In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 80


Chapter 80: Yangtze’s Survivors
Before coming to the city, Lilith had already hidden some of her demon characteristics.

Until now, Ling Xiaoxiao thought she was a human being!

Several eyes were focused on Wei Feng.

Wei Feng merely held a cup of coffee and took a sip, “The coffee here is good!”

Lu Yuhan couldn’t stay here any longer.

He was embarrassed to the point of death and wanted to burrow a hole for himself.

Seeing him flee, Wei Feng announced, “I’m going to go for a walk, you three have fun!”


The three women spoke in unison, causing everyone in the café to look at their direction.

Zhang Xiyao and Ling Xiaoxiao flushed their faces.

Just when Wei Feng thought it was about to get awkward, Ling Xiaoxiao began to talk again to break the silence.

In less than ten minutes, the girls struck a great conversation as if Wei Feng wasn’t there.

Wei Feng watched the three of them chat continuously for an entire afternoon.

It was evening.

They ate at a restaurant and they had planned to attend a party.

Zhang Xiyao said she wanted to introduce Wei Feng to someone great, and it just so happens that he’s at the party Ling Xiaoxiao was attending.

Eight pm.

The four arrived at a private mansion in Ling Xiaoxiao’s luxury car.

Wei Feng and Lilith wanted to go back in the afternoon – after all, they had just moved to Freedom Mountains.

However, Ling Xiaoxiao stated that tonight’s banquet was hosted by a business giant who cooperates with Restricted Areas in the line of royal beast rations, so Wei Feng stayed.

He lacks food for his beasts.

Entering the mansion, a huge banquet comes into view – the chandelier illuminates the room brightly.

Young men and women stood around in the living room.

As soon as they walked in, Wei Feng saw a few familiar faces.

Wang Jiahao, Wei Wenwen, Zhao Ming, Liu Shuan!

Zhang Xiyao whispered, “After Yangtze fell to the Fog Restricted Area, some of them fled to Yancheng. Liu Shuan came here with Zhao Ming.”

“I see.”

Wei Feng responded, but avoided them for the moment.

He glanced at Wang Jiahao and jokingly said, “Are the two of them still together?”

Zhang Xiyao gave him a strange look, “So, you were waiting on them to break up? What’s wrong with you! They get along well.”


Wei Feng nodded, “Looks like he can’t escape Wei Wenwen’s grasp.”

“Why do you not like them?!” Zhang Xiyao jokingly asked.

“Xiyao! Over here!”

At this time, Wei Wenwen waved Zhang Xiyao over.

“Xiaoxiao, long time no see!” Ling Xiaoxiao was also dragged by someone.

“Come on, let’s take a look.”

Wei Feng held Lilith’s hand and followed Zhang Xiyao to his former classmates.

As they approached, Wang Jiahao and Liu Shuan looked at Lilith, before their eyes landed on Wei Feng.

“My god!”

Liu Shuan spit out his drink, and shouted, “Wei Feng, is that you?!”

“Wei Feng!”

“Wei Feng…?”

Liu Shuan rushed over and hugged Wei Feng hard, “Wei Feng, where were you?! And… why has your body changed so much!”

Seeing Liu Shuan, Wei Feng couldn’t help but smile, and nodded as a greeting to Wang Jiahao and the others.

“It’s a long story – but I’ll tell you when I have time! By the way, did your parents escape Yangtze as well?”

Liu Shuan’s parents treated Wei Feng well. They were the reason he could have two meals a day.

“Well, thanks to Zhao Ming. If it weren’t for him, we wouldn’t be able to get on the first train to Yancheng,” Liu Shuan said, then looked at Zhao Ming gratefully.

“Right! By the way, your father and your stepmother are here too, along with your stepbrother,” Liu Shuan said.

Wei Feng was speechless.

He didn’t want to be involved with his father anymore.

Not to mention, that wicked woman and the sugar boy Cheng Mo.

“I don’t want to have anything to do with them anymore,” Wei Feng muttered, but Liu Shuan interrupted him.

“Hey! Wei Feng, is this goddess with you? I thought she was another guest!” Liu Shuan’s eyes were fixated on Lilith.

Wei Feng: …

Old habits die hard.

Wei Feng sighed, but couldn’t help but admire his dedication to women.

Back in school, he pined after Zhang Xiyao, but now, he pines after Lilith. His confidence is too strong!

“Well, let me introduce you to Lilith, my… girlfriend!” Wei Feng said, holding Lilith’s hands.

“Oh my!”

Liu Shuan came back to his senses, “Wow! Wei Feng, you really do have game!”

“Ahem! My name is Liu Shuan, I’m Wei Feng’s good friend – if Wei Feng bullies you, let me know! I’ll deal with him,” he said, patting his chest.

Wei Feng: …

Wei Feng was speechless.

He really was shallow.

Lilith simply ignored Liu Shuan and glanced at him coldly, causing him to shiver away.

“Wei Feng, long time no see!”

At this moment, Wang Jiahao stepped forward to break the awkward atmosphere.

Zhao Ming also came to say a few greetings.

They aren’t brainless like Liu Shuan.

Wang Jiahao exuded the aura of a certain family elite, so they were somewhat on alert.

After a while, Ling Xiaoxiao came over.

Liu Shuan was about to begin flirting again.

Wei Feng stopped him, however, “Liu Shuan. Not a word.”

Liu Shuan didn’t care. He added, “It’s okay! We’re all in this together, we’ll take care of each other, alright?”

Wei Feng: …

Speaking to him is like speaking to a wall.

“By the way, what are you doing here, Wei Feng?”

“This is a place for the elites – there is no way that you are a bodyguard, right?”

“Wei Feng, what level are you now?”

“I can summon a Level 6 beast now! I’ll protect you in Yancheng! Not to worry.”

Liu Shuan kept flaunting in front of Wei Feng.

Wei Feng didn’t utter a word and just listened, but his eyes caught a figure walking not far from them.

Lu Yuhan.

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