In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 78


Chapter 78: Task Menu
Wei Feng: !!!

This palace sells a ten-point star!

What is going on?

What does this mean?

He couldn’t imagine it.

If the Federation knew that he could simply purchase a ten-point star formation, then they might send their strongest soldiers instantly.

He withdrew from the palace in his brain. He couldn’t hold back his excitement.

A ten-point star…

A ten-point star…

It’s the summoning formation that the world lost forever!

“Master, what’s the matter?” Lilith asked. She was worried looking at Wei Feng shaking.

Wei Feng was too excited.

Lilith can’t access Wei Feng’s brain space, so Wei Feng had to explain it slowly to her.

Wei Feng realised something.

His Great Demons, Evil Guardians, and Horn of Evils were devouring the corpses of those who came to attack them.

Even the Dragon Ape was swallowing the corpses.

Wei Feng realised that he had forgotten to feed them.

Red Maple is facing a huge problem.

Food shortages!

All of his demons were hungry.

The river beside them was almost empty of fish.

And it has only been a few days.

It seems that establishing secure resources is the first step in leading your own Restricted Area.

The current state of Red Maple is too barren.

Wei Feng didn’t want to waste the corpses, so he let the Ice Giant to conjure ice cubes to store and preserve the corpses.

Wei Feng felt this was necessary.

At least the demons will be sated for a while.

Evening came.

Matters will be dealt with.

Wei Feng and Lilith sat together on the big rock, discussing how to lead their Restricted Area.

Lilith listened intently. Wei Feng has a lot of experience, but still does not understand some things. So, he needs a second opinion.

Later at night, Lilith laid beside Wei Feng. They were silent.

Wei Feng checked his updated tasks in the task menu.

His next mission was to build and transform his Restricted Area so his residents can survive and live.


He checked through his task menu carefully.

[Task Menu]

Mission 1: [Abyss Recovery] – Within the endless darkness of the abyss, the seal of the abyss comes loose.

Requirements: Summon 10,000 demonic creatures.

Rewards: The title of “Lord of the Abyss”, forbidden energy +100,000.

Mission 2: [Return of the Ascended Beasts] – Procure a ten-point star formation and summon an Ascended beast.

Requirements: Have 10,000 people summon Ascended Beasts.

Rewards: Level 7 Ascended Beast Egg, Forbidden Energy +50,000.

Mission 3: [Competition of Restricted Areas] – Hosted by the Eternal Restricted Area.

Requirements: Participate and obtain top ten in the leaderboard.

Rewards: Two SSS-Tier Forbidden Items, forbidden energy +100,000.

Early in the morning.

Wei Feng went to the Fog Restricted Area.

He planned to move, so he came over to say goodbye to Li Tong.

It takes 100 points of forbidden energy to move and take back his Crown of the Red Maple, and place it in another place.

South of Yancheng.

A mountain range.

There was an extremely brilliant Restricted Area – [Freedom].

These mountains are thereby known as the Freedom Mountains because of the Restricted Area.

If you look at it from the side, the mountains are shaped like a running youth, full of youthful energy and freedom.

Wei Feng’s food supply was exhausted, so he went to the Freedom Mountains with a group of demons.

Wei Feng knew there were a dozen of Restricted Areas within Freedom Mountains, and the strongest was only a B Grade.

Once a Restricted Area in Freedom Mountains reaches Grade A, they will move away. It wasn’t a requirement to move, so Wei Feng was confused.

Wei Feng chose to place Red Maple at the north side of Freedom Mountains.

The north side is relatively close to Yancheng, only about three hundred miles.

Moreover, this is where the “toes” of the mountains are. There are five mountains here, like five toes. So, they are called Toe Mountains.

Wei Feng chose to land under a mountain in the middle, between the third and fourth mountains. It was a flat clearing of about forty or fifty miles.

Between these two mountains, he has easy access to the interior of Freedom Mountains.


At the foot of the mountain, Wei Feng placed Crown of the Red Maple.

Red light permeated the air, and the small tree grew once again into a big tree.

The Restricted Area spread and covered half the mountain.

Wei Feng let the demons enter Freeman Mountains to hunt freely, while he and Lilith went to Yancheng.

To build a Restricted Area, he needs a few professionals for help.

He intends to ask Ling Xiaoxiao for help.

Angel Mall.

Top floor.

CEO’s office.

Ling Xiaoxiao sat in her renovated office – she was sketching on her desk.

The sketch only had an outline, but in the upper left corner were tiny words scribbled onto the paper: Wei Feng.

Ling Xiaoxiao grumbled.

“Knock knock!”

All of a sudden, there was a knock.

Ling Xiaoxiao quickly tucked the piece of paper away and checked the cameras, “Come in!”

“Didn’t I say not to disturb me? What’s the matter?”

Ling Xiaoxiao’s voice was cold, but when she saw who walked in, she was stunned.

“Oh…! Wei Feng!”

Ling Xiaoxiao looked at Wei Feng with disbelief in her eyes.

Wei Feng strolled into the office with Lilith trailing behind him, “Did you decorate the place? Still looks the same to me.”

Ling Xiaoxiao’s eyes were focused on Lilith.

As a woman, Lilith’s face and body made her green with envy.

“I need your help,” Wei Feng sat down on the sofa and said.

“My help?”

Ling Xiaoxiao said in surprise, then quickly added, “As long as its within my ability, I’ll help with anything!”


Wei Feng nodded, “Thank you, but it’s not that big of a deal – I need two architects who can help me out at Freedom Mountains to help me build some buildings.”


“In Freedom Mountains?”

Ling Xiaoxiao was full of questions, but realisation flashed through her eyes, “Don’t tell me… you established your own restricted area?”

“Got me.”

Wei Feng nodded, and amused himself in Ling Xiaoxiao’s expression.

After an hour.

Ling Xiaoxiao got to know Lilith as well.

Wei Feng was surprised that Ling Xiaoxiao invited Lilith to have lunch with them!

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