In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 56


Chapter 56: Plan
Outside the south gate of Yancheng, there was a long line of people – they seemed to be screened before entering the city.

Wei Feng followed everyone out of the car, and the people were confused.

“What’s going on?”

“Huh? Why do we have to queue and be screened?!”

“Shh! Those are security guards from the Zhao family, the Wang family, and Angel Mall! Keep your voice down.”

A fat man who was in the car with Wei Feng shrunk himself in fear when the Zhao family was mentioned.

Wei Feng whispered to the man, “Brother, why do you look so startled?”

Almost a dozen people in the same car were curious, and huddled near the fat man too.

This scared the man even more, and he waved everyone away, “Don’t come near me! We need to spread out; spread out!”

The tiny crowd dispersed, and the man explained, “Last night, something big happened in the city – someone broke through the city walls and escaped!”


Everyone was shocked and turned their heads to the pillar of light on the city wall.

Everyone knows that the pillar of light is extremely dangerous.

There was once a Level 9 Phoenix who tried to infiltrate into Yancheng, but was sliced in half by the laser beam!

And the pillar of light is only one of two major defence systems of the city – there were many powerful thermal cannons on the wall.

However, this unknown person forcibly broke through these two defences!

If this person is that powerful, wouldn’t it mean that the city they live in isn’t safe anymore?

“Listen up, it’s not safe in Yancheng these days – it’s better for everyone to mind their own business and keep away from the elites of the city,” the man advised.

They returned to the queue, and the line was shorter now.

Wei Feng could recognise a few people in front of the line.

“Hmph! If I meet that stupid man again, I have to take a picture of him and expose him to the news!” A crisp, angry voice sounded.

Wei Feng instantly knew who it was.

It was the girl from the family he rescued this morning who forced him to compensate for her injured beast.

“My sister, you’ve been complaining the entire day,” the young man behind her said helplessly.

“I don’t care! He wasn’t wearing any clothes anyways! He is a pervert! You can’t stop me!” she shouted.

Wei Feng: …


Hey! I was wearing boxers, I wasn’t naked! He thought to himself.

Wei Feng wanted to go forward to argue, but decided that it was wise to stay in line.

“Hurry up!”

Under the tall city gate, there were a dozen security guards who held various instruments and pistols. They were screening each person who entered the city.

It was Wei Feng’s turn.

“What’s your name?” a security guard asked.

“…Zhang Ershan.”

Wei Feng answered, and the guard swiped Wei Feng’s face with an instrument.

A beep could be heard. “ENTER.”

“Alright. Next!”


Wei Feng smiled. The Wolf King’s ability [Transformation] was really too powerful.

Even special equipment can’t detect him.

“Wait! Young man, return!”

Wei Feng was about to leave, but the security guard stopped him, “What’s in your backpack?”

The security guard wanted to check his backpack!

Wei Feng wasn’t nervous though. He put down the backpack and opened it.

The pungent smell of mud.

In the backpack, there were beautiful stones covered in mud and dirt.

“Decorative stones,” Wei Feng said.

The security guard frowned. “Ah, why didn’t you wash the mud off first?”

Wei Feng answered, “Aha! My friend, this mud contains special ingredients from the Restricted Area – and these stones prove that I dug it out from the Restricted Area! They will sell well! I’ll eat good tonight!”

The security guard was surprised, and waved him away, “Alright, I get it! Next!”

Wei Feng zipped up the backpack and continued saying, “Don’t you want one? I can sell you one for 200 yuan!”

“I don’t want it! Leave!”

The security guard took a step back, for fear that Wei Feng might really give him a piece.


Wei Feng shook his head, and walked towards the city.

The security guard returned to the city gate, and shook his head at the other security guard, “Nope.”

Entering the city, Wei Feng glanced at the thermal cannon at the city wall and the pillar of light. He shook his head.

Earlier in the morning, he broke through the city wall, and came back impersonating somebody else. This was actually all planned by him last night.

After the battle with the tabooist, Wei Feng knew that it wouldn’t end like this.

He speculates that there isn’t just one Level 10 tabooist in the city.

Had he remained in the city, then there may be enough tabooists who can destroy him.

So, he intends to create an illusion – an illusion of him escaping from the city.

Utilizing the Wolf King’s [Transformation] ability, he speculates that the tabooists will think that he escaped the city.

If someone risks their life to flee the city, then they will definitely not return under normal circumstances.

This is normal logic.

Wei Feng has always intended to return – he wants to live an honest life, and he thinks that it is impossible to survive in the wild.

After all, he is just human. He cannot survive like a wild beast every day.

However, after a day outside, he had a new understanding of the outside world.

He also made new plans.

Eight forty.

Wei Feng entered the city, then came to a hotel called Qingshui Pavilion – he stated a room number, and after the bellboy confirmed it, he followed the bellboy to a single room on the 3rd floor.

He pushed the door and entered – there was a woman sitting in the back of the room.


Ling Xiaoxiao looked at the strange man who barged in her room.

“It’s me.”

As Wei Feng spoke, his body made a muffled sound, and morphed back to his original appearance.

Ling Xiaoxiao was surprised to see this, she didn’t expect Wei Feng to have this shapeshifting ability!

It isn’t a simple disguise either, it completely changes his body shape!

Wei Feng stretched his arms and legs and sat down. He immediately asked Ling Xiaoxiao, “So? Did I trick everyone?”

Ling Xiaoxiao nodded with admiration in her eyes, “It worked very well, you led more than half of the people out the city – but I didn’t expect you to break through the city defence!”

Wei Feng’s plan was to break through the city gate and its defence system – it was a hasty decision, but the effect was worth it.

“Well, was it fun outside the city? Did you go to Restricted Area No. 69?” she asked.


Wei Feng nodded and sipped some water. “It’s definitely not what I imagined, and it’s definitely not what people describe it as.”

He continued. “It isn’t that dangerous outside – I feel that it’s safer outside compared to the city.”

Ling Xiaoxiao: …

Did he really say that it isn’t dangerous outside?

She couldn’t believe him.

Maybe it isn’t dangerous for him, but others may die without even knowing how they died.

The power dynamic between him and ordinary people is too jarring.

Even the city defence system couldn’t stop him, is he really a human?

Ling Xiaoxiao sipped some water too, and calmed her excitement. She looked at Wei Feng with a serious expression.

After spending so many days with him, she knew very little about him.

Can Power of Control really make a person this powerful?

Ling Xiaoxiao couldn’t believe it.

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