In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 54


Chapter 54: Supportive Royal Beast [Spirit Hog]
Wei Feng was shocked.

This thing turned out to be a space energy stone.

He had seen this before when studying books about the domain of the brain before.

For example, the guidance instrumental used back in the academy is made of space energy stones.

It is said to be valuable.

After Thunder Bird subdued the four horned lions, he flew back to Wei Feng’s shoulder, “Master, don’t underestimate this tiny item – the energy contained within should be enough to open up a layer of fog in your brain.”

Meanwhile, the Wolf King stretched out a paw and pried something out of the little creature’s arms.


The Wolf King let out an excited bark, then stretched out his paw, “Haha! This guy really is a “Surprise!” It was hiding something else in its arms!”

Wei Feng looked at the other item, it was round with the size of a thumb – and it was hollow.

“Isn’t this just a ring?”

Wei Feng used [Abyss Peek] to probe into it.

[Exploration Panel]

Target: Jade Bone Essence

Rarity: Rare

Function: Level up.

Description: It can only be used on Royal Beasts below Level 10.

Wei Feng knew what this was – Ling Xiaoxiao told him it was usually available in auctions of high-end royal beasts in Yancheng.


Ordinary jade bone essences in the market, which can only be used on Level 1 Royal Beasts, has been auctioned to a sky-high price of more than 1 million!

And with jade bone essences with the “Rare” rarity, even the elites in Yancheng can’t afford it.

However, Wei Feng estimated that the number of jade bone essence needed to level up a mid-levelled beast would have to be about five hundred.

Wei Feng looked at the little creature, and his eyes lit up.

This creature really has a lot of surprises!

“Come on, dig in it and see whether this bugger is hiding anything else!” Wei Feng leaned and patted the belly of the creature.

Despite its small body and thorns on its back, its belly was exceptionally soft and has a thick layer of fur – under the fur was a layer of wrinkled skin.

Wei Feng groped the creature for a bit, but all he got was a flea.

He was unsatisfied, and proposed to the Wolf King, “Why don’t we cut it open? Maybe there’s something hidden in its stomach.”

Wolf King: !

Thunder Bird: !!

“Surprise”: !!!

“Master, it’s better to not kill this creature,” the Wolf King advised.



Tears flashed in the creature’s eyes, and kept shaking its head.

Wei Feng hesitated, then snapped his fingers, “Aha!”

The creature was frightened, it thought it was going to die.

Wei Feng was actually drawing summoning symbols – after combining and arranging them, he condensed it into a summoning mark, and embedded it onto the little creature’s head.


[NOTICE: You have obtained a Level 3 Support Beast [Spirit Hog].]

[NOTICE: Double summonings have already been used.]

[NOTICE: Due to the beast’s special ability, core abilities cannot be obtained and shared.]

Hearing the prompt, Wei Feng was a little surprised.

This little guy, Spirit Hog, really is special enough to be unable to share abilities with!

That’s kind of a pity.

The Wolf King witnessed Wei Feng making the little creature his royal beast, and nodded.

At this moment, he admires his master.

He really had a unique vision

And has the ability of foresight!

He’s too good!

Usually, when someone catches a Ling Xian, they would pick up the existing treasures on its body, and leave it.

However, with it becoming a royal beast, its like installing a treasure detector around you!

“Hey, free it!” Wei Feng reminded the Wolf King, who was still pawing Spirit Hog.


The Wolf King quickly put Spirit Hog on Wei Feng’s palm.


Spirit Hog landed on Wei Feng’s palm, and made a sad squeaking noise.

Wei Feng wanted to pet it, but its body was full of spikes.

Wei Feng was curious about Spirit Hog’s abilities, and peered into it.

[Royal Beast Panel]

Royal Beast: Spirit Hog (Support Type)

Level: Level 3

Attributes: None

Strength: 1

Agility: 600 (+300)

Spirit Power: 200

Core Ability: [Special Perception] – The Spirit Hog has very strong perceptive abilities, with a perception range of 100 metres.

[Extreme Speed] – Sacrifices strength in exchange for speed – triples basic agility, and increases agility by 50%.

Description: Cannot evolve, and cannot level up.

Sure enough, this little guy had extremely good perceptive skills, since it carries a lot of trinkets.

In addition, it is very special.

It is extremely unique, but at the same, is deprived of its ability to evolve.

Can’t evolve, can’t level up.

It only has one trick up its sleeve.

However, it is enough.

What Wei Feng wanted from it was its core ability [Special Perception].

Although he can’t use it himself, he can use this guy.

In a way, Wei Feng has a special royal beast.

Not in a hurry to use its abilities, Wei Feng decided to take a break.

He decided to use the Space Energy Stone for himself.

At present, his brain has opened up to the 6th layer.

When the 6th layer was broken into, he obtained [Abyss Peek].

However, when the 5th layer of fog was broken, he didn’t obtain any Forbidden Items, which made Wei Feng unsure if the 7th layer would have any Forbidden Items.

He has a piece of Jade Bone Essence, however, Dragon Ape and Ice Giant have already used [Absolute Zero] to level up, so he cannot use it again.

Therefore, Wei Feng hopes that when he breaks into the 7th layer of fog, a forbidden item can be born.

While it is true that Jade Bone Essence can be used to level up royal beasts, it has a failure rate!

However, if there is a forbidden item, the failure rate can be erased, and its effect can be maximised.


The Space Energy Stone was crushed by Wei Feng, and strands of blue energy was instantly absorbed into Wei Feng’s brain.

This energy is like using a cannon aimed at the layer of fog – this fog will break in just a few hits.


As soon as the blue energy entered the brain domain, [Ruined Symbol] floated up, absorbing all the energy in a single swoop.

Wei Feng: …


[NOTICE: [Ruined Symbol] has been activated.]

Wei Feng felt helpless.

Could it be that [Ruined Symbol] was taking the oath of sovereignty?

Wei Feng shook his head.

Now that [Ruined Symbol] is activated, Wei Feng used it.

In about ten seconds, the 7th layer of fog corroded into nothing, and the brain domain was expanded.


[NOTICE: You have successfully broken into the 7th layer of your brain. Your spirit power has increased.]

After a beep sounded, Wei Feng remained silent.

Wei Feng waited for a while and was a little disappointed. After the 7th layer of fog was broken into, no forbidden items were born.

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