In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 73


Chapter 73: Sharing the Source of Magic
There were two restrictions on using the Source of Magic – it requires a target with mana and the sacrifice of two Forbidden Items of A-Tier or above.

Although Wei Feng possesses a few forbidden items, none of them are A-Tier.

He has two S-Tier items, but [Crown of the Red Maple] was bound to his Restricted Area, while [Absolute Zero] was too precious.

“Master, the conditions are too harsh! Forget it! I’m fine! I’ll just rest for a while,” Lilith said with a smile.

Wei Feng stretched out his hand and took Lilith’s slender palm in his, “I’m sorry, I said I was going to protect you – not only did I fail, but you sacrificed yourself to heal me.”


She was moved.

“Give me a moment, I think I can come up with a way to get forbidden items,” he then got up and walked out of the room.

Under the Tree, Wei Feng sat cross-legged on the big stone.

He entered his brain, and used Spirit World to break the 8th fog barrier in his brain.


Like thunder, the 8th layer of fog was broken into.


[NOTICE: You have broken the 8th layer of fog and obtained increased Spirit Power.]

[NOTICE: You have obtained B-Tier Forbidden Item [Wind Watch].]

This made Wei Feng frown.

A forbidden item was born, but it was only B-Tier.


[Ruined Symbols] floated up, absorbing the grey mist.


Wei Feng used [Spirit World] again to slam into the 9th layer of fog.

Under the bombardment of Spirit World and Ruined Symbols, the 9th layer of fog was broken too.

The cacophony in his brain made him feel dizzy.


[NOTICE: You have broken into the 9th layer of fog and have increased Spirit Power.]

[NOTICE: [Ruined Symbol] has been activated.]

No forbidden items were born, but [Ruined Symbol] was activated again.

He used [Ruined Symbols] to break into the 10th layer of fog.

Using these items was easy and convenient, since it didn’t take a toll on his body.

Ten seconds later, the fog corroded away.

[NOTICE: You have broken into the 10th layer of fog and have increased Spirit Power.]

[NOTICE: You have obtained S-Tier Forbidden Item [Source of Exhaustion].]

[NOTICE: [Spirit World] has upgraded to C-Tier.]

[NOTICE: [Ruined Symbols] has upgraded to A-Tier.]

Wei Feng was overjoyed.

Not only did he obtain an S-Tier Forbidden Item, his Ruined Symbols reached A-Tier!

This way, he has sufficient forbidden items.

He leapt off the big rock, and rushed back into the house.

“Master… what…?” Lilith looked at him in disbelief.

“Well, I have enough forbidden items now,” Wei Feng looked at the pitch-black Source of Magic floating around the room. “Lilith, it’s all up to you now.”


Lilith nodded, but blushed, “Master, there is actually a way for us to accept this “reshaping” together – the effect will be way stronger.”

“So, both of us can benefit from it?”

Wei Feng looked at Lilith in surprise, “You mean, we can combine with each other and perform the ritual?”

“Let’s do it then!”

Lilith merely nodded, but her face turned beet red, “I meant… a different type of fusion.”

“Oh,” Wei Feng looked at Lilith shying away from him and understood what she meant; his breathing became ragged and erratic.

“Are you sure about this?” Wei Feng asked, licking his lips.


Lilith lowered her head; her voice meek.

“Let’s do it now, then,” Wei Feng said, awkwardly.


Without raising her head, she fell into his embrace.

Two hours later.


[NOTICE: [Source of Magic] has been activated.]

[NOTICE: [Source of Exhaustion] and [Absolute Zero] has been sacrificed.]

In the end, Wei Feng chose to sacrifice [Absolute Zero].

Four hours later.

The house was pitch black. The space inside the house seemed completely different from the outside; nothing could be seen, nothing could be heard.

Eight hours later.

The whole night passed.

Ying used [Demon’s Call] to summon ten more demons.

They were all guarding outside the house.

Ten miles to the east on a hill, mist shrouded a clearing.

Within the mist, a tall figure stood on top of the clearing, looking towards the Restricted Area.

An old monkey was standing beside this tall figure.

“Master, it seems that the Red Maple King has used the Source of Magic to the fullest,” the old monkey reported.


“Let’s return home.”

Sixteen hours later.

There was still silence in the Red Maple Restricted Area.

Dragon Ape and Ying guarded outside the house, feeling a little worried; their eyes swept across the house from time to time.

Twenty-four hours later.

In the sky, the dark clouds dispersed, revealing the bright moon.

Moonlight poured like water; the wind causing the branches and leaves of the Tree to sway.

Every leaf was bathed in moonlight, illuminating the surrounding haze.


The house trembled, and black light rippled from the house.

Like a stone skipping through a lake, the black light spread out.


Dark clouds returned; lightning pierced the sky.

The clouds didn’t hide the moon, however. The moon shone brightly, emitting a spotlight.

A beam of light fell from the sky, surrounded by lightning.

On the hill, the old monkey and his owner stared at the scene in surprise.

“Master, this can’t be…!” The old monkey muttered.

“That’s right!”

The eyes of his handler shone brightly, “Looks like this man is full of surprises! This is like a legendary artifact comparable to the Abyss Stone Tablet in the Eternal Restricted Area!”

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