In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 70


Chapter 70: Destruction of the Cruise Flagship
The [Restricted Area] has several different features.

For example, the Forbidden Item used will affect the growth limit of the Restricted Area.

The Forbidden Energy generated within the Restricted Area will give priority to the main Forbidden Items.

Which is why the [Crown of the Red Maple] can be activated when the Restricted Area was created!

It absorbed all the forbidden energy.

And how is forbidden energy born?

There are many sources – creatures living within the Restricted Area, every grass and tree growing within the Restricted Area, even a single stone can generate some forbidden energy.

In the afternoon, Wei Feng ordered Dragon Ape to go to the forest down south to cut down some trees.

He wants to build some wooden houses next to the tree. In a single afternoon, the frames of five wooden houses have been built.


Wei Feng took Lilith and Ying and rode Thunder Bird into Yangtze.

They looked at Yangtze, then flew towards the centre of the Restricted Area of the Fog.

Now, Yangtze was completely shrouded in grey fog. The once prosperous area of Yangtze was now in ruins.

Half an hour later, they arrived at the centre of the Restricted Area.

Thunder Bird landed after scouting for a safe place to land.

Beside a pool, the old monkey from before stood in the clearing and waited for them.

Thunder Bird landed by the monkey, and Wei Feng got down alongside Lilith and Ying.

“Are you the real owner of the Restricted Area after all?” Wei Feng asked.

“No! It’s normal for you to have this doubt, but Your Majesty, I am not the owner of this Restricted Area. My master felt your presence, and asked me to welcome you.” The old monkey then gestured him to go before him.

By the pool, there were two stone tables with a fruit platter on them.

He took Lilith to sit by the stone table, while Ying took guard.

The old monkey looked at Lilith, then at Wei Feng, “For your Majesty to come all the way here, what is the issue at hand?”

Wei Feng said directly, “I need to locate the Cruise Flagship that attacked me. Do you know where it is?”

The old monkey widened his eyes excitedly, “Do you want to shoot it down? That’s great! I will ask my master.”

Wei Feng shook his head as he saw the old monkey limp away.

It seems that many beasts have fallen under the Cruise Flagship.

“Master, do you want something to eat?” Lilith then peeled a banana and handed it to Wei Feng.

Wei Feng tasted it. It was sweet.

“We need to plant some fruit trees in our area soon.” Wei Feng muttered.

Ying took a fruit and stuffed it into his house.

Their Restricted Area is somewhat barren.

Nothing but a river to catch some fish to eat.

After a while, the old monkey returned.

Wei Feng knew what was about to happen with the old monkey’s smile.

Sure enough, he said, “Your Majesty, the Cruise Flagship is parked fifty miles north of Yangtze!”


Wei Feng got up, taking a few bananas with him.


Thunder Bird flapped his wings and left the pool.

North of Jiangcheng.

Behind a hill fifty miles away from Yangtze, a black Cruise Flagship was parked.

Only a dozen people were in the flagship – among them was a tabooist, who was the captain of the flagship.

They were about to leave earlier, but received an order to find an item within Yangtze, so they were delayed.


In the sky, Thunder Bird announced his arrival.

Electricity arced around him.

A laser shot out, aiming at Thunder Bird, but a tall figure blocked the shot for Thunder Bird.



Behind the hill, several lasers grazed past them.

The sky soon became calm again.

The tall figure suspended itself in the air, the black wings on their body vibrated, and black light shielded its body.

Wei Feng and Lilith merged as a single body.

Wei Feng’s body doubled in size, and gained a pair of black wings and a pair of horns.

Their powers and abilities are now shared, and Wei Feng is the host of the body.

This feeling is strange – this strength and additional abilities were foreign, but he could use it as if it was his own arm.


Ying swooped below, then immediately rushed towards the Cruise Flagship.

Wei Feng flexed his wings, and swooped down as well.

Thunder Bird soon followed.


Around Wei Feng, dark energy balls were conjured, and blasted towards the hill like cannonballs.


Another laser shot out, aiming for Wei Feng.

Wei Feng didn’t bother to dodge, and shielded himself with black light.


The laser dissipated into nothing, and Wei Feng was not hurt at all.


The hill soon collapsed, revealing the hidden Cruise Flagship. Wei Feng crashed into it.


Another explosion sounded, and a big hole formed in the Cruise Flagship.

Wei Feng landed in the hull of the Cruise Flagship.

A middle-aged man stood before him.

The man was unusually burly and had a set of gauntlets in his hands. They looked heavy and used.


The middle-aged man opened his mouth, and his words stung.

“You may be strong, but countless monsters like you died under my fists. You will face the same fate.” He then activated his gauntlets, and they emitted a fiery red light.


The middle-aged man punched the air, and two red lights shot out from his gauntlets.

Wei Feng was surprised, and raised his hand to block – the beams hit his arm and palm, and it tingled.


Wei Feng waved his arms and split the beam in half, but in an instant, the man appeared in front of him, and punched his left cheek.


The man then kicked Wei Feng’s chest, and leapt off his chest.

Wei Feng: …

He can’t believe he was punched by his opponent!

How pathetic.

Were his strength and agility just for show?

Wei Feng was angry.

Wei Feng started to sprint – the man had just landed, and found that Wei Feng was in front of him.

He tried to punch him, but Wei Feng was faster, and directly hit the man’s face.


The man’s body flew out like a cannonball.

Wei Feng followed his body, and kicked his body from the air.


In an instant, the man’s body exploded – his bones shattered, blood painted the sky.

A Level 10 tabooist is nothing to him – as long as Wei Feng was around, that tabooist will not survive for two seconds!

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