In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 72


Chapter 72: Ascended
The actual translation for the title is Spirit (灵), but using Spirit may clash with the current term of “Spirit Power” and it doesn’t really fit contextually either, so I think that Ascended is a better fit for what’s to come.

Black light erupted from Wei Feng’s body – Lilith was forcing her way out of Wei Feng’s body.

An old and familiar voice suddenly sounded, causing Lilith to stop in mid-air.

“Bullying the weak – the human race has always been like this!”

The old monkey appeared in front of Wei Feng.

The old monkey raised his wooden stick and with a single swipe, conjured a sword, forcing the old man to retreat.

“White Ape!”

The old man sounded extremely surprised, “Such impudence! Don’t tell me you prefer to be in the company of demons within the Restricted Area!”

“Chang Qing, this man is not a demon. Do not get it twisted,” the old monkey glanced at Wei Feng, and frowned.

Wei Feng was speechless.

How strong was this old monkey?

He was this strong, and yet, he knelt down to Wei Feng!

Wei Feng felt ashamed – there’s always a greater mountain.

But what are their levels?

Why are they so strong?

Wei Feng used [Abyss Peek] to probe the old man’s information.

[Exploration Panel]

Target: Human

Level: ???

Strength: ?

Agility: ?

Spirit Power: ?


Other than knowing he’s a human, everything else is unknown!

“Chang Qing, you cannot take this item,” the old monkey spoke.


Chang Qing snorted, “Fine! Take it! Use it outside the Restricted Area or it’s useless!”

He continued to threaten Wei Feng, “Demon, you’d better take refuge in the Restricted Area of the Fog – if I see you again, I’ll kill you for real this time.”


The area shook violently, and the Dark Cage that was keeping the woman hostage collapsed instantly.

Chang Qing then took the woman away.

Wei Feng sighed in relief.

He looked at the old monkey, and handed the suitcase over to the old monkey.

The old monkey shook his head, “Your Majesty! You found this item, so it is yours!”


Wei Feng was surprised.

The item that Chang Qing sought after, who was as strong as the old monkey… didn’t he want it?

“Also, why do you refer to me as Majesty?” Wei Feng asked.

It was crazy that someone as strong as the monkey was calling him Majesty!

The old monkey answered, “You have created your own Restricted Area, so you will soon become Majesty anyways – besides, I call other Restricted Area owners by this title!”


Wei Feng sighed in relief, then asked again, “One last question, why are you and the old man so strong? Your powers are of another world!”


The old monkey grinned, “I though you weren’t interested in this!”

The old monkey sat on a stone and said, “An inscription is engraved on the legendary Abyss Stone Tablet found in the Eternal Restricted Area – there are those greater than normal levels, and they are called the Ascended.”

“The Ascended!”

Wei Feng exclaimed. This was the first time he had heard such a name.

He knew there were higher levels than Level 10, but he didn’t know anything about them.

Wei Feng feels that he had come into contact the true nature of this world.

“Under the Ascended, all are ants!”

The old monkey spoke.

“Of course, Your Majesty is one of the stronger ants. You won’t be pinched and killed easily.”

It is true.

Today, Wei Feng almost died.

Even if he had the Dragon Ape and Ying with him, his death was inevitable.

He owes the old monkey his life!

Half an hour later.

Wei Feng recovered slightly, and learnt a lot of information from the old monkey.

The world is not what it seems on the surface – beneath the iceberg, a terrifying darkness looms.

Only the Ascended can be qualified to come into contact with this darkness.

The old monkey told Wei Feng the specifications to become an Ascended.

Half a million attribute points!

Of the three basic attributes, if one reaches a value of more than 500000, one can be Ascended.

“Return to your base! The girl in your body is sacrificing herself to heal you! Make good use of the item in the suitcase, it isn’t easy to come by,” the old monkey spoke, and got up.

Wei Feng looked at the wound that has already recovered.

He spread out his wings, and soared into the air.

Before leaving, the old monkey cryptically revealed a secret, ”Using a city to build a magic weapon – human beings truly are more terrifying than beasts.”

Wei Feng: !

Half an hour later, Wei Feng returned to his base.

As soon as he landed, he separated with Lilith.


Lilith flopped out of Wei Feng’s body.

And Wei Feng returned to his normal size.


As soon as Lilith got out, her body fell out uncontrollably.

Wei Feng kept her in his embrace, looking distressed.

“Master, what happened?” Ying couldn’t help asking.

His other beasts were worried too.

“I encountered an Ascended today,” he said while carrying Lilith into a fully built wooden house. “Keep guard.”

There was surprise and confusion plastered on the beasts’ faces.

They didn’t know what an Ascended was.

In the wooden house.

Wei Feng carried Lilith to a bamboo chair and laid her down. He then opened the suitcase.

Wisps of black mist drifted out.

Inside the suitcase was a pitch-black ball, beginning to levitate.

The ball hovered to the centre of the room.

Wei Feng used [Abyss Peek] once again.

[Exploration Panel]

Target: Source of Magic

Grade: ?

Function: Reshape one’s body.

Restrictions: Requires a target with mana to activate.

Sacrifice: Two Forbidden Items A-Tier or above.

Description: The source of magic requires the destruction of life. With destruction comes the source of magic.

He couldn’t detect the grade of the Forbidden Item, but there were specifications.

He finally understood the old monkey’s cryptic sentence.

“Using a city to build a magic weapon – human beings are truly more terrifying than beasts!”

Wei Feng frowned – after seeing the old man’s strength, he fully believed that the Federation had the tools to protect Yangtze.

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