In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 77


Chapter 77: Palace
You get up where you fall.

Wei Feng believes that if he is bested in battle, he must fight back!

“Chang Qing!”

The moment he saw the old man, Wei Feng furrowed his eyebrows.

He didn’t seem as strong anymore.

The last time, the old man used swords to pierce through Wei Feng, so Wei Feng will use swords to pierce through him.

He ordered Lilith to defend Red Maple, and Wei Feng rushed forward.

The bloodlust in him was strong.

After becoming an Ascended, he wants to test his own strength by besting other Ascended opponents!

“Moonlight Slash!”

With a low shout, Wei Feng conjured a five-metre-long crescent moon and swung it at the old man.


Wei Feng leapt up again, and clenched his right fist, carrying a burst of electricity and slammed forward.


Chang Qing dodged backwards, and his own sword was sliced in half by Wei Feng’s crescent.

He didn’t expect Wei Feng’s determination.

A ball of electricity flew towards him, and Chang Qing used his hand to block.


The electricity bombarded Chang Qing’s arm.

With this single punch, Wei Feng focused all his strength.

Chang Qing flinched backwards, and Wei Feng immediately followed up.

In terms of combat experience, Wei Feng definitely fell short, so he wouldn’t want to let up an opening!

He doesn’t need any fighting experience; he just needs his strength!

“My boy, who are you?” Chang Qing shouted. “I’m here to trouble a demon, not you!”

Wei Feng remained silent and continued to fight.

He was much faster than Chang Qing now.


With a punch, Chang Qing wailed out in pain, “Boy, don’t you know how to respect your elders?! If you continue this behaviour, I’ll teach you a lesson!”

“I respect you alright!”

Wei Feng roared, and smashed his fist into his face.


“I’ll fight with you!”

Chang Qing was stunned.

He has never seen an Ascended fight like this before.


Chang Qing wailed in pain.

His neck was locked into a death grip by Wei Feng’s legs, and he couldn’t reach Wei Feng – in addition, Wei Feng wore an SSS-Tier Forbidden Item Armour. Chang Qing couldn’t even make Wei Feng flinch.



Wei Feng continuously punched with the intent of killing him.

He was merely returning the favour.

After seventy or eighty punches, Chang Qing stopped wailing.

Wei Feng released his grip, and his body fell to the ground with a “pop!”


[NOTICE: You have killed a Level 1 Ascended, forbidden energy +1000.]

A strong Ascended was killed by Wei Feng.

No one will believe him.

But Chang Qing was dead by his feet.

The old monkey and Li Tong stared at the scene from the mountain, speechless.

The old monkey shrunk his neck, “It seems that I have to be more respectful the next time I meet his Lordship Wei Feng.”

He killed him using his fists!

Li Tong shook his head and smiled, “Let’s return home. They are giving him free forbidden energy anyways.”

Prompts sounded.


[NOTICE: Killed a Level 6 beast, forbidden energy +2]


[NOTICE: Killed a Level 10 tabooist, forbidden energy +5]

His forbidden energy continually increased – in a short time, it was almost three thousand.

Twenty Evil Guardians simultaneously slashed, combined with the Piercing attack from the Horns of Evil, they wiped out the calvary with a single swipe.

Ying, Dragon Ape, and the Wolf King soon returned from the forest.


[NOTICE: Killed a Level 1 Ascended, forbidden energy +1000]

Seems like the Ascended who shot the arrow died as well.

Wei Feng counted that he had only lost three Great Demons. His other beasts weren’t even injured.

After an hour.


[NOTICE: You have completed [Guardian]. Rewards: Banner +1, Forbidden Energy +5000]

The grey fog condensed and summpned a huge stone tablet.

The tablet was square and standing upright, like a tower. It was 50 metres high.


[NOTICE: Please set a flag pattern and inscription.]

Wei Feng found that he could make patterns and words on the tablet by simply thinking of it.

He sensed there was hidden energy within the tablet, since he could just conjure words and patterns by just thinking.

Therefore, Wei Feng put the appearance of the Red Maple Tree, with the text [Red Maple Restricted Area].


[NOTICE: You have set the pattern. It will now generate a random ability.]

[NOTICE: Your flag has generated the ability [Derivation].]

[Derivation] – Using forbidden energy, an item can be procured. The strengths and abilities of the item are directly proportional to the amount of forbidden energy.

This ability is crazy!

Wei Feng glanced at his current forbidden energy count.

Forbidden Energy: 5113

He uses 5000 points of forbidden energy to obtain an item, what would he get?

He was eager to try.

A prompt suddenly sounded.


[NOTICE: Your system upgrade is complete.]

[NOTICE: You have obtained a Royal Beast Store.]

[NOTICE: Forbidden energy has been bound.]

[NOTICE: Open your task panel for additional information.]

His system has been upgraded.

Wei Feng was surprised because a palace appeared in his brain.

He also saw a dazzling array of items.

Rows and rows of precious treasures.

Royal beast eggs with colourful surfaces.

A golden sword that exudes light.

Potions, beast rations, weapons, summons, everything!

“Hey, boy over there! Has your Spirit Power turned into a physical entity?”

A voice sounded from his left.

Only then did Wei Feng discovered that by the entrance of the palace, a grey-furred mouse was sitting by the counter wearing a white T-shirt, cropped pants, and white sneakers.

Its right arm was resting on a grey stone.

“Are you… the owner?” Wei Feng thought for a while, and could only use the word “owner” to describe the other party.

The mouse jumped off the counter and circled around Wei Feng’s spirit power, “Seems like your spirit power hasn’t transformed yet. Looks like I was too early!”

Wei Feng noticed that his Spirit Power was a square blob!

His Spirit Power was still being nurtured by [Spirit World], but it still hasn’t been completed.

Wei Feng wanted to ask what would happen if his spirit power manifested physically, but the mouse waved him off, “Leave for now! Even if you have forbidden coins, you can’t afford what I have. Come back when your spirit power manifested!”

The grey mouse jumped over the counter, crossed its legs, and started to take a nap.

Wei Feng was a little speechless. If he wanted to purchase some things, he still needs his spirit power to transform.

However, he didn’t know how to.

Looking at the array of items, Wei Feng asked, “Then, can I take a look?”

“Go ahead! The more you look, the more you want to buy it!” The mouse waved.

Wei Feng examined the items carefully.

Level 1 Ascended Beast Egg [Manticore] – 2000 forbidden coins.

Level 2 Ascended Beast Egg [Wind Thunder Demon] – 4000 forbidden coins.

Level 1 Ascended Beast Armaments [Magical Shadow Sword] – 1000 forbidden coins.

Level 2 Ascended Beast Armaments [Skysplitter] – 3000 forbidden coins.

Ten-Point Star Formation [Beginner: 10689 Summoning Runes] – 5000 forbidden coins.

Ten-Point Star Formation [Intermediate: 53233 Summoning Runes] – 10000 forbidden coins.

Wei Feng: !!!

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