In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 62


Chapter 62: Level 10 Dragon Ape

[NOTICE: [Absolute Zero] has been depleted.]

[NOTICE: [Dark Dragon’s Shadow] has been upgraded to Level 6.]

It only took 20 minutes for the Dark Dragon’s Shadow to level up.

After reaching Level 6, Dark Dragon’s Shadow core ability [Source of Agility] was also increased to 30%.

With this ten percent increase, Wei Feng’s agility has also increased by more than 2000.

Wei Feng then used [Crown of the Red Maple] to level up his Dragon Ape.

[Crown of the Red Maple] had previously absorbed all of the energy from the Level 10 Scarlet Flame Tiger – so, its two strengthening conditions contained massive energy.

If he used this to further upgrade his Wolf King, then it may break through Level 10, which is the most cost-effective.

But Wei Feng felt that he couldn’t favor one beast over the other, and he didn’t want his Dragon Ape and his Dark Dragon’s Shadow to be lacking in power.

Wei Feng let his Dragon Ape absorb the essence from the jade bone essence, then stretched out his right hand and pressed it on the Dragon Ape’s forehead.

“Here goes nothing.”

Wei Feng ordered, and a dazzling light erupted from his arm.

The Dragon Ape trembled involuntarily, but did not move.


As the overflowing energy entered its body, the Dragon Ape’s body began to transform – its joints shifted; its muscles were being moulded. Energy was coursing through its body.


The Dragon Ape let out a painful groan.

This process was always painful.

The stronger the power received, the greater the pain.

Wei Feng was surprised looking at the transformation.

The Jade Bone Essence improves the bone structure of a beast – this is an important requirement for all beasts to level up.

Another requirement is energy.

This energy is key in levelling up a beast – under normal circumstances, levelling up means using the power and potential stored in a beast.

However, this kind of levelling up relies entirely on the beast’s own energy and potential, which isn’t reliable.

In any world, this energy must be paid attention to – with Wei Feng’s [Energy of the Flesh], he can obtain power by devouring other royal beasts.

Power comes with a price.

Seedlings that grow only on water and soil are forever inferior to seedlings that have been fertilisers.

This is a principle that every living creature abides to.

Forbidden items can provide immense energy, so that when a beast levels up, the forbidden items can push it to a higher level.

As time passes, Wei Feng watched the Dragon Ape’s body double in size.

Ten minutes ago, a pure, white light lingered around the Dragon Ape – Wei Feng could vaguely make out the shape of a dragon surrounding the Dragon Ape’s body.

Wei Feng could feel the Dragon Ape’s bloodline coursing through his beast.

The changes were like day and night.


From the sky, a holy light showered upon the Dragon Ape, like a god had just descended upon mortal lands.

Wei Feng was also shrouded in his holy light – his body was warm, and energy was coursing through his own body.

The holy light continued to pour on them for half an hour; the Wolf King and Thunder Bird had already gone to patrol the surroundings to prevent unwanted guests from disturbing them.

Another half an hour passed, and two dragon horns sprouted from the Dragon Ape’s forehead!

Wei Feng was dumbfounded.

The Dragon’s Ape breath had obviously become thicker; its mere presence could make a person tremble.

It was still undergoing a transformation – its power had no boundaries, and its power grew without constraint.

This rate of increase in power made Wei Feng tremble as well.

Because his own attributes were skyrocketing as well!

Another half an hour passed, and the scene finally calmed down.

From beginning to end, the size of the Dragon Ape had doubled, but its head was always resting on Wei Feng’s hands.

Wei Feng released his grip, and a burst of power erupted within him.


[NOTICE: The enhancement condition of [Crown of the Red Maple] has been used. (1/2)]

[NOTICE: [Dragon Ape] has reached Level 9.]

[NOTICE: Dragon Ape’s bloodline of the Light Dragon and Ancient Giant Ape has reached 50%.]

[NOTICE: The Dragon Ape integrates the power from its bloodline, and obtains Level 10!]

[NOTICE: The strength attribute of [Source of Strength] has skyrocketed.]

A series of prompts sounded in his brain; his body was coursing with power.

Thunder Bird’s Body Forging Method has started to operate on its own – the thick arcs of electricity lingered and sparked around Wei Feng, as if he was leaking electricity.

Numbness was present in his flesh and blood, which made Wei Feng frown.

Every time his beasts level up, he is in danger as well.

This is something other ordinary Beastmasters will never understand.


The Dragon Ape let out a deafening roar.

The roar was so deafening that it had Wei Feng seeing two.

Its breath was violent as well, shaking the clearing around them.

Its aura was so great that it could humble and suppress anything around the area.

Wei Feng took a peek into the Dragon Ape’s attribute panel, and felt that his mind was going numb too.

That strength attribute was too scary!

[Royal Beast Panel]

Royal Beast: Dragon Ape

Level: Level 10

Attribute: Light

Strength: 120000 (+120000)

Agility: 60000 (+30000)

Spirit Power: 60000 (+30000)

Bloodline Power: 50%

Light Dragon’s Bloodline: 10% (initial awakening). An aura of suppression and majesty is present within the Dragon Ape. It is also resistance to similar effects.

Ancient Giant Ape’s Bloodline: 10% (initial awakening). The Dragon Ape’s attacks inflict terror and additional penetration.

Core Ability: [Source of Strength] – Dragon Ape has unparalleled growth in the strength attribute, with an additional 50% increase in strength.

[Absolute Rage] – The power of its bloodline erupts, driving it into a state of frenzy. While in a frenzy, strength is increased by 200%, agility increased by 150%, and spirit power increased by 100%. (Duration: 3500 seconds. After usage, all attributes will be decreased by 100% for 2 hours.)

[Field of Power] – The Dragon Ape forms a 500×500 are centered on itself. In the field, other royal beasts will be suppressed, equal to double the Dragon Ape’s own strength value.

[Dragon Ape’s Power] – Increases strength by 100%.

Its strength attribute was 120,000 + 120,000!

This power is crazy!

Wei Feng was speechless.

Its power was beyond imagination.

This made Wei Feng understand one thing – royal beasts that are part of a bloodline have an immeasurable growth rate.

Without the bloodline’s blessing, Thunder Bird was slightly weaker compared to the Wolf King.

Comparing with the Silver Moon’s bloodline within the Wolf King, it was no match to the Dragon bloodline and the Giant Ape bloodline within the Dragon Ape.

Now, Wei Feng is looking forward to the Dark Dragon’s Shadow.

It is the completely opposite of the Dragon Ape, so its properties were already predictable!

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