In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 55


Chapter 55: Energy of the Flesh
After the 7th layer of fog was broken, his spirit power improved.

The difference isn’t that noticeable – especially since Wei Feng has a spirit power value of over 20000.

Currently, Wei Feng’s three attributes are: Strength, 26560; Agility, 23940; Spirit Power, 23510.

One pm.

With Spirit Hog’s special perception, Wei Feng found several good items.

He found a few [Striped Berries] used to make PCG Series of medicine and [Blue Worm Eggs] used to make PCE Series of medicine.


The Spirit Hog laid on Wei Feng’s left shoulder, and pointed its small paw to a dense bush 200 metres ahead, to the right.

From the information conveyed by Spirit Hog, Wei Feng could tell that behind the dense bush, was a hidden cave with a lot of soft gold in it!

However, Spirit Hog also warned that there were always many humans in that cave.

Wei Feng was a little surprised.

Could this be the works of a certain force in Yancheng, or the official Federation?

Wei Feng intends to take a look anyways.

As he approached the cave, crisp sounds of mining could be heard from the cave.

The sound wasn’t very loud, and it was very messy – this means many people were inside mining for soft gold.

Wei Feng hid behind the bushes, and found that the entrance of the cave was guarded.

A young man in his twenties with a pickaxe in his hand, leaned to the left of the cave while smoking a cigarette.

He doesn’t look like a guard – he was probably a miner who came out to take a break.

Wei Feng let the Wolf King knock him unconscious, then he used [Abyss Peek] to probe his stats.

[Exploration Panel]

Target: Human

Age: 25

Level: Intermediate Beast Master

Strength: 21

Agility: 16

Spirit Power: 54

Royal Beast: Level 2 Secluded Wolf, Level 4 Saber-Toothed Tiger.

After finding out the specific attributes of the man, Wei Feng dragged him into the bushes, took off his clothes, and put it on.

“Illusion time!”

Moon-white light bathed Wei Feng’s body, and his body shape and appearance began to undergo huge changes.

In a moment’s notice, Wei Feng completely transformed into the same young man who was lying unconscious before him.

His appearance, body, and even voice!

“Wait here. I’ll take a look inside,” he said, as he picked up the pickaxe.

The cave was deeper than what he imagined – after entering for about fifty metres, there were real guards guarding the entrance.

There are two guards in total – one of them looks scrawny, but standing next to him was a Level 8 Shadow Demon!

He walked past the guards, then turned left – Wei Feng saw bright lights and miners who were struggling to brandish their tools.

Wei Feng walked over, and a middle-aged man immediately shouted to him, “Xiao Zhang, why have you been smoking for so long?! Hurry up and dig, I need to poop!”


Wei Feng quickly responded and walked towards the man.

He passed by two large boxes and glanced inside – one of the boxes was almost full of soft gold.

“Quickly!” The middle-aged man impatiently dropped his tools and began walking out.

Wei Feng had no choice but to take his place and started to mine.

Now, he wants to find out who these miners work for.

Not too far away, two miners were chatting in a low voice, but Wei Feng could hear everything.

They mentioned the “Zhao Consortium” and “Xingyuan Industry”.

Wei Feng knew what Zhao Consortium was – it is one of the largest consortiums in Yancheng, even larger than Angel Mall. In a way, it is more influential than Angel Mall.

Xingyuan Industry is a processing industry, co-operated by Zhao’s Consortium and the Wang family, and they mainly do business in royal beast supplies.

It seems that the mining team works for these two.

After understanding it clearly, Wei Feng began his plan.

Although soft gold is precious, it is not easy to carry. Wei Feng took a fancy to the glowing stones in another box.

He conveyed the news to the Wolf King telepathically, then picked up his pickaxe and walked towards the two guards.

A Level 8 Shadow Demon, a Level 7 Horned Lion – he wanted to see if he could best them in combat.

“Hey there! I want to ask whether-”


Wei Feng approached them as if he had something to ask, and swung his pickaxe abruptly. Due to the huge force, the blunt pickaxe pierced through the Shadow Demon’s body in one clean swoop.




Thunder Bird flew in, and arcs of electricity burst within the cave – the battle was over.

The sudden change made the miners petrified – none of them dared to resist Wei Feng, and squatted on the grounds with their heads tucked in their arms.

Wei Feng found a backpack lying around, and put all the glowing stones in – he also loaded about five kilograms of soft gold, filling the backpack with about half of it, then turned to leave.

Before leaving, Wei Feng learnt that the name of the young man who he impersonated.

Zhang Ershan.

Out of the mine, Thunder Bird was dragging the body of the horned lion out.

Half an hour later, Wei Feng found a water pool and cleansed the horned lion’s body. Then, he set up a fire and barbecued it.

It took three hours before the horned lion was fully cooked.

It was slightly charred – its meat was sweet and delicious.

Wei Feng was also hungry, so he tore off a piece of the horned lion’s meat and ate it.

The taste was strong – a comfortable heat went straight to his abdomen, making him feel at home.

Just as Wei Feng was eating, a prompt sounded.


[NOTICE: [Energy of the Flesh] – Increases the Power of Control by 1%.]

[NOTICE: Progress of [Energy of the Flesh] – 1%.]

Wei Feng was surprised – after eating a few mouthfuls of Royal Beast meat, he could increase his own power by 1%.

Had he known it earlier…

Wei Feng couldn’t help but wipe off the grease on his hands. At least it wasn’t too late.

In addition, this ability seemed very powerful.

Energy of the Flesh – 1%. Effect: When 100% progress is achieved, you can strengthen yourself in all attributes once. [NOTE: This can only be drawn from biological flesh of Level 4 beasts or higher. The higher the rank, the more energy obtained.]

This is crazy!

This just encourages Wei Feng to devour more powerful creatures – as long as he obtains 100% progress, he can strengthen himself once.

This is great!

Wei Feng sighed. He missed out on a lot!

“Hey! You two, don’t eat so much! Leave some for me.” Wei Feng started to shove meat into his mouth and grabbed some from the Wolf King.


At 6:30pm, Wei Feng left Mount Soft Gold.

He unsummoned the Wolf King, Thunder Bird, and Spirit Hog. Wei Feng, carrying a heavy backpack, trailed behind two adventurers who also left Mount Soft Gold to a place not far away – a station.

From the south gate of Yancheng to here, it is about 16 kilometres.

This station is set up specially for these adventurers in Yancheng – the specially modified mountain bike can take a person safely from the station to the south gate of Yancheng for only 50 yuan per person!

Wei Feng paid fifty yuan and followed a dozen people into the small carriage space – in about twenty minutes, a carload of people arrived at the south gate of Yancheng.

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