In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 75


Chapter 75: Restricted Area Changes

Wei Feng and Ying simultaneously activated [Demon’s Call] and two portals lit up at the same time.


A low roar sounded from Wei Feng’s portal, and a demonic creature with dark red skin and three horns with a body of a triceratops, ran out of the portal.

Wei Feng probed its information.

[Exploration Panel]

Target: Horns of Evil

Level: Level 8 (Intermediate)

Attribute: Dark

Mana: 500/500

Strength: 6705

Agility: 6375

Spirit Power: 6120

Core Abilities: [Dark Energy – Pierce] – Launch a Dark Magic spell, forming three dark energy spikes, causing piercing damage equal to strength value.

[Evil Roar] – Let out a terrifying cry, reducing all attributes of enemy creatures within 500 yards by 10%. (Ineffective against beasts that are higher levelled than itself.)

More demons that can use mana!

Very good.

Wei Feng peered into the portal, and another Horn of Evil ran out.

Now that he was Ascended, [Demon’s Call] can summon minimum 10 beasts, which means he could summon at least ten Horn of Evils this time.

On the other hand, Ying summoned a big demon creature.

At this time, Ying was still powerful on his own, and twenty great demons were summoned.

Now, there are 49 great demons.

And there are 32 Horns of Evil.

Looking at the Horns of Evil still running out, Wei Feng fears that he had summoned a whole nest of people.

“42, 43, 44…”

Lilith was counting beside Wei Feng.

When Lilith counted to 43, the grey fog in the sky suddenly spread out.

A prompt sounded.


[NOTICE: Your Restricted Area can be expanded. Distance of expansion is 5000 yards.]

[NOTICE: Your Restricted Area shared information chain has been connected.]

Looks like his prompt sounds still work.


The summoning portal finally closed after fifty Horns of Evil ran out.

Fifty Horns of Evil!

Wei Feng glanced at Ying – he was proud that he had summoned more demons compared to the last three days.

“Brother Wei Feng, congratulations!”

A voice sounded in Wei Feng’s mind and startled him.


Wei Feng checked his brain and found that it came from his [Restricted Area] panel.

His [Restricted Area] panel has completely changed.

[Restricted Area]

Name: Red Maple Restricted Area

Owner: Wei Feng

Grade: D

Flags: None

Range: 10,000 Yards

Forbidden Item: [Crown of the Red Maple]

Forbidden Energy: 462

(The Forbidden Energy stored in Level 1 to Level 3 creatures is 1, Level 4 to 6 is 2, and Level 7 to 9 is 3. For every Level 10 beast that possesses an attribute value of 50,000, a little forbidden energy is added to the counter.)

Connected to the Shared Information Chain – Eternal Restricted Area

Restricted Area Ranking:

Rank 1 – Eternal Restricted Area, Ascended Level

Rank 2 – Restricted Mountain, Grade SSS

Rank 3 – Black Tide, Grade SSS

Rank 4 – Lost Forest, Grade SSS

Rank 5 – Twilight, Grade SSS


Mandatory Task: [Guardian] – The birth of each Restricted Area must be baptized by blood and songs.

Requirements: Defend your Restricted Area from ten other Restricted Areas. Countdown: 71 hours, 58 minutes, 3 seconds.

Description: Each time you slay an enemy beast, you obtain their Forbidden Energy, adding to the counter. However, if the enemy beast slays your ally beast, they will gain some forbidden energy, but your total forbidden energy will not be deducted.

If your bound Forbidden Item is destroyed, then your Restricted Area will dispel.

Communication Tab:

Currently connected to the Restricted Area of the Fog.

Number of Rules that can be set: 2

Wei Feng looked at his [Restricted Area] panel, feeling dumbfounded.

This was too much!

A voice sounded from his Communication Tab again, “Brother, we will be neighbours in the future! Come often, and let’s have a chat when you’re free.”


Wei Feng was surprised.

If one can use the Communications Tab, then this person or beast must be the owner of the Restricted Area of the Fog.

“Thank you. I was planning to visit soon – if it’s convenient for you, I’ll be there now,” Wei Feng said, using the Communications function.

“Come on over!”

In the middle of the night, Wei Feng took Lilith to visit this mysterious person.

This time, Wei Feng has finally seen the centre of the Restricted Area of the Fog.

The scenery before him was stunning; a magnificent palace stands tall in front of him.

Within the palace, Wei Feng met the owner of the Restricted Area.

Like Wei Feng, the owner was a human, and he looked forty or fifty.

Of course, this was based of his physical appearance – his actual age is probably much older.

Under the warm welcome of the owner, Wei Feng experienced the treatment that an Ascended should be treated as.

A magnificent palace to lounge around, wine that seems to glow, all kinds of fruit, delicious fruit served on delicate, silver plates…

This is the life that an owner of a Restricted Area should have.

To be honest, Wei Feng admired it.

Through the shared information chain, Wei Feng learnt that the owner’s name was Li Tong, who is 322 years old.

The Restricted Area has existed for 271 years, and its expansion range has reached 316 kilometres.

The restricted area was only of Grade A, however.

Later, Wei Feng asked Li Tong on his given task – [Guardian].

Li Tong told him this was a rule set by the Eternal Restricted Area, which was strictly enforced before, but now, it is but a formality.

After three days, more than a dozen beasts may attack, and it is also possible for them to just transit through the restricted area.

But he advised it was best to prepare. After all, you can’t predict accidents.

Li Tong also reminded Wei Feng a key issue.

Forbidden energy!

This energy has many functions, like strengthening your beasts, generate forbidden items, and even be used to build houses or other structures, and shape the terrain.

Wei Feng only knew about the surface of forbidden energy – after Li Tong gave a small reminder, he realised the potential of forbidden energy!

At dawn, Wei Feng and Lilith left.

After seeing Li Tong’s restricted area, he couldn’t wait to change his own.

Today, his Red Maple Restricted Area has a range of 10000 yards – the surrounding area, using Red Maple as the centre, is about 10 miles.

Not that big, but not that small either.

However, Wei Feng thought it was best to stay on guard for a while.

He can wait to upgrade his Restricted Area. He wanted to prepare for the attack three days later.

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