In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 57


Chapter 57: Target
“What’s in the backpack?” Ling Xiaoxiao asked, pointing to the backpack.

“Oh! I was just about to tell you!” Wei Feng then got up and picked up the backpack.

“Well, is it some special product from the Restricted Area? I heard that the mountain is rich in soft gold, did you dig some?”


Wei Feng was a little surprised – it seems like Ling Xiaoxiao was more curious than the average person.

Wei Feng warned her, “I think it’s better for you to step away for a moment – in order to smuggle these into the city, I had to put some other… things on it.”

“It’s okay! What do you take me for? I am not that kind of woman!” Ling Xiaoxiao shrugged it off, not willing to step bacl.

Wei Feng had no choice but to open the backpack.


Ling Xiaoxiao almost vomited.

“My god!”

Ling Xiaoxiao covered her nose and ran to the opposite side of the room, “What did you put inside? Is it feces? You’re crazy!”

Wei Feng: !

When Wei Feng found these stones, they were indeed already covered in mud mixed with animal feces.

Wei Feng poured the contents of the backpack out on the floor.

There were delicate sounds of crashing – small sparkly stones rolled onto the ground.

Wei Feng didn’t know what stone it was – he tried to absorb it, but couldn’t.

Wei Feng put aside the stones used as a disguise for these small sparkly stones, then used a clean basin of water to wash the tiny stones.

“Oh! Power Stones!”

Ling Xiaoxiao immediately recognised them.

“A power stone is used to power up the energy in thermal weapons!” she explained.

“I see.”

Wei Feng was slightly surprised. No wonder he couldn’t absorb it – the energy contained in forbidden items and energy used in thermal weapons are fundamentally different.

“Are these valuable?” Wei Feng asked.

Ling Xiaoxiao glanced at him, “It is very valuable! Because the city defence systems are also powered by these stones!”

This made Wei Feng more surprised.

“Well, I have a plan now, let’s discuss.” Wei Feng said.

After seeing the various resources in the outside world, Wei Feng understood what to do.

He finally discovered [Energy of the Flesh] despite being in this world for so long.

Compared to using forbidden items and Power of Control, this ability is the easiest way to improve himself.

Wei Feng has always believed that you can eat as much as you want, and what you eat belongs to you.

He plans to cooperate with Ling Xiaoxiao.

Every day, like other adventurers of the outside world, he leaves early and returns late. He would obtain some resources outside, and takes them to Ling Xiaoxiao for her to sell.

He needs all kinds of medicine, beast-controlling weapons, and a diverse connection with other humans.

Ling Xiaoxiao had her own request, too.

Wei Feng has to bring her to the outside world once a month – no reason, she just wants to experience what it’s like being outside.

Wei Feng agreed, and their partnership was officially established.

Half past ten, the two left the hotel.

Wei Feng found another hotel to stay in. He washed up, and summoned the Wolf King and Thunder Bird to keep watch. He slept comfortably.

Early in the morning.

Wei Feng woke up early.

No matter the environment, Wei Feng never slacks off.

He trained his breathing methods and body forging methods for three times. He then washed up and changed into clean and fitted clothes and went downstairs for breakfast.

He saw a breakfast shop next door last night.

As Wei Feng was about to leave, a black car stopped at the door of the hotel, and Ling Xiaoxiao got out of the car and walked straight to the concierge.

“Did you withdraw your room yet?” she asked Wei Feng.

“Uh, no. Not yet,” he replied.

“Alright. Bring me to your room.” Ling Xiaoxiao then strutted and pulled Wei Feng into the elevator.

This scene made the concierge attendant stunned, “Oh, young people these days…”

Wei Feng heard her words in the elevator, and felt a little embarrassed.

They came to Wei Feng’s room, and she took off her coat and sat on the bed, “Ling Xu is here!”

“Ling Xu?”

Wei Feng looked at her, confused. She seemed anxious at the name.

“Yeah! Our Ling family lineage is the strongest, no, but definitely top three in terms of strength,” she rambled.

Wei Feng: !

“In my memory, everything about him was legendary and dazzling,” she said, with a bitter expression.

Wei Feng listened.

What she said surprised him.

“It seems like he’s attracted to you. He’s interested in the Power of Control.” Ling Xiaoxiao looked at him grimly. “He will enter Mount Soft Gold today. Kill him for me.”

Wei Feng: …

“If you kill him for me, I won’t take any of the share in our sales, never!” Ling Xiaoxiao was crazy.


Wei Feng was about to speak, but Ling Xiaoxiao interrupted, “He has an S-Tier Forbidden Item on him – he can activate two enhancement conditions at the same time! And he can use this on royal beasts too!”

Wei Feng: !!!

Eight thirty.

Wei Feng took the public transport to Restricted Area No. 69, recalling her words.

Something must have happened between Ling Xiaoxiao and Ling Xu.

However, Wei Feng didn’t want to kill him because of her, he wanted to kill him to obtain the S-Tier Forbidden Item!

20 minutes later.

The vehicle arrived, and Wei Feng also got off the car.

He couldn’t help but sigh.

He didn’t want to become a man who would do anything for money.

He tried to make excuses for himself, to find psychological comfort.

Ling Xu is looking for him, hunting for the Power of Control. What would happen if this power fell on the other party’s hands?

He came up with the above excuse, and had no regrets or burden anymore.


He took a deep breath, ready to enter the mountain.

Today’s meeting is fateful, and so is your death!

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