In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 59


Chapter 59: I Love Fights Like These!

Wei Feng frowned.

The information on the Scarlet Flame Tiger was completely blank!

The other party has the ability to hide information between himself and his beast, even those with a high Spirit Power won’t be able to detect anything!


Ling Xu snorted and stepped back.

The red-haired young man stepped forward, and put on a strange posture, “Dark Demon, chop up that bird for me!”


The troll threw its big axe and it swirled towards Thunder Bird.


Thunder Bird flapped its wings, and rushed into the sky – it then surrounded itself in electricity and swooped down.


The electricity exploded, and Thunder Bird stretched out its claws, pinning the troll to the ground and pushed.

In an instant, a deep pit of more than ten metres deep was formed.


A dark green arrow shot out, and pierced the left wing of Thunder Bird – a string of blood could be seen.


Thunder Bird shouted in pain – he tried to fly into the air, but the poison on the wound spread rapidly, instantly making Thunder Bird weak.


Thunder Bird fell from the sky, and the Lava Giant smashed it with a punch, blasting Thunder Bird out of the mountain.

Wei Feng frowned.

The strength of these Level 9 beasts is strong, and with their teamwork, Thunder Bird is in trouble.

The arrows shot by the elf are laced with poison from the spider too!


Thunder Bird covered itself in electricity, and the dark green poison was forced out from its left wing.

As a Level 10 beast, how could it fall so easily?

However, those Level 9 beasts did not intend to let go of Thunder Bird that easily.

The Shadow Demon phased to the left side of Thunder Bird, and used a dagger imbued with cold light to stab Thunder Bird’s eyes!

“Watch out!”

Wei Feng was tracing the Shadow Demon’s movements, and seeing that Thunder Bird was in danger, he burned with anger. He held his metal axe and jumped up and slashed at the Shadow Demon.

The Shadow Demon didn’t expect Wei Feng to be that quick – it could sense the power within the axe, and used its dagger to block the incoming attack.


The metal axe in Wei Feng’s hand shattered.

The fragments of the blade lashed out, two fragments plunged into the Shadow Demon’s body, and one plunged into Wei Feng.

Wei Feng couldn’t help but remember what the owner of the weapon shop said when he bought this axe.

“My metal axe would never break! If it breaks, come back here! I’ll replace it for you!”

Perhaps the owner never received a bad review.


Thunder Bird chirped, and a lightning bolt spewed out of its mouth to knock the Shadow Demon out.

However, the Shadow Demon was unscathed.

The Beast Armor absorbed the lightning and most of the impact.

“Master! Are you alright?! I’ll help you get the shards out!” Thunder Bird disregarded his own injury, and shielded Wei Feng with a cleansing burst of electricity, and forced the axe shards out of his body.

A streak of moonlight blessed Wei Feng, and the wound was sealed immediately.

[Blossom of the Silver Moon] not only increases all attributes by 100%, but also doubles his healing speed.

Wei Feng’s strength has reached more than 52000.

Violent power surges through his body, his anger intensified.

Looking at the Level 9 beasts surrounding him, Wei Feng chuckled maniacally.

“Let’s make this fair.”

[Summon: Wolf King]!

Wei Feng casted this ability, and streaks of moonlight fell on Mount Soft Gold.

This is the Wolf King’s core ability!

Both Wei Feng and the Wolf King casted this ability.

The Wolf King can summon five Level 9 silver moon priest, ten Level 8 ghost wolf guards, and twenty Level 7 blood wolf warriors!

This adds thirty-five allies!

If you add Wei Feng’s part…

One Level 9 silver moon sacrifice, five Level 8 ghost wolf guards, ten Level 7 blood wolf warriors.

Another sixteen!

The entire Gourd Mouth was filled with wolves.

The silver moon priests led the wolf warriors to surround the Level 9 beasts.

At this time…

Ling Xu, who was watching behind the big tree, was dumbfounded.

Things are going way out of hand now.

Wei Feng, with a hint of rage, roared, “Tear them apart!”



The silver moon sacrifice is a female wolf of the Silver Moon Wolf Clan.

Although they are mother wolves, their combat power is not weak at all! After all, they are Level 9 beasts!

And there is a reason why there are Silver Moon Priests.

The priests can use the power of the moon to bless other wolves, increasing all attributes of the wolf warriors by 10%.

In addition, they can perform rituals to activate [Inspire]!


The group of wolves went crazy.


The lava giant punched – even if it was armed, it couldn’t even make the Silver Moon Priest flinch.


The elf tried to break through the siege, but was mauled by two wolves, and more wolves rushed up to pile on him.


The troll swung a giant axe and slashed a blood wolf, but a powerful palm grabbed the handle of the axe.


Wei Feng grabbed the handle of the axe with one hand, and with a single hand gesture, a bolt of lightning struck out, sending the troll flying.

The troll was dumbfounded.

What’s going on?

Isn’t that the beast master?

How can he be that strong?

Why can he use lightning? And why is it as strong as the Thunder Bird?

“I got another axe!”

Wei Feng held the troll’s battle axe, which was frighteningly powerful.

He found the Shadow Demon, and slashed at it.

The Shadow Demon was snared by the Silver Moon Priest at the time, and when it looked up, all it saw was an axe falling on its head.


The Shadow Demon was split from head to toe.

The lava giant next to the Shadow Demon was splattered by the Shadow Demon’s blood, and fear engulfed it.


Thunder Bird felt that the poison was overtaking him.



The elf was being mauled by the wolves, and kept making shrill screams.

Even the most elegant of beasts scream like a pig when brought down to its knees.

Wei Feng stood in the middle of the wolf pack, like royalty.

He looked towards the distance.

The Wolf King activated his Silver Moon Domain, and the Scarlet Flame Tiger activated his own domain as well.

They seem evenly matched – neither party are willing to let up.

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