In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 63


Chapter 63: Level 10 Dark Dragon’s Shadow
An hour later, Wei Feng began to level up his Dark Dragon’s Shadow.

The sun was already setting; half of the sky was drowning in red.

The Dark Dragon’s Shadow knelt on the ground and lowered its head.

Seeing the Dragon Ape’s transformation, it was already beyond excited.

Becoming a human’s royal beast was worth it.

And it was very lucky to have a very strong master.

It also understands that both it and the Dragon Ape’s bloodline is incredibly strong, but if there are no good forbidden items to utilise, then they will not be able to utilise their bloodline’s power.

After all, it isn’t a direct descendant – some of the bloodline’s power has already long faded, and it is impossible to activate this power by normal means. It may even be a detriment to them.

“Here we go.”

Wei Feng stretched out his palm and pressed it on the summoning mark on the Dark Dragon Shadow’s forehead.


As Wei Feng used [Crown of the Red Maple], energy immediately surged out from his arm.

Another long process starts.

But Wei Feng enjoyed it very much, as did the Dark Dragon’s Shadow. Even though it was painful, it would be worth it.

Night soon fell, and darkness swept in and enveloped the entire clearing.

It was pure black – Wei Feng could feel an aura that emits coldness and despair.

On the Dark Dragon’s Shadow head, behind its initial two horns, sprouted another set of dark dragon horns.

Wei Feng felt a pair of dark, golden eyes staring at him through the dark fog, and the gaze had a hint of scarlet.

This made Wei Feng’s hair stand on their ends.

It was completely different from the warmth that the holy light bathed on them – instead, it was cold and dead.

Like death, it was like being swallowed by an endless darkness.

Experiencing this terror was invaluable to Wei Feng.

Even after being forced into this world, he was still inexperienced. This immense strength can’t cover for his inexperience – he needs to see; he needs to hear. He needs to do so to improve quickly.


[NOTICE: [Crown of the Red Maple] has been depleted.]

[NOTICE: [Dark Dragon’s Shadow] has reached Level 9.]

[NOTICE: The Dark Dragon’s Shadow’s bloodline of the Dark Demon Dragon and Abyss Demon reaches 50%.]

[NOTICE: The Dark Dragon’s Shadow integrates the power from its bloodline, and reaches Level 10!]

[NOTICE: Dark Dragon’s Shadow integrates the power from its abyss demon bloodline, obtaining the ability [Devil’s Breath].]

[NOTICE; Dark Dragon’s Shadow obtains the core ability [Demon’s Call],]

[NOTICE: Your strength and agility attributes have greatly increased from [Dragon’s Power].]

[NOTICE: You have obtained the core ability [Demon’s Call], sourced from the Dark Dragon’s Shadow.]

The endless prompts made Wei Feng dumbfounded.

It seems like his Dark Dragon’s Shadow seems to have more power within its bloodline compared to his Dragon Ape!

The Dark Dragon’s Shadow slowly got up, then knelt down on one knee. A chilling voice sounded, “Thank you, master. I offer to you, my loyalty! I will never betray you.”


As it spoke, the summoning mark on its forehead turned scarlet.

Wei Feng was a little surprised.

It is said that a demon holds the concept of master and servant very close to its heart.

“Alright. Get up.”

Wei Feng nodded in affirmation.

His own beast took the initiative to turn its summoning mark to an eternal mark, and Wei Feng spoke, “From now on, your name will be Ying!”

The Dark Dragon’s Shadow fell to the ground again, “Thank you, master!”

“Get up! Don’t kneel when you are a grand beast!” Wei Feng waved his hand.

It wasn’t like this before. It seems to be heavily affected by its bloodline.

Shaking his head, it seems that nothing is perfect.

Now that Ying has reached Level 10, Wei Feng is satisfied.

Only the Ice Giant is left.

However, he can’t help the Ice Giant now, he needs to deal with his current situation now.

Sitting down, before training, Wei Feng peeked at Ying’s attribute panel.

It seems that Ying is no longer cursed to be the Dragon Ape’s complete opposite, since its attributes are not similar to those of the Dragon Ape.

[Royal Beast Panel]

Royal Beast: Dark Dragon’s Shadow

Level: Level 10

Attribute: Dark

Strength: 90000 (+90000)

Agility: 130000 (+130000)

Spirit Power: 70000 (+70000)

Bloodline Power: 60%

Dark Demon Dragon’s Bloodline: 10% (initial awakening); the beast emits a suppressing aura of majesty, and can resist similar effects.

Abyss Demon’s Bloodline: 20% (initial awakening); attacks are imbued with the effects of corruption and ruin.

Core Abilities: [Source of Agility] – The Dark Dragon’s Shadow has unparalleled growth in agility, with an additional 60% increase in agility.

[Absolute Speed] – The power of its bloodline erupts, entering a state of extreme agility. In this state, strength increases by 200%, agility increases by 200%, and spirit power increases by 100%.

[Field of Agility] – Forms a 1000×1000 suppression field centred on itself. Any creature that does not exceed the Dark Dragon’s Shadow’s agility suffers a 100% penalty in agility.

[Devil’s Breath] – The unique breath of abyss demons can infect other beasts, making them a demon.

[Demon’s Call] – Summon demonic creatures from the abyss to fight. (Can be used once every 24 hours, minimum summons: 1)

[Dragon’s Power] – Increases strength and agility by 100%.

Three hours later.

The sky was overcast with clouds, and no moonlight could be seen.

Mount Soft Gold was quiet.

Wei Feng trained using the Body Forging Method for three hours, and managed to temporarily control the surge of strength within his power.

Although he could control it, it doesn’t mean he mastered it.

Wei Feng still needs to train harder if he wants to fully master this strength.

Looking at his own attribute panel, he couldn’t help feeling that he was one of the greatest.

[Properties Panel]

The Strongest Beastmaster System! (Upgraded once)

Host: Wei Feng

Age: 17

Rank: Senior Beastmaster

Strength: 120542 (+241084)

Agility: 173928 (+173928)

Spirit Power: 84494

Power of Control – Advanced: [You obtain 20% of all attributes of your beasts.]

Forbidden Items: S-Tier [Absolute Zero] has met the enhancement condition. All stats +6 every 24 hours.

S-Tier [Crown of the Red Maple] has been depleted.

C-Tier [Ruined Symbols] has been activated.

D-Tier [Abyss Peek] usage 2/3.

D-Tier Evolvable [Spirit World] has been activated.

D-Tier Evolvable [Hammer of Tempering] has been activated.

Core Abilities: [Hardened Skin] – Derived from the Ice Giant, you can resist attacks no more than 225 points of strength.

[Source of Strength] – Derived from the Dragon Ape, increasing maximum strength by 50%.

[Source of Agility] – Derived from the Dark Dragon’s Shadow, increasing maximum agility by 60%.

[Summon: Wolf King] – Derived from the Wolf King, you can summon a Level 9 Silver Moon Priest x1, Level 8 Ghost Wolf Guard x5, Level 7 Blood Wolf Warrior x10.

[Transformation] – Derived from the Wolf King, you can transform into anyone whose attributes can be detected. Duration: 8449 seconds.

[Electricity Manipulation] – Derived from Thunder Bird, attacks imbued with electricity is equal to 200% of the strength attribute.

[Source of Electricity] – Derived from Thunder Bird, absorb the surrounding’s electricity to strengthen the Hammer of Tempering.

[Demon’s Call] – Derived from Dark Dragon’s Shadow, summon demonic creatures to fight. (Can be summoned once every 24 hours, minimum summons: 1)

[Dragon’s Power] – Derived from Dragon Ape, increases strength and agility by 100%.

[Power of the Dragon Ape] – Increases strength by 100%.

Royal Beasts: Level 3 Ice Giant

Level 3 Spirit Hog

Level 10 Thunder Bird

Level 10 Silver Moon Wolf King

Level 10 Dragon Ape

Level 10 Dark Dragon’s Shadow

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