In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 71


Chapter 71: Unknown
After a while, Ying captured all the remaining personnel on the Cruise Flagship.

Seeing only a dozen people, Wei Feng was a little skeptical.

He interrogated them – a spineless man told him the whereabouts of his other crewmates.

Turns out, an elite team was dispatched onto Yangtze to look for a very important item.

This caught Wei Feng’s attention.

If the Federation was willing to risk their lives to obtain this item, then he’s interested in that item as well.

He wasn’t in a hurry to separate his body with Lilith, so Wei Feng spread out his black wings and flew back to Yangtze.

Thunder Bird and Ying then dragged the Cruise Flagship back to their Restricted Area under Wei Feng’s orders.

Current time.

In the dilapidated city of Yangtze, it was shrouded in grey fog. It was incredibly dark.

Some wild beasts roamed the city, looking for easy prey.

In the central part of the city, a few lights flickered beneath a collapsed building.

A fully-armed team and eight high-levelled Shadow Demons who were all equipped with Beast Armaments emerged from a gap in the building and were about to leave.

Those flickering lights were especially obvious in the dark night, and Wei Feng flew there in an instant.


Swooping down from the air, he landed in front of the elite team.


Dust was flying; ruined buildings next to them collapsed a second time due to his landing’s impact.

“We’re under attack!”

“Get into formation! Protect the box!”

In the dust, someone shouted.

This made Wei Feng frown.

There is zero possibility that an elite team was this stupid.


Wei Feng realised they were making this show on purpose.


In an instant, he phased behind the person holding the box, and grabbed it.


“Ah! He’s a monster! Watch out!”

The man turned around and shouted in horror.

Wei Feng: …

This was the second time he was called a monster.

He ignored him, and opened the box to confirm his suspicions – it was empty.


Wei Feng took off into the air in an instant.

The elite team below him turned off their lights, and retreated down south.

Seeing this, Wei Feng flew south as well.

If someone from their team sneaked away earlier, then they would definitely return to the Cruise Flagship.

“Master, in the east!”

Lilith’s voice sounded in Wei Feng’s brain.

“I felt powerful magic in the east!” Lilith explained.


A trace of doubt flashed in Wei Feng’s face.

“It must be the item you’re looking for.”

Wei Feng nodded, and flew towards the east.

“Over there!”

Lilith voiced again.

Wei Feng stopped and looked carefully.

Because of the restrictions within a Restricted Area, spirit power cannot be spread easily – otherwise, he would’ve used it to scan the area.


A very faint sound could be heard.

It was the sound of bones twisting – this caught Wei Feng’s attention.


He dived downwards towards the source of the sound.


Wei Feng saw a silhouette jump off a roof and dash towards the east – its speed surprised him.

It was a tabooist!

That person must be a tabooist, and they are stronger than the captain of the Cruise Flagship.


Wei Feng immediately took off, breaking the sound barrier.

He conjured dark energy balls, since dark magic isn’t restricted by the rules of the Restricted Area.


“Boom! Crash!”

Twenty balls were launched, and a series of explosions occurred.

The figure didn’t seem to expect this – after all, it was a Restricted Area.

They leapt to avoid the explosion, and tried to jump to another roof.

“Dark Cage!”

Wei Feng cast a spell, and dark energy condensed around the figure, forming a cage.


The cage fell to the ground with a loud clang.

Wei Feng descended – the cage had the defence of him and Lilith’s attributes – it was impossible to break the cage.

“You are… a demon!”

A shrill scream came from the cage.

It was a woman.

Wei Feng widened his eyes.

She was dressed in black, and her identity was covered with a black scarf. She looked like a thief.

Glancing at the black suitcase, Wei Feng cast another Dark Cage around the suit case.


The woman was shocked – she could pass her hand through the tiny cage, but she couldn’t yank the suitcase out of it.

Wei Feng clasped his hand to shrink the tiny cage – if she didn’t let go, her arm would be sliced off.

She immediately let go of the suitcase.

He conjured the suitcase over to himself.

Wei Feng was about to leave, but Lilith warned in his brain, “Master, watch out!”


A three-meter long, half-foot-wide, crescent sword pierced through Wei Feng and slashed through him.


Wei Feng spat out a mouthful of blood.

The sword flew straight past him, and shattered his surroundings like glass.


The sword continued slashing in the air, destroying everything in its path.

Two kilometres away in the air, Wei Feng looked horrified.

What kind of power is this?

It is too strong!

“So, a demon dares to snatch our belongings. Should I laugh or should I cry? Haha!” Above him, a voice full of contempt, yet full of majesty sounded.

Wei Feng looked up, seeing an old man in white descending upon him.

He didn’t have any wings, nor did he have any tools to assist him in flight – but it was as if he didn’t play by gravity’s rules.

“Oh? Are you a half-breed? I can sense that you are both a demon and a human!” The old man said in surprise.

Wei Feng wanted to fight, but a sharp pain resonated within his abdomen, and he was forced to rest on the ground.


The old man snorted, “You are lucky to survive my sword, and yet, you want to resist against me. Do you really think that my Sky Sword is a joke to you?”


The old man spoke, his eyes widening in anger. He brought his hands together, and conjured another sword from thin air.

Wei Feng widened his eyes; death was inevitable.

Lilith shouted in his mind, “Master! Separate from me! I will keep him busy, and you will escape!”

Wei Feng: !!!

“Master, although we have been together for a short while, I can feel your love and passion.”

“I feel happy for once,”

“Lilith Antesya was always yours from the moment the contract was sealed.”

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