In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 74


Chapter 74: A Secret Breakthrough

The moonlight condensed into a single beam of light, surrounded by lightning and illuminating the sky and ground.

The wooden houses next to Red Maple had been reduced to ashes.

A large dark ball appeared under the Tree.

That’s what the ball looked like inside the house.

The ball hovered towards the spotlight, gradually becoming transparent.


[NOTICE: [Secret of the Bright Moon] and [Voice of Thunder] have combined to become [Secret of Thunder and Moonlight].]

[NOTICE: All attributes have now exceeded 500,000. You are Ascended.]

[NOTICE: The Power of Control has upgraded to the Ascended level.]

[NOTICE: You gained mana.]

[NOTICE: You can now use [Dark Codex].]

[NOTICE: You have obtained the SSS-Tier Forbidden Item [Silence of the Night].]

[NOTICE: If the conditions are met, your System will upgrade after ten minutes.]

A series of prompts startled Wei Feng awake.

When he opened his eyes, his eyesight was pitch black – it gradually shrunk into a set of black armour that equipped itself onto him and Lilith.

“This is the Silence of the Night!”

Wei Feng exclaimed when examining the armor.

“Master! It seems like I obtained a Forbidden Item called Etiquette of the Night!” Lilith said in surprise.

The black light dissipated, and in front of them were demons and his beasts surrounding them.

“How long has it been?” Wei Feng asked.

Ying stepped forward, “Master! It has been a day! Did you succeed?”


He nodded. “Lilith and I have become Ascended.”


A few beasts exclaimed.

Wei Feng took a peek into his attribute panel.


The Strongest Beastmaster System! (upgraded once)

Host: Wei Feng

Age: 17

Rank: Level 1 Ascended Beastmaster

Mana: 10000/10000

Strength: 55 Ascended Power

Agility: 57 Ascended Power

Spirit Power: 88 Ascended Power

Power of Control – Ascended: You gain a 50% bonus to the Ascended powers of your beasts.]

Cultivation: [Secret Voice of Thunder and Moonlight] increases all attributes by 1 Ascended Power every three days.

Shared Abilities: [Dark Codex]

Forbidden Items: SSS-Tier [Silence of the Night] has been activated.

A-Tier [Ruined Symbols] has been activated.

B-Tier [Wind Watch] has been activated.

D-Tier [Abyss Peek] is usable. (2/3)

Evolvable – C-Tier [Spirit World] has been activated.

D-Tier [Hammer of Tempering] has been activated.

Core Abilities: [Hardened Skin] – Derived from [Ice Giant], you can resist attack of no more than 3500 points of strength.

[Source of Power] has been deactivated.

[Source of Agility] has been deactivated.

[Summon: Wolf King] – Derived from the Wolf King, you can summon Level 9 Silver Moon Priests x20, Level 8 Ghost Wolf Guards x100, Level 7 Blood Wolf Warrior x1000.

[Transformation] – Derived from the Wolf King, you can transform into any target where you can detect their attributes for.

[Source of Electricity] – Derived from Thunder Bird, absorb the surrounding electricity to strengthen [Hammer of Tempering].

[Demon’s Call] – Derived from Dark Dragon’s Shadow, summon demonic creatures from the abyss to fight by your side. (Can be summoned once every twenty-four hours, and the minimum amount of summons are 10.)

[Dragon’s Power] has been deactivated.

[Power of the Dragon and the Ape] has been deactivated.

Royal Beasts: Level 6 Ice Giant

Level 3 Spirit Hog

Level 10 Thunder Bird

Level 10 Silver Moon Wolf King

Level 10 Dragon Ape

Level 10 Dark Dragon’s Shadow

It seems like he has gone through drastic changes.

Some core abilities have been deactivated.

Wei Feng assumes that it is because he has Ascended – the core abilities of his Dragon Ape and Ying won’t take effect unless they have Ascended as well.

After being Ascended, Wei Feng has learnt a lot of secrets.

It seems like Ascended Beast Masters are connected to something!

That artifact called the “Abyss Stone Tablet” which has many inscriptions – some of these inscriptions describe the Ascended, and this Stone Tablet can be telepathically connected to all Ascended Beast Masters.

It’s amazing!

Wei Feng felt incredible.

It was like he was connected to some sort of network – the information on the Abyss Stone Tablet could not only be seen by him, but also by other Ascended.

In addition to some information on the Ascended, there are other information recorded.

First, the powers of the world.

There are three major forces in this world: the Federation, the Restricted Areas, and the Abyss.

The Federation and the Restricted Areas dominate the world, while the Abyss is sealed in endless darkness.

In addition to these major forces, there are some independent factions within the Federations and Restricted Areas recorded on it.

The most representative of them are the Church of Light and the Sanctuary of Darkness.

These two factions have been opposing each other for generations, and one belongs to the Federation while the other belongs to the Restricted Area.

And Ascended Beasts as well.

It is recorded on the Abyss Stone Tablet that there are countless Ascended Beasts waiting to be summoned so they can come into this world.

However, the ten-point star used to summon them have been lost forever!

In other words, nobody can summon a real Ascended Beast.

The old monkey and other Ascended Beasts were all born and raised in this world – they became Ascended with their own efforts.

Finally, tabooists.

The only reason why humans are the dominant race is because of tabooists.

Since the loss of the ten-point star, the human race found another way to improve themselves.

If you want to become Ascended, and if you want to continue to train after becoming an Ascended, only tabooists are allowed to do so.

Tabooists can absorb the power of their own beasts and other rare beasts.

But there are drastic side effects – absorbing the power overloads the tabooist, and they are prone to serious mental illness.

This is caused from absorbing too much energy from the beast.

Therefore, even if the Federation has medicine, tabooists still aren’t able to absorb energy without limit.

Wei Feng came back to his senses.

A prompt sounded.


[NOTICE: Your system is starting its upgrade. Duration: 3 Days.]

His system has started to upgrade!

Wei Feng had doubts about his system.

He felt that his system was useless other than notifying him via prompts.

His core abilities and attributes come from the Power of Control, and he has Forbidden Items.

Dragon Ape, Ying, and Wolf King were all summoned with his own ability.

And Lilith, as well as the mana resource bar…

What exactly is that system?

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