In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 58


Chapter 58: Level 10 Scarlet Flame Tiger!
From being stalked several times, Wei Feng speculates that the other party should be able to detect [Power of Control] in some way.

However, this detection method doesn’t seem that accurate – it can only detect an estimate location.

This means that his approximate location will be exposed!

Before this, Wei Feng would be a little worried and scared.

But now, he doesn’t feel that way.

Maybe he’s maturing!

From hiding to direct confrontation, Wei Feng knew what he needed to do.

This world isn’t as peaceful as he thought it was – avoiding and hiding is merely a manifestation of fear and cowardice in the eyes of the powerful.

In this world where the strong devour the weak; as an ordinary man who was forced into this world, it is normal to be afraid.

This has nothing to do with their strength, but their mentality.

There has to be a time to process the trauma.

And when that time passes, one would start fighting back, and even want to gain benefits!

Restricted Area No. 69 seems extraordinarily active today.

Wei Feng walked a short distance to the left – when he was about to summon the Wolf King and Thunder Bird, he saw a few silver-black vehicles parked outside the mountain.

In addition, there were also four armored vehicles, all covered in steel, including the wheels of the car.

Wei Feng glanced at the vehicles – the owners of these vehicles have already entered the mountain.

He switched directions and summoned the Wolf King, Thunder Bird, and Spirit Hog. He then stepped into the Restricted Area.

Today, he carries a backpack and a metal axe.

There are several bags of calorie-dense food, as well as emergency medicine.

At the foot of the mountain, Wei Feng found a trail and started to trek the mountain.

Mount Soft Gold only has a 15-degree incline, so it is somewhat flat. From a distance, it looks like a mountain range.

Although Mount Soft Gold was more crowded today, Wei Feng didn’t see a single person for half an hour of walking.

On such a big mountain, even if there were hundreds of people, it is like ants that are scattered – there is a high chance of not encountering anyone.

Of course, it is different if someone is already waiting for you.

They reached Gourd Mouth, which is a key location of Mount Soft Gold.

It is interesting.

Like a gourd, some parts of the ground bulge out, and some are concave in the middle. This makes it very convenient to walk on.

Almost all adventurers who trek the mountain know this location, because passing through here saves at least half an hour of time.

Wei Feng passed by here yesterday, so he too, knows this location.


The Wolf King sniffed the air and warned, “Master, there are Level 10 beasts here.”

Level 10!

Although he expected it, Wei Feng was a little surprised hearing the Wolf King confirm it.

“How many are there?” he asked.

The Wolf King replied, “Only one. It should be the Scarlet Flame Tiger.”


As soon as he finished speaking, a roar sounded from the front of them.

Wei Feng felt the air getting hot.

A Level 10 royal beast… if he devours it, how much energy would he get?

Wei Feng thought to himself.


Thunder Bird perched himself on Wei Feng’s shoulders.

His body arcs with electricity, “Then, leave the other five Level 9 beasts to me!”

Wei Feng: !

There were five Level 9 beasts?

Just how many creatures are there?

It seems that his opponent was well prepared to wear him out.

Five Level 9 beasts can certainly take on a Level 10 beast.

However, they obviously did not take into account Wei Feng’s own strength!

Ten minutes later.

Wei Feng reached the flat terrain at Gourd Mouth.

The atmosphere has changed.

The surroundings were eerily quiet, not even the chirp of a bird could be heard.

Even the unique aura of a Restricted Area couldn’t suppress the aura of rage emanating from this location.

Six young men were standing under a big tree and chatting.

The Scarlet Flame Tiger was resting on a large rock in the middle of Gourd Mouth, and it was equipped with Royal Beast Armor.

A troll, covered in black armor, carried a large axe over three metres long on his shoulders.

An elf, leaning gracefully on a tree trunk, donning light armor and carrying a longbow in his hand.

There is also a Lava Giant, a Shadow Demon, and a Fire Poison Spider, all dressed in Beast Armor standing around Gourd Mouth.


Hearing Wei Feng, all six entities looked over – one of them, a young man with red hair and ear studs greeted Wei Feng.

“So, you are the one with the Power of Control?” The young man asked, with a smile on his face. “Great. Let’s make it quick – I’m here to kill you! Hahaha!”

This man was filled with arrogance and wildness.

In Wei Feng’s perspective, it was obvious this man has never lost in life – if he was spoiled, then this would be easy!

“Getting two Level 10 beasts easily, this Power of Control is indeed something extraordinary! I want it!” A young man wearing white said, an inexplicable sense of confidence laced in his voice.

Wei Feng glanced at him.

He was about 1.9 metres tall with a perfect body shape – his appearance rivals Wei Feng himself!

“You must be Ling Xu?” Wei Feng asked.

“Yours truly.”

He nodded, the corner of his mouth curling up, “I heard that you and Ling Xiaoxiao are close – how is she? I bet having a woman like her must be delicious, right?”

Wei Feng: …

“You talk too much.”

Wei Feng was silent for a bit before replying.

In the face of someone born with a sense of superiority, he could not help but feel inferior.

He wanted to make himself angry, and channel this anger to fight.

He didn’t want to chat any longer with these guys, and fight!

Against a person like this, fists do most of the talking.

When you crush his crutches, his arrogance and self-confidence will crumble instantly.

The higher you are, the greater you fall!


Wei Feng ordered.


Thunder Bird came in a ball of electricity, and with a single caw, thick arcs of electricity struck Ling Xu.


The Scarlet Flame Tiger roared, and stood up – like a wall of fire, it shielded Ling Xu from the arcs of electricity.

Electricity lingered around the tiger before fading away.

This tiger is very strong!

Wei Feng retreated slightly – he wanted to peer into the attributes and abilities of the tiger to counter it.


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