In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 60


Chapter 60: S-Tier Forbidden Item [Lush Forest]
The stalemate was soon interrupted.

Wei Feng held his battle axe and Thunder Bird swooped down with [Electricity Field].


Thunder Bird opened his mouth, spewing electricity, but it was dodged.

However, Wei Feng who was on the opposite side, caught the thunder bolt, and reflected an even stronger thunder bolt, bolting towards the tiger.

The Wolf King’s claws, blessed with moonlight, slashed at the tiger.

The tiger switched its focus onto the Wolf King, but it underestimated Wei Feng’s electricity.


Electricity pierced through the Scarlet Flame domain, and arced towards the tiger – its fur exploded, and its flesh burnt – the impact sending it flying.

Thunder Bird swooped down, its sharp claws piercing the tiger – blood spurted out.

The Wolf King followed up its attack swiftly, slapping the tiger.


With a muffled sound, the tiger’s head was twisted ninety degrees with a single slap.

This fatal blow caused the tiger to stop struggling.


With a pitiful roar, the Scarlet Flame Tiger fell.

The Wolf King stepped forward and continued bashing the tiger to make sure it was dead.

The young people who stood at the tree were struck with fear, their faces pale as snow.

Wei Feng glanced at the group, and the arrogant red-haired young man fell to the floor.

The smell of blood permeated the air of Gourd Mouth.

Ling Xu was pale as well – now that his royal beast is dead, he’s next. Fear struck his body.

“Any last words?”

Wei Feng stepped in front of Ling Xu, smiling.

The battle axe he was carrying was more than three metres long and was dripping with blood. He was like a war god.

Before Ling Xu could reply, the red-haired young man crawled over and kneeled at Wei Feng’s feet, “Please don’t kill me – I have money, I’ll give you anything, please-”


With a single swipe, the red-haired man was decapitated.

Blood splattered out like a fountain, dyeing Ling Xu’s white shirt crimson.

Wei Feng could see that Ling Xu’s body was trembling, eyes full of terror.

“Answer me! Any last words?!”

Wei Feng’s voice was calm, but filled with authority.



He didn’t let him finish, and beheaded him.

Wei Feng’s heart was beating intensely, and his fingers were trembling.

The other four were trembling, and begging for forgiveness. Their arrogant demeanour was long gone.

The Wolf King stepped forward, but Wei Feng stopped him.

“Let me deal with it.”

Wei Feng’s heart was pounding.

He knew he was about to be filled with psychological trauma; this is killing another human being after all!

However, this is a dog-eat-dog world. Kill or be killed.



One slash follows another slash – these beast masters were useless without their beasts.

“Master! Look! A forbidden item!”

The Wolf King pointed out.

Wei Feng threw his battle axe to a side and looked at Ling Xu’s headless body.

A small green tree was growing out of his body.

Green lights floated out from his corpse and formed into this small tree, making branches and leaves grow.

Wei Feng was a little excited.

This must be the S-Tier Forbidden Item that Ling Xiaoxiao described. It has two strengthening condition that can be used on royal beasts!

This might be worth the killing.


A gust of hot wind filled the air, and Wei Feng looked up.

In the air, a big bird with brightly colored feathers swooped down.


Thunder Bird retaliated by flapping its wings and charged with lightning.

However, the big bird didn’t care about Thunder Bird, and rammed into Thunder Bird. Two people jumped off the big bird, and one rushed towards the Wolf King, and the other to Ling Xu’s corpse.

“Don’t you dare!”

Wei Feng was furious – the other party just snatched the forbidden item in front of him.

The effects of [Silver Moon Blossom] has not faded yet – Wei Feng raised his hand, blessing him with electricity and moonlight, and gave the man a big slap.


The slap was imbued with moonlight and lightning – the impact made Thunder Bird’s eyes widen.

Wei Feng did not expect this.

The man who rushed forward was horrified.

They are both tabooists, but he has not absorbed the power of the last beast, so his current strength was that of a Level 8 beast.

They were in the sky scouting, so they didn’t understand how powerful Wei Feng was.

They were just here to snatch the forbidden item away!

What about this powerful man here?

Is this a power a beast master could possess?

A Level 10 tabooist is just like this!

The Level 8 tabooists could only choke out two words: “Damn it!”


Electricity pierced through its body like an explosion.


When a beast master dies, the beast will be attacked by the master’s spirit power – with the spirit power of this Level 8 tabooist…

It died on the spot!

The other tabooist was frightened, and turned to flee.

Wei Feng did not allow him to.

Wei Feng is filled with bloodlust. He needs to teach these people a lesson.


Thunder Bird swooped down and intercepted the tabooist, and the Wolf King transformed into a ball of silver light, and focused all of his power onto his right paw.

After catching up to the tabooist, the Wolf King slammed its paw down.


This claw is destructive – even with the tabooist’s own abilities, it all shattered under his claw. His body instantly shattered into pools of blood.



The Wolf King’s breathing was heavy, and Wei Feng found that his fur was not as shiny as before.

This attack must have consumed a lot of the Wolf King’s power.

Wei Feng felt distressed.

Turning around, Wei Feng looked at the tree growing out of Ling Xu’s body.

He has to get it now, or this massacre would be not worth it.

He extended his palm and grabbed it.


[NOTICE: To obtain S-Tier Forbidden Item [Lush Forest], you would need to sacrifice.]


Wei Feng frowned, then walked over to the Scarlet Flame Tiger’s corpse.

After touching the corpse, a prompt sounded.


[NOTICE: The attributes of [Lush Forest] will change when the Level 10 Scarlet Flame Tiger is sacrificed.]

A wisp of flame-like energy was extracted from the corpse, and spread along Wei Feng’s body.

[Lush Forest] overflowed with green energy, and was absorbed by Wei Feng’s body.

A continuous prompt sounded in his brain.


[NOTICE: Energy of the Flesh increased! Current progress: 2%, 3%, 4%…]

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