has two Level 10 beasts, and yet, he was forced to flee from a city full of humans.

Wei Feng didn’t know much about Restricted Areas, so he asked the Wolf King for more information.

First of all, there are three rules in Restricted Areas.

First, any thermal energy cannot be present within the area.

Second, after entering a Restricted Area, any space cannot be opened.

Third, outsiders cannot stay in a Restricted Area for more than 24 hours, otherwise, they will be chased and hunted by all the creatures within the area.

In any world, no matter the danger, someone will always take the risk.

Risk and benefit are always equal.

Moreover, most of the materials for Royal Beast Armaments, ACE Series Medicine, and PCG Series Medicine all come from Restricted Areas.

Before this, some adventurers who hail from the south gate of Yancheng had already explored Restricted Area No. 69.

It was given another name by the adventurers.

Mount Soft Gold.

Because it mainly produces soft gold to make royal beast armaments.

Therefore, any future team that comes here brings a shovel and a backpack.

Wei Feng came to Mount Soft Gold from another direction, since he broke out from the city wall – the route the adventurers took from the city gate was different.

When entering Mount Soft Gold, Thunder Bird regained consciousness. Wei Feng was delighted, and the three of them entered Restricted Area No. 69.

Compared to the others before them who entered the area cautiously, they were somewhat casual with their entry.

Thunder Bird perched himself on Wei Feng’s shoulder, “I didn’t expect that the city’s thermal cannons would be so powerful! I can’t believe it made me faint for more than an hour!”

The Wolf King sneered at Thunder Bird, “Are you bird brained? Why didn’t you use your [Electricity Field]? And you used your own body as a shield? I see how it is now – you want our master’s attention!”

“What did you say?! Ah – my wings hurt so much!” Thunder Bird then staggered on Wei Feng’s shoulders.

Wei Feng wanted to laugh, but calmed himself.

After all, Thunder Bird was the one who took the hit for him.


Suddenly, a roar could be heard in front of them.

A frightened voice could be heard too, “Brother! Just leave me, run for your life!”

“No! Sister!”

“Father! Our sister fell down!”

Wei Feng was about to comfort Thunder Bird when he heard the scene.

The sound came from in front of them – there was a bush, and with the low terrain where Wei Feng was, whoever was in front of them won’t be able to see them.

“We need to help them!” Wei Feng whispered to Thunder Bird.

Thunder Bird flapped his wings and flew towards the bushes to investigate the scene.

The sound of fighting was fierce – the roar of trolls and the roars of lions.


Suddenly, a thick field of electricity exploded in the area, and the commotion became quiet.

Wei Feng and the Wolf King quickly came to the scene, and it was surprising.

There are four humans – a Level 6 horned lion, and a Level 6 troll.

Both the lion and the troll were lying on the ground, body twitching with electricity.

The four humans, three males and one female, seemed to be stunned and paralysed by the electricity too.

Wei Feng didn’t mean to hit them, so he called Thunder Bird back and prepared to leave.

However, the girl suddenly called out, “You there! Wait! Stop!”

Wei Feng stopped and turned around with a smile, “You’re welcome! There is no need to thank me!”

The girl was speechless, and her face contorted to anger, “Why should I thank you?! Your bird injured our beast! You have to compensate for our loss!”

Wei Feng: …

This is crazy.

The eldest man in the group took a deep breath, and shrugged off the numbness in his body and grabbed the girl while apologizing to Wei Feng, “Young man! I’m really sorry – and thank you for just now! There is no need to compensate us! No need!”

“Oh, okay.”

Wei Feng nodded, then glanced at the girl whose mouth and complaints were muffled by the man, and turned to leave.

Thunder Bird perched itself on Wei Feng’s shoulder, and the Wolf King trailed behind him. They then disappeared into the jungle.

It was not until they left when the man released his daughter.

“You’re out of your mind!”

The man breathed a sigh of relief, then checked the troll’s injuries. He then instructed the young man beside him, “Quick, cut off the horn of the horned lion, then we will leave immediately.”

“Dad, that person just now…”

The eldest man immediately glared, “Mind your own business. That kind of person is not someone we can provoke – watch out for your sister in the future, she almost caused a huge disaster for us.”

The girl puffed her cheeks, then glanced at the direction where Wei Feng left – she scrunched her nose and snorted coldly.

Wei Feng walked a short distance.

Not far away, on a rock wall, there was some metallic lustre, and some marks of tools embedded on the wall.

That must be where the soft gold was – it has already been dug up.

“Sha sha sha…”

Wei Feng was about to investigate the wall, but a little creature sprung up from the pile of leaves not far from him.

That creature was gray, and was about as big as a fist – it was extremely fast and ran around in the trees.

Wei Feng was curious and fixed his eyes on the creature – it was similar to a hedgehog, with a less round body. It had a small tail and its forelegs and hind legs were extraordinarily long.

The Wolf King smiled, “Master, this little creature is nicknamed “Surprise”, do you know why?”

“Why?” Wei Feng asked.



Before Wei Feng could finish his sentence, the angry roar of a lion and other beasts could be heard.


The little creature rushed past Wei Feng, but a big paw halted its advance.



“This little guy holds some surprises for us!” The Wolf King grabbed the creature by its tail, and it made sounds similar to a mouse.

Wei Feng was curious – why did the Wolf King catch this little creature? However, the angry roar of a lion was getting closer… was this the surprise?


Thunder Bird jumped off Wei Feng’s shoulder, and grabbed the little creature’s arms.

At this time, Wei Feng could see that the little creature was holding a shiny item in its paws.



The shiny item was pried out by Thunder Bird, and the little creature squeaked out in anger – its two little claws were flaying angrily.


Thunder Bird perched himself on Wei Feng’s shoulders, and put the shiny item in Wei Feng’s hands, “Master, this is a good item!”


At this time, four horned lions appeared in Wei Feng’s sight, and rushed towards him.

The next moment, a wave of electricity swept across, and the lions regretted chasing after them.

Wei Feng scoffed, then looked at the shiny stone-like object in his hand. He used [Abyss Peek] to peer into the item, and an information panel appeared.

[Exploration Panel]

Item: Space Power Stone

Rarity: Common

Function: Can open up any space.

Description: This is an exclusive item found in Restricted Areas – only previously expanded Restricted Areas can be born.

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