In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 65


Chapter 65: Complete Corruption

Outside the east gate, a grey fog spreads – the pillar of light goes out.

The city defence system was nothing to the energy contained in the restricted area, and falls with a slight push.

A thick vine spread out from the fog and scaled the city walls, and started spreading to the inside of the city wall.


A black python, more than ten metres long and half a metre thick, climbed along the vines towards the city wall. Its scales were cold, its hiss staining the air scarlet.

Slithering behind the python were red and blue poisonous snakes. They intertwined and rushed towards the city wall.



Within the fog, a plethora of beasts came forth with the fog. Different beasts were densely packed under the city wall.


With a crisp sound, the city gate was broken into. Like water, beasts poured into the city.


It was like an invasion of beasts, and they rushed towards the centre of Yangtze.

The city defence officer has already set up a defence twenty miles away.

But most of this defence is composed of intermediate Beastmasters, and their beasts were merely Level 4 to Level 6 beasts.

The boss of Xingwu Colosseum and his royal beast Blue Lion were among the defence.

In addition to the lion, there is only a Level 7 troll of the city defence officer.

In the entire Yangtze, there were only two high-levelled royal beasts.

In the city centre, the station was crowded with people – but the train had already left. It would take more than ten hours for it to return from the nearest city.

Some tried to escape through the underground tunnels to survive. The entirety of Yangtze was driven into chaos.

Everyone knows what a Restricted Area invasion spells.




The grey fog flooded the city, and the flood of beasts rushed forward.

The defence was nothing. The Level 8 Blue Lion was immediately subdued by a dozen wild beasts – its tall body drowning within the sea of beasts.

The boss of the Xingwu Colosseum despaired. Everything he had built up within Yangtze came crashing down.


Suddenly, a chirp sounded.

The city defence officer and the boss looked up and found two huge figures in the air.


The Dragon Ape was like a light that pierced through the fog, and with a single punch, dispelled the darkness within the area.


With a loud roar, the beasts instantly fell to the ground.

The city defence officer and the boss were dumbfounded.

What creature is this strong?!

The two of them were petrified, but an even more terrifying scene happened.


A huge force suddenly expanded.

The Dragon Ape stepped forward, and the wild beasts instantly burst into pieces.

The grey fog stopped its advance.


The giant python began to retreat, but a black shadow flashed, and it was instantly sliced into several pieces.

Wherever Ying passed, blood followed.

The beast invasion was stopped within a matter of seconds.

The city defence officer, the boss, and some of the surviving Beastmasters rushed out and looked at the two figures in the grey fog with excitement.

“We’re saved! We’re saved!” the city defence officer shouted, full of hope.

The boss was also glad. He looked up at Thunder Bird and was about to say something, but his eyes widened.

“Watch out!”

The boss warned Wei Feng with a loud voice.

Wei Feng was busy paying attention to save the people of Yangtze, but when he heard the warning, he turned his head to look.



A beam of light hit Wei Feng head on.


Thunder Bird was hit as well – the impact of the beam of light was so great that it flung both him and Wei Feng out of the air.


“Protect our master!”

The Dragon Ape and Ying ran towards Wei Feng at high speed.

The Wolf King rushed out of the grey fog, and shrouded Wei Feng in moonlight.



In the air, hidden in the clouds, beams of light blasted down one after another – their target was clearly Wei Feng.

Although the speed of Ying was fast, it is still slower than the light beams.

Three consecutive lasers grazed Wei Feng.


Thunder Bird flapped its wings, and imbued itself with electricity, and rushed towards the cloud.

Wei Feng was getting bombarded with beams of light.

The city defence officer and the boss were dumbfounded.

Why attack the man who saved the city?

They knew where the laser came from, and it was launched by the Cruise Flagship.

This Flagship is under the federal government and is responsible for the security of major cities.

The people were confused. Did the Flagship attack the wrong target?

The grey fog was right in front of thrm!


The grey fog receded like a tide.


A laser shot out again, shooting Thunder Bird down.

“Come back!”

A loud roar could be heard.

Anyone could hear the anger contained in that voice.

The Dragon Ape and Ying had already rushed to Wei Feng and protected him.

Wei Feng walked past them, and stared into the clouds, directly at where the Flagship was hidden.


Thunder Bird flew back with a scorched black patch on his right wing – it was the wing that shielded Wei Feng from continuous fire.

“Master! Are you alright?!”

The Wolf Kign also ran over, and shielded Wei Feng.

Wei Feng continued staring into the clouds until the ship disappeared from view.

“Forget it. Let’s go.”

Wei Feng looked back at Yangtze, and stepped on Thunder Bird’s back.

He unsummoned his Dragon Ape, Ying, and the Wolf King. They then flew away from Yangtze.

“Master, are you alright?!”

After flying out of Yangtze for dozens of miles, Thunder Bird asked worriedly.

Wei Feng shook his head. He was strangely calm.

“I’m okay. Let’s find a place to rest! I’m tired,” Wei Feng said. He couldn’t hide the loneliness in his voice.

His mood was gradually darkening.

He thought that this world could accept him, and that he could be recognised as the same kind.

However, it didn’t turn out that way.

The Cruise Flagship was not aiming at the beast tide, but him!


Wei Feng felt that he had not done anything too extreme.

When he was in Yancheng, several major financial groups plotted his death. All he did was smash a building and took two forbidden items.

He was thinking of the ordinary people at the time, because no matter how he destroyed that building, the representatives of the consortium would definitely come forward. But in the end, it was the ordinary people who suffered.

When an accident happened in Yangtze, he came immediately.

The price of stopping the sea of beasts and protecting the survivors was apparently death.

Wei Feng didn’t expect the cannon to be aimed at him!

“Master! Let’s rest by the river over there!” Thunder Bird then swooped down and landed by a river.

Wei Feng got off the Thunder Bird and summoned his beasts and sat on a large rock, deep in thought.

He wanted to find a reason as per why the laser was aimed at him, but couldn’t.

He looked up, and saw that his beasts were looking at him with worry.


The Spirit Hog jumped onto his shoulder, holding a bright red fruit and handing it to Wei Feng.

Wei Feng’s heart was violently tugged by something.

An idea crossed Wei Feng’s mind and refused to leave.

He wants to create a faction, a homeland, an empire!

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