In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 79


Chapter 79: Introducing Ourselves
After lunch.

Lilith went shopping with Ling Xiaoxiao!

…without Wei Feng.

Wei Feng got bored, and wandered around Yancheng.

He took inspiration from Yancheng’s architecture to improve the appearance of his Restricted Area.

After wandering around for two hours, Wei Feng found a place to rest.

While passing by a café, he saw someone familiar through the glass.

Zhang Xiyao!

She seemed to be on a date – opposite her was a young man in a suit with brown-red hair, and a stern face. He looked handsome.

Wei Feng walked away silently, but Zhang Xiyao turned her head and saw him.

Zhang Xiyao was stunned for a moment. She recognised him.


“Wei Feng, is that you? Wait up!”

Zhang Xiyao shouted in the café, but she was muffled by the glass.

She ran out.

“Wei Feng!”

Zhang Xiyao had an excited expression like she saw Jesus.


“Haven’t seen you in a while.”

Wei Feng smiled.

Zhang Xiyao ran straight to him – the young man was staring at them. She grabbed Wei Feng’s arm and muttered, “Do me a favor!”

She then dragged him to the café.

Wei Feng didn’t know what to expect.

Wei Feng muttered back, “Don’t you like that boy? He looks pretty good!”

Zhang Xiyao kept walking and pinched Wei Feng’s arm, “Put on your best act! I can’t help it if my family arranges it for me!”

Wei Feng acted as if he was in pain, “I haven’t seen you in a while and you act like this!


Zhang Xiyao snorted, “I know much more now!”

Zhang Xiyao pushed open the door to the café and whispered to Wei Feng, “Help me out a little here, I’ll introduce you to a great person later.”

“And how great can he possibly be?” Wei Feng pretended to be surprised.

“You’ll know when you see it,” she replied.

Zhang Xiyao dragged Wei Feng to the young man and connected their arms together, “I’m sorry, but I have a boyfriend!”

Wei Feng smiled at the young man and nodded.

Wei Feng exuded a prideful and mysterious aura, alongside his handsome face, it stunned the young man.

The young man was unrelenting, however, “I don’t know what family you are from! But you seem friendly!”

Zhang Xiyao cut in, “He’s from Kyoto! Right Wei Feng?”

Zhang Xiyao pinched Wei Feng’s arm.

Wei Feng simply smiled and nodded.

The young man saw through her jig and laughed, “Kyoto? I didn’t know they had Wei surnames in Kyoto!”

Zhang Xiyao felt bad. She didn’t think this through.

“Zhang Xiyao.”

The young man looked at Zhang Xiyao and said, “Since you have a “boyfriend”, I’ll admit it too – I have a girlfriend.”

Outside the cafe, Lilith and Ling Xiaoxiao walked past.

The young man smiled.

The young man got up and said, “My girlfriend is here, wait a moment.”

He walked out.

Wei Feng was dumbfounded.

What was going on?

Did he learn from Zhang Xiyao and wanted to save his face?

This is crazy!

And too coincidental!

Wei Feng whispered to Zhang Xiyao, “What’s his name, anyways?”

“His name is Lu Yuhan, why?” Zhang Xiyao replied.

She stared out the window and stared at Lilith.

As a girl, a one-sided rivalry began.

In this situation, the ugly loses!

Wei Feng turned his head to look out the window, and saw that Lu Yuhan was talking to Lilith.

He could hear every single word.

“These two beautiful leadies, I am Lu Yuhan, the Lu family in Haicheng’s first son! I would like to ask you two for a favor, and I will thank both of you greatly later,” he said.

Lilith and Ling Xiaoxiao had already seen Wei Feng in the café long ago.

Seeing Zhang Xiyao, Ling Xiaoxiao seemed to put two-and-two together. Lilith had no reaction, so Ling Xiaoxiao wanted to help out.

“No problem, we’re happy to help!” Ling Xiaoxiao said, and dragged Lilith with her.

Lu Yuhan was stunned. He didn’t expect this to work.

Lu Yuhan hurried forward to open the door for them.

Lilith and Ling Xiaoxiao sat across Wei Feng.

A very embarrassing scene happened.

There were only four seats – so Lu Yuhan had nowhere to sit.

He felt something was amiss.

How did the women know where to sit?

“Cough cough!”

Lu Yuhan cleared his throat, “Let me introduce you to…”

He froze.

He forgot to ask for Lilith and Ling Xiaoxiao’s names.

Ling Xiaoxiao chuckled and introduced herself, “I’m Ling Xiaoxiao, and I’m from the Ling family in Haicheng. I’m the president of Angel Mall of the Yancheng branch.”

Zhang Xiyao could sense a rivalry happening.

She replied, “Hello, and I’m Zhang Xiyao – I used to be Wei Feng’s classmate.”

Wei Feng witnessed the scene before him.

The war between women – let women resolve it themselves!

Lu Yuhan was speechless.

The atmosphere was getting weird.

Lilith looked at Zhang Xiyao and winked, “And I’m Lilith Antesya, a demon from another world! I currently live at the Red Maple Restricted Area and am in a blood contract with someone!”

Zhang Xiyao: !

Lu Yuhan: !!

What’s going on?

A demon?

Restricted Areas?

A blood contract?!

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