In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 69


Chapter 69: Lilith Antesya
Wei Feng was happy.

He could finally read what forbidden items and special abilities she was hiding.

[Forbidden Items]

Name: Dark Codex

Level: SSS-Tier

Effect: Grants the bearer the ability to cast dark magic.

Description: This is a book that records dark magic spells. You can only learn one spell after reaching certain conditions.


It turns out the dark magic Lilith was using came from this forbidden item.

He didn’t expect it to be SSS-Tier!


Wei Feng thought to himself, could he also cast dark magic?

However, Wei Feng looked at Lilith, and couldn’t find this Dark Codex on her.

He shook his head. It isn’t good to ask for Forbidden Items as soon as they completed a contract.

Wei Feng then looked at her special abilities, and his eyes widened.

[Fuse] – Lilith can combine with the person whom she made a contract with into a single body. Their attributes and abilities are then combined.


Wei Feng glanced at Lilith, so she can combine with him?

No! I am the master. I will only let her combine if I want to! He thought to himself.

“My lord! My lord!”

Seeing Wei Feng looking at her, Lilith shouted in despair.

They shared an information chain. Now that Wei Feng can see her information, so could she.

Lilith was taken aback by Wei Feng’s attributes.

Wei Feng has more than 360000 strength, and Lilith gets a 10% bonus, which is 36000.

It is equivalent to almost half of her own strength!

She finally understood why she became the servant.

She surrendered to him.

“Master, you have so many forbidden items on you!” Lilith stated, tying her silver-white hair into a ponytail.

“Master, you are too powerful!” Lilith commended sincerely.

Wei Feng’s mind drifted to other places.

Even if it were other men, their minds would surely drift off too.

Lilith’s body had demonic characteristics – wings, horns, and a tail. This made her somewhat tempting.

Coupled with her delicate features, she really is perfect.

If it weren’t for the contract, Wei Feng would definitely feel flustered when looking at her.

Late at night.

They were grilling fish around a bonfire.

Wei Feng and Lilith sat on a big rock with their backs resting against the tree trunk, and had a deep talk.

After their talk, Wei Feng understands Lilith a lot more.

And Lilith shared a lot of her experiences with Wei Feng too.

Her origin space was a ruined place, filled with dark red. The living conditions were harsh.

She also shared history of the Antesya blood.

The Antesya family were the royal family among demons, but because of an accident, the blood of Antesya was mixed with the genes of a devil, and they fell from the royal family.

Early in the morning.

Wei Feng sat on the big rock and looked at Lilith who was sitting cross-legged beside him.

Lilith’s body was shrouded in dark rays of light – her plump breasts rose and fell with heavy breathing.

She was absorbing the immense strength that she shares with Wei Feng now via [Dark Code].

The rays of sunshine soon fell upon them, and [Crown of the Red Maple] swayed and glowed under the light – its lush leaves rustled under the sunlight, as if they were covered with a layer of gold.

Lilith opened her eyes and shielded them; her ruby eyes full of surprise.

“Master, look! The sun is so beautiful!”

Lilith has never seen the sun before. Where she was from, was a constant dark red.


Lilith stood up and shouted in the direction of the Sun energetically.

Wei Feng sat on the stone and stared at Lilith. She was exhibiting a cheerful and delightful aura – he felt like he was about to fall in love.

“Master, look! The river is so clear too! There are fish swimming inside! I wanted to go down and swim last night!” Lilith leapt off the stone and jumped into the river.

“Ha ha!”

“This river is so cool!”

“Wow! Look! What a big fish!”

Lilith grabbed a big fish with her bare hands and wanted to bite down.

Wei Feng: !

Wei Feng came back to his senses.

“Wait! Lilith! You can’t eat fish like this, you got to cook it first!” Wei Feng pulled Lilith up from the river.

“You’re right. I forgot!” Lilith stuck out her tongue and spat out the raw fish she had bitten.

Seeing Lilith’s innocent appearance, he felt distressed.

He reached out a palm and wiped away a trace of blood from the corners of her mouth, “You won’t go back to that wretched place anymore. I’ll protect you. No one will dare to bully you anymore.”


Lilith was moved, her ruby eyes glinting with sparkle.

“Agh! Dragon Ape, you stepped on my tail!”

“Shh! Be quiet!”

“Thunder Bird, your talons are poking at me!”

Behind the tree, the beasts crowded together and peeked at the scene before them, watching Wei Feng and Lilith share a moment together.

The Wolf King muttered, “I used to think Master wasn’t interested in women, turns out, he just didn’t meet his type!”

The Thunder Bird nodded, “In this case, I guess Lilith can’t be considered a beast! Should we respect her like how we respect Master?”


The Wolf King slapped Thunder Bird with his paw, “That’s obvious! She must be treated like our Master!”


Ying nodded earnestly, “The Wolf King is right. We will call Lilith Antesya our Mistress!”


They all gave a thumbs up.

Wei Feng and Lilith stood under the morning light, their legs submerged in the river, embracing each other like a pair of lovers.

He was fascinated by Lilith.

The only male capable of matching with Lilith is him, and the two were connected by the power of her contract. This makes it easier for them to be attracted to each other.

It is impossible for them to not make mistakes, however.

The two are like dry wood and fire. They were polar opposites.

It wasn’t like their development was fast either, after all, Wei Feng was the master, Lilith the servant.

However, Wei Feng did not forget his beasts.

In the morning, Wei Feng used [Mysterious Ice Vine] and a piece of rare Jade Bone Essence to help the Ice Giant level up, and it reached Level 6 quickly.

This way, the Ice Giant will not be able to use forbidden items to level up for a while.

It needs to accumulate natural energy for a period of time.

After [Crown of the Red Maple] was bound to the Restricted Area, it was activated once again. Wei Feng intends to use it to level up his Wolf King and Thunder Bird.

The Wolf King differs from other beasts as well. He can absorb the strengthening conditions of Forbidden Items without limit, and is not restricted by the same Forbidden Item.

Even if the Dragon Ape and Ying had more powerful bloodlines compared to the Wolf King, their potential power pales in comparison to the Wolf King.

After all, the most important thing in Wei Feng’s possessions are Forbidden Items!

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