In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 68


Chapter 68: Blood Contract
The thighs were long and curvy, and the feet were donning black leather boots that reached to the knees.

The exposed thighs were snow-white and delicate.

The short, black skirt wrapped around curvy buttocks; the waist was slender; a plump chest that even black leather armor couldn’t hide; a beautiful neck…

Wei Feng was dumbfounded.

The creature, if not for the slender tail resting on her hip and the pair of small black wings on her back, and the dark red horns, one could mistake her for a human being.

Especially her face – it is the face that women would kill for.


The dark portal dissipated, indicating that Wei Feng could only summon this one demon.

It’s clear that this female demon was a little different.


The female demon glanced around, then stared at Wei Feng with dark red eyes, “So, it was a human who opened such a high-levelled portal!”

Wei Feng: !

She understands the human language!

She must be at least Level 9.

Before Wei Feng could say anything, the female demon said, “Allow me to introduce myself – my name is Lilith Antesya.”

Wei Feng: …

What’s going on?!

A first name and a last name, too!

“Master, she is very dangerous!” As soon as Ying heard the name, he immediately shielded Wei Feng.


The Dragon Ape let out a holy aura, and shielded Wei Feng as well.



The Wolf King and Thunder Bird all came and surrounded Wei Feng.

“Woah, woah, hey!”

Lilith spoke, “Is this how you treat a lady?”

His beasts were unmoved, and stepped closer to Wei Feng.


Lilith looked helpless, “I’m afraid of you guys – if I knew there were a bunch of rude boys here, I wouldn’t have stepped through that portal!”

As she spoke, she bit her finger, and drew a dark red rune with her blood.

After the rune was formed and floating in the air, Lilith took two steps back and made a gesture with her hands to Wei Feng.

This looks like a summoning symbol!

Wei Feng used [Abyss Peek] to probe the rune.

[Exploration Panel]

Target: Blood Pact Rune

Function: Use Spirit Power to initiate a contract.

Explanation: A contract rune made by Lilith Antesya – this blood contract is very ancient! After the contract is formed, the one with a higher Spirit Power becomes the master, while the lower becomes the servant.


So she is playing games like this.

Wei Feng glanced at Lilith – she is cunning.

After she drew the contract rune, she innocently stepped back as if she was about to submit to Wei Feng.

In general, no normal human would have forbidden items like [Abyss Peek].

Normal humans would immediately touch the rune. After all, who wouldn’t want a powerful and sexy demon?

After all, this is a world of beasts. A dog-eat-dog world.

Nobody would even ask the function of the rune.

If the description was true, then one must be the master, and the other must be the servant.

There is still one last usage for [Abyss Peek], so Wei Feng used it to probe Lilith.

[Exploration Panel]

Target: Elite Demon

Level: Level 10

Attribute: Dark

Mana: 8000/8000

Strength: 60000

Agility: 70000

Spirit Power: 80000

Forbidden Items: ???

Core Abilities: [Blood Contract] – A contract handed down within the Antesya bloodline. Every time a contract is fulfilled, receive 10% of the creatures full attributes.

Dark Magic: [Dark Orb] – Consume 10 mana to fling a dark energy ball, exploding when it hits a target.

[Dark Cage] – Consumes 500 mana to form a cage with a Dark Attribute – the cage’s defence is equal to her Spirit Power.

[Darkness Invades] – Consumes 50% current mana to telephatically attack a target equal to 1.5 times Spirit Power.

Special Powers: ???

After seeing her attribute panel. Wei Feng was surprised.

Is this a magic demon?


On the exploration panel, demons are marked.

Wei Feng noticed this.

The one he summoned was not a demonic creature.

So, what went wrong?

Wei Feng was filled with doubt.

But, no matter how Lilith entered through the portal, it is time to give in to the contract.

Lilith had 80000 Spirit Power, while he had 84000. He was just a little higher than her.

In addition, Wei Feng really likes her.

She is too powerful.

Not only does she carry a forbidden item that cannot be detected, she also has other special abilities!

Wei Feng leapt from the big rock, and came to the floating rune.

“You have got to hurry up! The rune will disappear after a while, and I can only conjure one once per day!” Lilith reminded.

“Well, I’m not going anywhere,” Wei Feng then reached out to the rune.

“By the way,” he spoke, hand hovering over the rune. “Can this rune really make you my beast? You won’t lie to me, right?”

Wei Feng’s acting is really good.

But it was unnecessary – the rune was in front of him, after all. Just grab it, and it is done.

However, he was in front of a sexy demon like Lilith, so he couldn’t help but tease her a bit.

Lilith smiled, “That’s for you to find out. I’m not going anywhere either.”


Wei Feng chuckled, “Then, I’ll grab it.”

He grabbed the red rune.


The dark red light pulsed out of Wei Feng’s hand and spread into his body, and part of the red light floated towards Lilith.

The red mist floated towards Lilith, and gathered into a small rune onto her forehead.


Lilith opened her eyes.

She looked at Wei Feng in disbelief, “You… your Spirit Power… how is this possible…?”

Wei Feng smiled.


[NOTICE: You have imposed a [Blood Contract], and you are the Master.]

[NOTICE: You have connected a blood contract.]

[NOTICE: You have obtained the core ability [Blood Contract].]

A chain of prompts sounded in Wei Feng’s brain, which contained all the information about Lilith.

However, he noticed he did not obtain attribute bonuses from Lilith via Power of Control.

It seems that it only has an effect on beasts, and not creatures like Lilith.

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