In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 76


Chapter 76: [Guardian] Begins!
The defence of Red Maple must depend on Wei Feng and Lilith.

After all, they were Ascended creatures.

Wei Feng wasn’t that worried about [Guardian].

Li Tong also stated that some beasts may just pass through, wishing no harm.

After all, since Red Maple and Fog are allies, Li Tong could be his emergency backup.

However, it isn’t smart to blindly rely on others. So, he wanted to prepare himself to some extent.


[NOTICE: You have bound your B-Tier [Wind Watch] as a secondary forbidden item.]

Wei Feng bound [Wind Watch] to the Restricted Area.

At the boundary of the Restricted Area, storms started to form, surrounding Red Maple.

The scene looked magnificent.

The storm can now act like a natural shield – 15 metres high, protecting the border of Red Maple.

“Master, this storm is beautiful!” Lilith couldn’t help but sigh as she watched the storm.

After becoming an Ascended, Lilith’s body underwent some physical changes – she looked even more perfect and attractive.

And with her armour [Etiquette of the Night], her figure was out of this world.

Wei Feng has also gone through physical changes.

He was handsome as ever, his stature tall and straight – [Silence of the Night] framed his body with an aura of quietness, adding to his sense of mystery.

With them standing together side-by-side, they were made for each other.



Dragon Ape let out a cheerful shout – it was glad looking at the storm forming at the borders.

Now, Wei Feng planned to upgrade his Wolf King.

Within Level 10, there are 10 sublevels as well.

The 1st sublevel requires attributes of value 50,000, the 2nd 100,000, the 3rd 150,000.

This goes all the way until the 10th sublevel, which is exactly 500,000, at which the beast can become Ascended Beasts.

This way, he can track the progress.

The natural characteristics of the Wolf King made it easy to upgrade the Wolf King, so he wanted to upgrade his Wolf King to the Ascended level first.

Wei Feng did a little test as well – to raise the Wolf King a single sublevel, he needs to consume ten points of forbidden energy, so a hundred points of forbidden energy should be sufficient.

Two hours later.

Under the Tree, the Wolf King was shrouded in misty moonlight – even if the sunlight was shining, the moonlight was clearly visible.


[NOTICE: The Wolf King has upgraded to the Ascended level.]

[NOTICE: You have obtained the core ability [Lovesick Moonlight Slash] derived from the Wolf King.]

[NOTICE: You gain attribute bonuses from the Wolf King. Strength +32 Ascended Power, Agility +41 Ascended Power, Spirit Power +28 Ascended Power.]

Sure enough, Power of Control can be applied.

At the same time, Wei Feng obtained a new ability called [Lovesick Moonlight Slash].

Gather moonlight and launch a slash that destroys everything in its path!

Wei Feng wondered what “lovesick” referred to.

With the attributes he gained from the Wolf King, his agility and spirit power directly broke through 100.

Wei Feng felt powerful.

His other beasts looked on with envy.

Wei Feng used [Wind Watch] to upgrade some of his beasts as well, increasing their total attributes by 50,000.

The Ice Giant has finally reached Level 9.


Wei Feng and Ying continued to summon.

This time, Ying summoned a monster.

[Exploration Panel]

Target: Evil Guardian

Level: Level 8

Attribute: Dark

Mana: 800/800

Strength: 7100

Agility: 6800

Spirit Power: 6400

Core Abilities: [Giant Slash] – The Guardian imbues magical energy into his weapon and launches a slash, causing double damage.

[Dark Fire] – The Guardian buffs himself or his allies, which increases all attributes by 80%, or he can use this on enemies to burn them continuously.

Wei Feng’s eyes lit up.

The Evil Guardian was strong!

When demons are summoned, they usually don’t carry their own weapons.

The Evil Guardian came with a long-handled war blade – its handle was one metre long and the blade was three metres long.

Wei Feng realised that his army wasn’t well equipped.

This needs to be resolved.

He had a pile of metal lying around, and the Cruise Flagship that was dragged back by Ying and Thunder Bird, but no one here can build anything.

Ying also summoned ten Evil Guardians, and Wei Feng summoned ten Horns of Evil.

Countdown: 49 hours, 36 minutes, 15 seconds.

2 days left.

Wei Feng asked Ying to take the Evil Guardians to chop some trees, then planned defensive measures by the storm.

Wei Feng trained with Lilith and the Wolf King to familiarize himself with his newfound power.

And just like that.

Three days pass in a blink of an eye.

Countdown: 1 second.

Red Maple was well guarded.

Great Demons, Evil Guardians, Horns of Evil, Dragon Ape, Ying…

Wei Feng stood on the canopy of Red Maple, having a birds-eye view on the area. Everything was quiet.

He predicted that if there was an attack, it can only be from the west and north.

Five minutes passed, and there was nothing.

There weren’t any beasts outside the storm either.

Lilith muttered, “I guess other Restricted Areas won’t be sending their beasts over – we are competing anyways, so they don’t want us to earn any forbidden energy.”


As soon as Lilith finished, a crimson flame arrow was flying towards them.


Wei Feng raised his hand and blocked the arrow.

Wei Feng frowned.

Was this the Ascended old man from the other day?

Wei Feng looked into the forest in the south, and countless arrows started to fall into Red Maple.


The Dragon Ape roared, and leapt into the forest.


Thunder Bird flapped his wings, and used [Field of Electricity] to shield Red Maple from the rain of arrows.

Ying used [Field of Agility] to slow the advance of the arrows greatly, and they flopped to the ground.

The arrows were nothing.


In the forest, explosions occurred, and the Dragon Ape began to massacre.

The Wolf King followed the Dragon Ape – he concluded that the person who shot the arrow at Wei Feng must be an Ascended.


A tremor could be felt from the ground from the west.

Smoke and dust rose, and a silver-white calvary team rushed forwards.

The calvary were all donning silver and white armaments.

Wei Feng saw an old man in white hovering above the army. His predictions were right.

“Chang Qing!”

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