In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 66


Chapter 66: Transformation
Evening came.

A bonfire was made by the river, and Wei Feng was still pondering his big plan on the rock.

If he wants to build an empire, just talking won’t do anything – he needs to have a framework, and put it into action.

Wei Feng isn’t experienced in this aspect, but after so many fights, he understands one truth – the more the people, the more powerful they are!

Getting enough people is the first step in building a homeland.

Yes! This was his plan.

He and Ying can use [Demon’s Call] once a day, so he should start with this.

Wei Feng was confident in his plan.

“Ow! Ow! Ow!”

A strange cry sounded in the distance.

Wei Feng couldn’t help but look up.

In the south east direction, an old white-haired monkey holding a stick with a white strip of cloth tied to it was limping towards them.

“My lords! I’m an envoy from the Restricted Area of the Fog! I require your opinions!” The old monkey shouted loudly while waving his stick.

What’s going on?

Wei Feng motioned Ying to investigate.

Ying nodded, and transformed into a black light and appeared behind the white monkey.

Then, Ying transported the old monkey over.


The old monkey knelt down while holding his stick as support, “My kings! I need your opinions.”

Wei Feng leapt off the big rock, “You said you were from the Restricted Area of the Fog, which means you were the Restricted Area that invaded Yangtze, right?”

“Your Majesty…!”

The old monkey immediately bowed his head, “Your Majesty, it cannot be considered an invasion – in fact, I regard it as resistance and revenge!”

“A resistance?”

This surprised Wei Feng.

“Then, why are you here to ask us for advice?” Wei Feng frowned.

“Your Majesty, my master wants a word from you – will you still protect Yangtze?” The old monkey raised his head and looked at Wei Feng.

Wei Feng instead asked, “So what? Are you still going to invade Yangtze?”

“Your Majesty, I just said – we are a resistance, not an invasion.”


Wei Feng chuckled and leaned on the big rock, “Then, enlighten me – what is this resistance you speak of?”

Hearing the sarcasm in Wei Feng’s voice, the old monkey shook his head, “Your Majesty, as a human being, you wouldn’t understand our motives. What if you were a weak beast? A weak beast with something valuable?”

Wei Feng: …

Wei Feng was in fact, enlightened.

It isn’t easy to change a person’s view.

Humans have betrayed him – although he thinks that it isn’t a big deal to not interact with humans, in the end, he is still human. It cannot be changed.

The old monkey’s words made him ponder.

When he first got forced into this world, he received the Power of Control. To avoid the pursuit of others, he fled to Yancheng.

When he was in Yancheng, he became strong, but he was still hunted by the major financial groups, and was forced to flee the city like a dog.

Was he really a human being in the eyes of Yangtze and Yancheng?

Maybe, they didn’t think of him as human.

Otherwise, why was Ling Xu so insistent on killing him?

“Your Majesty, do you know our living conditions before?” The old monkey said.

There weren’t any Restricted Areas back then.

At that time, beasts were hunted, and captured and forcibly summoned by humans to be used as royal beasts.

All minorities live in dire states.

Until one day, Restricted Areas forced humans to change and adapt, and this hunting activity was drastically reduced.

Most of the beasts fled to Restricted Areas and huddled together, and took advantage of the Restricted Areas to defend themselves against humans.

However, human beings can evolve. Even if the beasts are well protected by the Restricted Areas, it was only a matter of time.

Some powerful adventurers enter the Restricted Areas to hunt for some rare beasts and steal some part of them, or capture their offspring to cultivate them into royal beasts.

The beasts are still oppressed.

Although this is a reality, Restricted Areas give the beasts hope.

With the expansions of Restricted Areas, they can capture human cities and avenge their fallen kin.

“Your Majesty, I once had fourteen descendants, and thirteen of them were captured by humans – and some died in the hands of your royal beast.” The old monkey then glanced at the Dragon Ape.

The Dragon Ape was embarrassed.

As royal beasts, they cannot help themselves.

“Your Majesty…”


Wei Feng interrupted the monkey.

He had mixed feelings now.

To be honest, he felt cowardly.

If he wasn’t forced into this world, he would be a technical student at an engineer school in his original world, and he might be playing video games with his roommates in his air-conditioned dormitory.

This decision is too heavy for him to make.

He isn’t big enough to make such a big decision.

The world is very big – even if he was powerful, it is merely one among millions.

He just wants to survive.

And not do things for anyone, but only for himself!

“Go back and tell your master, I will no longer protect Yangtze, nor will I protect any city.” Wei Feng announced.

“Thank you, your Majesty!”

The old monkey knelt and stretched out his left hand, revealing a grey-black stone.

“My master said, if your Majesty is no longer protecting human cities, I shall give this stone to you,” he said.

Ying stepped forward to inspect the stone, then handed it to Wei Feng.

Wei Feng played with the grey stone in his hand, and asked, “What else did your master say?”

“If you want to use it, you have to crush it,” he replied.


Wei Feng nodded, and ordered the monkey to leave.

“Thank you, Your Majesty!”

The old monkey bowed and hesitated for a moment, “I… forgive you.”

Wei Feng: !

The old monkey then turned around and limped into the night.

Wei Feng was speechless.

He sighed, then turned to the Dragon Ape, “I’m sorry.”


The Dragon Ape started to weep. Tears rolled down and wet the grass beneath them.

Wei Feng was silent.

Did he make the correct decision?

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