In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 67


Chapter 67: Restricted Area Opening
Late at night.

Wei Feng still sat on the big rock and held the grey stone.

Using [Abyss Peek], he probed the function of the stone.

[Exploration Panel]

Target: Forbidden Rough Stone

Function: Create a Restricted Area.

Description: This is a rough stone derived from the birth of Restricted Areas. They are extremely precious.

It can generate Restricted Areas!

Wei Feng glanced around.

The location here isn’t bad – there is a forest beside them, and the river runs through the forest.

Yangtze is located more than 200 miles away from them to the east.

To the north, there is a large mountain; to the west, an endless plain.

He looked at the grey stone, then crushed it.


The grey stone shattered.

Mist overflowed from the shattered stone, then penetrates into Wei Feng’s body.


[NOTICE: You have absorbed Forbidden Energy.]

[NOTICE: You can now create a Restricted Area.]

[NOTICE: To create a Restricted Area, bind a main Forbidden Item.]

Wei Feng bound his [Crown of the Red Maple].


Wei Feng’s body radiated red light, and red-light spots floated out of his body and landed on the soil next to the big stone.

A small red tree started to sprout out from the ground and grew rapidly.

Wei Feng widened his eyes.

[Crown of the Red Maple] is materializing in real life!

The Dragon Ape and Ying came over and surrounded the small tree and studied it.

They are about to witness the birth of a Restricted Area!

The small tree grew rapidly – its trunk became thick; its branches stretched out; its leaves lush.

Two metres, three metres, four metres…

It grew taller and taller, surpassing Wei Feng, then surpassing the Dragon Ape and Ying.

In the end, the tree grew to a height of thirty metres – its canopy stretched out, covering a radius of several hundred metres.

The big rock Wei Feng was sitting on was now leaning on the tree trunk.

Looking up at the canopy, Wei Feng saw a layer of grey fog spread, covering the surrounding area for several miles.


[NOTICE: You have successfully bound your Forbidden Item into a Restricted Area.]

[NOTICE: Your Restricted Area has been formed into an area of 5000×5000.]

[NOTICE: [Crown of the Red Maple] has been activated.]

Wei Feng felt powerful.

Although [Crown of the Red Maple] has been separated from his body, he is still under control of the item.

Moreover, Wei Feng can sense anything within the 5000×5000 range of his Restricted Area.


[NOTICE: Your Restricted Area information chain is now available.]

[TIP: A rule can now be set for your Restricted Area.]

Restricted Area information chain?

He felt curious and checked it.

[Restricted Area]

Owner: Wei Feng

Grade: E-Tier

Range: 5000×5000

Forbidden Item: [Crown of the Red Maple] – Activated.

Expansion Conditions: House 100 Level 3 or above beasts. (7/100)

Rules: 1

It is an E-Tier Restricted Area, which is the lowest possible level.

With [Crown of the Red Maple] has the bound Forbidden Item, the radius of five miles is so large.

And if he wants to upgrade this Restricted Area, he needs to accommodate a hundred beasts Level 3 or above.

It seems like there weren’t any specific requirements either – he could force creatures to inhabit the space, or make them submit to you.

Now that Wei Feng is the only one in the Restricted Area, there were seven of them.

His dream of making a homeland was fulfilled suddenly. Although it was a little barren, Wei Feng was still happy.

From now on, this will be their home.

“Ying, come here.”

Wei Feng stood on the big rock.

[Crown of the Red Maple]’s trunk was brown and red, and emitted a soft light that brightens up the surroundings.

Ying came to Wei Feng, its tall body heroic under the tree’s light.

“Let’s use [Demon’s Call], you first.” Wei Feng urged.

“Alright, master.” Ying began to summon.

[Demon’s Call] differs from the Wolf King’s [Summon: Wolf King].

The former is a permanent summon, while the latter is not permanent.

Dark energy poured out, and a portal was formed.


The portal trembled slightly, and a black claw protruded.


The low roar was like a roar from the abyss, and a sturdy demon with thick demon horns and fleshy wings with a black tail crawled out of the portal.



Wei Feng noticed the demon’s feet were hooves on fire!



The demon had no intention of surrending to Ying or Wei Feng.

It looked at Wei Feng condescendingly.


Within the next second, a big fist slammed into the demon and forced it to the ground.

Ying quickly activated [Devil’s Breath], and the demon was humbled.

Wei Feng looked disdainfully at the demon who was now kneeling.

How pathetic.

Wei Feng shook his head. The first demon was useless.


Fortunately, before the portal dissipated, another demon stepped out.

The demon was similar to the first one, but immediately knelt down as soon as it came out.

Then, demons continued to step out of the portal, until there were a total of ten demons.

Nine demons stood in a row – all of them were five metres tall, and they were almost identical.

As for the first demon, it was kneeling in pain. For now, Wei Feng leaves it up to Ying to cure it with [Devil’s Breath].

Wei Feng probed a demon’s properties.

[Properties Panel]

Target: Great Demon

Level: Level 7

Attribute: Dark

Strength: 3350

Agility: 3280

Spirit Power: 3270

Demon’s Body: A body honed in the harsh environment of the abyss, and naturally has a strong defence and resistance.

Core Abilities: [Great Demon Slash] – Gathers dark energy within the body to slash, dealing damage equal to double the strength value.

[Devil’s Fire] – The demon leaves a trail of flame wherever they walk.

This is very strong!

Wei Feng stood on the big rock and used [Demon’s Call].


This portal was darker than the portal Ying summoned.

The Dragon Ape, Ying, and the Wolf King stared at the portal, looking forward to what kind of demon Wei Feng could summon.

However, after a while, there was no movement from the portal.

Ying stated, “Master, you don’t have demon blood in you, so you might not be able to summon demons.”

As soon as Ying spoke, a slender thigh stepped out of the portal.

Wei Feng: !

Ying: !!

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