In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 64


Chapter 64: Overwhelming Power!

Wei Feng shattered a stone pillar more than five metres high with a single punch.

With his current strength, he could only exert half of it.

The strength value added within the (+) is not counted.

Even then, his strength is still unparalleled, and it could rival an average Level 10 beast!

Around two in the morning, Wei Feng appeared outside the south gate of Yancheng.

Trailing behind him was the Dragon’s Ape, Ying, the Wolf King, and the Thunder Bird was perched on his shoulders.

Both the Dragon Ape and Ying shrunk themselves as well, about the same height as Wei Feng.

The Ice Giant and Spirit Hog remained within the beast summoning space, and he chose to not level up his Ice Giant for the time being.

He plans to help it level up after finding a suitable forbidden item.

For his original royal beast, he wanted to give it the best.

“Master! The city gate is closed!” The Wolf King pointed out.

The city gate in front of them was indeed closed, and the thermal cannons on the city wall were aiming at them.

In the sky, several red lights flickered – helicopters were watching them.

To be honest, Wei Feng didn’t want to use force for things that can be resolved peacefully.

It was clear that they didn’t want a peaceful encounter.

The thermal cannon was accumulating energy, and Wei Feng frowned.

“Deal with them for me.”


Thunder Bird fluttered its wings, revealing its true form.


The Dragon Ape was faster than him. He leapt up into the air while transforming into its true form, and started punching at the city wall.

The Wolf King quickly used Silver Moon Domain, and a silver-white flower blessed the Dragon Ape.

Ying quickly transformed as well, and shielded Wei Feng.


Ten thermal cannons were aimed at the Dragon Ape, but the blast was reflected by the Dragon Ape’s single punch.

A terrifying scene happened.

A big hole appeared in the city wall!


The city wall started to collapse.

Gravel splashed, and smoke and debris were present.

Two light pillars deactivated.

The thermal cannon between the two light pillars were destroyed by the impact of the Dragon Ape’s punch, and the rest of the thermal cannons were deactivated.

With a single punch, the defence system of the South Gate of Yancheng was null.

“Master, after you.”

When the smoke cleared, Ying bowed and let Wei Feng walk first.

To save time, Wei Feng unsummoned Dragon Ape and Ying, and sat on Thunder Bird and flew towards the downtown area of Yancheng.

At this time, Yancheng’s defence department was in a frenzy.

The helicopters who were watching them sent a video of the Dragon Ape smashing the city wall with a single punch – the officer in charge, looking at the video, turned deathly pale.

Haitang District.

In the villa near an artificial lake, a room on the second floor is still lit.

Ling Xiaoxiao stood in front of her window, looking at several figures standing outside the villa.

She learnt that Ling Xu was dead, but Wei Feng never returned.

She wanted to hire someone to find his whereabouts, but was placed under house arrest by the elders of the family.


With a crisp sound, a guard outside the villa fell.

Like a chain reaction, the guards fell one by one, and the whole process only lasted one second!

Ling Xiaoxiao was stunned, and got up and ran downstairs. A strange figure stood outside the door.

Ling Xiaoxiao took a step back in fright, but then saw Wei Feng, and her eyes widened.

“You- how did you… become like this?!” Ling Xiaoxiao said in shock.

Wei Feng strolled into the living room and smiled, “Just accidentally became stronger, no big deal. Got a nice body too. How is it? Do you like it?”

Wei Feng was wearing a decent black suit, but it couldn’t conceal his powerful body. He looked handsome.

Ling Xiaoxiao smiled, “You look handsome! You look very masculine.”

Wei Feng smiled.

It seems like Ling Xu’s death didn’t even phase her.

Maybe he thought too much.

“By the way, thanks for taking care of the dirt,” she then got up to pour a drink for Wei Feng. “I’ll abide by my side of the agreement. So don’t worry about the money, I don’t want all of it anyways.”

Wei Feng didn’t speak, and stared at Ling Xiaoxiao. “I thought of it for a bit. I don’t want to follow through with this agreement.”

“Ah! Why? Why?” Ling Xiaoxiao was surprised, clearly sad by the news.

Wei Feng stood up, and she couldn’t help but take a step back due to his tall body and the aura that radiated from him.

Wei Feng stopped and muttered, “My current strength has risen to a level that I didn’t expect. I don’t need those resources anymore.”

Ling Xiaoxiao: !

She had already predicted this, but hearing it from Wei Feng himself made her shocked.

She looked at Wei Feng’s physique.

Ten hours ago, she felt that Wei Feng was still human.

But now, he was like a beast with an aura that could suffocate her.

“Well, if you need help cleaning up more dirt from your family, I’d be happy to oblige,” Wei Feng stated.

Ling Xiaoxiao didn’t answer. She couldn’t just say it directly – it all depends on what Wei Feng does.

In the end, Wei Feng stayed at her place for half an hour, then got up and left.

The relationship between him and Ling Xiaoxiao is over.

And her previous fantasy was shattered too, there was no possibility between the two.

Early morning.

Five thirty.

As soon as the sky started getting brighter, the fragrance of meat buns wafted through the air.

Wei Feng was sitting in a restaurant and had already eaten more than 20 steamed buns.

“Boss, get me another set of buns!”

While Wei Feng was spending his time leisurely eating steamed buns, the major financial groups in Yancheng were driven into a state of panic.

They already knew what happened at the south gate, and were already preparing for the worst.

The city defense department had sent all the available senior Beastmasters to the south gate.

Until the walls are repaired, no beasts can enter or leave the city.

Six o’ clock.

Wei Feng left the steamed buns restaurant, and stopped a car to hitchhike to Zhao’s Consortium’s largest property in Yancheng – Zhao’s Plaza!

Zhao’s Plaza contains shops, commercial buildings, malls… they were all run by the Zhao’s.

Wei Feng silently reached the place, and wordlessly let Dragon Ape smash a two-story building.

Although he didn’t know where the elites of the Zhao family were, he had a way of getting those people to him.

His purpose was clear – he needs forbidden items, and they have to be of the Ice attribute.

As long as the other party fulfils his requirements, Wei Feng wouldn’t terrorize the plaza. After all, it isn’t good for him to do so.

Sure enough, Zhao’s representatives came quickly.

There was no battle. They were there to make peace.

In the end, Wei Feng got what he wanted, a B-Tier [Mysterious Ice Vine].

Afterwards, he went to the Wang Business District to do the same.

The Wang family was already expecting him, and directly offered another B-tier forbidden item, and it was over.

Ten o’ clock in the morning.

Wei Feng appeared in Angel Mall.

Surprisingly, the Ling family members withdrew from their positions, and Ling Xiaoxiao was restored to her former position.

When he met with Ling Xiaoxiao, she looked anxious.

“I got bad news. Yangtze was engulfed by a Restricted Area.”


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