In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 61


Chapter 61: Energy of the Flesh; All Attributes +10000!
The prompt in his brain was continuously ringing; his [Energy of the Flesh] kept progressing: 21%, 22%, 23%…

The energy sapped from the Scarlet Flame Tiger was crimson red, and coursed itself through Wei Feng’s arm; there was a slight burning sensation as well.

[Lush Forest] was also coursing through his body – bright, green spots were getting absorbed into his body.

It was like a small tree growing within Wei Feng’s body – first the trunk, then the branches, then the leaves.

The energy sapped from the Scarlet Flame Tiger was fuelling the tree’s growth.

It was like a small tree absorbing nutrients and growing.

The lush green of the tree, while absorbing the energy from the tiger, slowly changed its colour.

It isn’t red, nor dark green – it transformed into a reddish brown, like the maple colour found in the late autumn. It was beautiful.


[NOTICE: Energy of the Flesh has reached 100%.]

The small tree growing within Wei Feng’s body had completely changed as well – it was no longer dark green, but brownish red.

It was as if the tree had its roots penetrating Wei Feng’s legs; its branches and leaves stretching into Wei Feng’s arms; the trunk running across his body, and the canopy of the tree reaching into his brain.

Wei Feng could clearly feel it, but it didn’t faze him.


[NOTICE: You have obtained an S-Tier Forbidden Item!]

[NOTICE: The energy within [Lush Forest] has transformed.]

[NOTICE: [Lush Forest] has been transformed into [Crown of the Red Maple].]

[NOTICE: [Crown of the Red Maple] has been activated.]

Wei Feng opened his eyes, joy flashing in his eyes.

It really was worth it.

Not to mention, he successfully obtained the forbidden items he was looking for, and his Energy of the Flesh has reached 100%.

This energy can be used to strengthen him, and he was looking forward to it.

After calming down, Wei Feng looked at the headless corpses of the two tabooists.

To become a tabooist, one must have a forbidden item on them.

Under normal circumstances, after a person dies, the forbidden items in their body will be ejected from their body.

However, there weren’t any forbidden items ejected from the two tabooist’s body, which surprised Wei Feng.

He tried to scourge for the forbidden items on their corpses, but there were no system prompts.

In the end, Wei Feng had no choice but to give up his search.

However, from their corpses, he found some good items.

These three bottles of azure blue potions should be the ACE Series Medicines, but one of them was slightly damaged, leaving only half of the liquid.

Three pieces of ordinary quality jade bone essence, and five pieces of rare jade bone essence.

This surprised Wei Feng.

After looting some of the belongings, Wei Feng ordered Thunder Bird to grab the giant bird’s body and left the area.

The energy from the Scarlet Flame Tiger has been fully absorbed by Wei Feng. However, he didn’t want to devour humanoid royal beasts like the troll and the shadow demon, let alone the poisonous spider and the elf.

And it is impossible to devour the lava giant.

So, this giant bird was all he had.

He found a lake, and skewered the bird with the three-metre-long battle axe. He then roasted it over a fire.

He didn’t have much resources, so he didn’t bother seasoning it. As long as he could eat it.

While roasting the bird, Wei Feng sat aside, ready to utilise his Energy of the Flesh.

After it reaches the progress of 100%, it can no longer store or increase power. Hence, he wants to use it now. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to extract the energy from the giant bird.

The method of using it was simple – just think of it, then give a command.


As soon as Wei Feng ordered, it was as if countless small atomic bombs were set off in his body.

Every single cell within his body was exploding with energy.

Wei Feng’s muscles were physically expanding, and his height was increasing too!

Wei Feng’s height was about 1.8 metres before, but now he has quickly exceeded 1.9 metres!

Strength, agility, spirit power are all greatly increasing.

Wei Feng couldn’t help but be surprised. He didn’t expect that this effect would be so powerful – it even made him grow a bit!

In the end, Wei Feng hit the height of 1.95 metres.

His muscle gain were all very well-proportioned too. There is a perfect arc from top to bottom.


[NOTICE: Energy of the Flesh has been exhausted.]

[NOTICE: All attributes are increased by 10000.]

[NOTICE: Recovery abilities are doubled.]

Wei Feng was pleasantly surprised.

It was so powerful that it increased his attributes by 10000!

At this time, his attributes were Strength: 36562; Agility: 34030; Spirit Power: 33532.

Even though he underwent a big change, he didn’t feel any discomfort.

He just felt a little hungry.

Two hours later, the giant bird was fully cooked.

Three beasts feast on a bird.

Wei Feng found that his appetite skyrocketed.

The giant bird was devoured completely, leaving nothing but bones. Wei Feng successfully extracted 23% of the energy from the bird.

The higher the level of the Royal Beast, the higher the value of Energy of the Flesh.

At around 2pm, Wei Feng descended Mount Soft Gold.

When he returned to Gourd Mouth, he found that the corpses were removed from the scene, and the dead royal beasts were also taken away.

To Wei Feng’s surprise, their clothes were gone too.

Coming down from Mount Soft Gold, Wei Feng did not return to Yancheng. He found a clearing where there was no one, and summoned Dragon Ape, Dark Dragon’s Shadow, and Ice Giant.

Now that he has sufficient jade bone essence, his beasts can level up.

He prepared his Ice Giant.

However, when using [Crown of the Red Maple], something unexpected happened.

[Crown of the Red Maple] now has a fire attribute, so it can’t be used on the Ice Giant!

Wei Feng felt a little helpless.

It seems that he can only use the jade bone essence without imbuing it with the power from [Crown of the Red Maple].

Since his Ice Giant is unable to use [Crown of the Red Maple], then he will level up his Dragon Ape and Dark Dragon’s Shadow.

However, before Dark Dragon Shadow can level up further, it needs to be levelled up to Level 6 first.

And although Dragon Ape and Dark Dragon’s Shadow are beasts with special attributes, they seem to be special.

When Dragon Ape used [Absolute Zero] to level itself up, its core attributes were not affected. Therefore, it shouldn’t change anything.

Taking out the ACE Medicine, he poured it on the snowflake tattoo on himself.

After a while, a prompt sounded.


[NOTICE: [Absolute Zero] has been activated.]

The Dark Dragon’s Shadow was sitting on the ground; his heart a little excited.

Ever since Wei Feng obtained the Wolf King and Thunder Bird, he and the Dragon Ape has been stuck in the summoning space almost every day.

It was extremely sad for a creature with dragon blood like him.

Now that Wei Feng is finally going to help them level up, this arouses the pride in their hearts.

The two royal beasts who are telepathically connected were thinking in their hearts:

“I am a Dragon Ape with the blood of an ancient giant ape and a holy dragon – if I level up, I will use these fists of mine to break through every obstacle for my master!”

“I am the Dark Dragon’s Shadow, with the blood of the abyss demon and a dark demon – if I level up, I will kill everything that stands in the way of my master with my blade!”

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