In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 81


Chapter 81: Secrets Within Freedom Mountain
While Liu Shuan was still blabbering, Lu Yuhan brought along a few people to “make amends” with Wei Feng.

Among the people were a few tabooists.

Lu Yuhan was level 10, and two of them were Level 9, while the other two were Level 10.

As a reminder, Zhang Xiyao has reached Level 10, with about 100,000 in attribute values.

“What do you want?”

Zhang Xiyao saw Lu Yuhan bringing a few people with him, and stepped forward to stop them.

Lu Yuhan’s grandfather had a good relationship with her grandfather, so she can’t bear to watch him die. Otherwise, she has no way of explaining it to the elders at home.

However, he was determined.

“Xiyao, don’t get in my way!”

He then looked at Wei Feng coldly, “This is Yancheng – do you even have the guts to fight me?”

Wei Feng wanted to laugh.

Lu Yuhan was obviously afraid, but his ego was greater.

He wanted to use Yancheng to threaten Wei Feng, but he couldn’t care less.


Just as Wei Feng was about to speak, Liu Shuan spoke up with false bravado.

He patted Wei Feng’s shoulder, “Wei Feng, don’t be afraid! I’ll handle these guys to show you how powerful I got!”

Wei Feng: …

Liu Shuan started to walk towards them, and Wei Feng didn’t know what to say.

He means well, but he does have the intent to belittle Wei Feng by showing off.

Zhang Xiyao was also a little dumbfounded.

Before she could stop him, Liu Shuan pointed at Lu Yuhan and yelled, “You son of a bitch, do you know my boss?! Zhao Ming! He was once one of the greats in Yangtze!”

Behind him, Zhao Ming froze.

He never thought Liu Shuan would throw him under the bus.

Lu Yuhan coldly snickered. A nobody like him dared to yell at his face and call him a son of a bitch!

“You’re looking for death!”

Lu Yuhan roared in anger, but Liu Shuan took a step back, “Wait! Wait! Let me summon my beasts, hold on!”

Lu Yuhan: …

Lu Yuhan went berserk while looking at Liu Shuan’s summoning symbols.


Is this a joke to him?

What an insult!


Lu Yuhan dashed forward to punch Liu Shuan.

“Hold on!”

Zhang Xiyao shot out and grabbed Lu Yuhan’s arm.

She couldn’t let him beat up Liu Shuan while Wei Feng was watching. It would be certain that Lu Yuhan would die.

Her intuition was warning her.

“Zhang Xiyao!”

Seeing that his arm was caught by her, he glared at her. “Let go of me! I need to kill this dog!”


A grand voice sounded in the hall.

The people watching the scene immediately turned their heads.

“How indecent!”

On the right side of the hall, a man stepped forward into the crowd – his eyes swept across the crowd, and glared at Lu Yuhan.

Lu Yuhan wordlessly bowed his head and dashed out the hall.

“This is Nangong Han, one of the brothers of the Nangong family. He is the sixth oldest, so they call him the “Sixth Uncle”,” Zhang Xiyao whispered to Wei Feng.

Liu Shuan immediately ceased drawing his summoning symbols in shame.

Fortunate enough, Liu Shuan had some shame in him and scurried back to Wei Feng’s side.

“Wei Feng, are you okay? If it wasn’t for them fleeing, I would’ve showed them how powerful I was!”

“Wow, you’re so amazing,” Wei Feng sarcastically nodded, and turned his eyes to the Sixth Uncle.

Using [Abyss Peek], Wei Feng found that the Sixth Uncle was average at best – only at the level of an Intermediate Beastmaster – what really surprised Wei Feng was the old man in a suit standing beside him.

His attributes exceeded 450,000! He was almost an Ascended!

“Everyone, I would like to thank you all for joining us tonight. I will not let any of you leave empty-handed!” the Sixth Uncle announced.

The crowd erupted in applause and thanked him.

Wei Feng watched from a distance – he wasn’t experienced in these types of social events, so he would need to ask for Ling Xiaoxiao’s help.

As the party went on, the Sixth Uncle gathered everyone, and projected a screen.

On the screen was a 3D map of Freedom Mountains, and a dozen red dots were marked.

“So, I assume everyone here knows where this is!”

Everyone started to murmur amongst each other, and he continued, “Just yesterday, I discovered the secret of this mountain range!”

“A secret?”

“What’s the secret?!”

“Sixth Uncle, you told us that we weren’t leaving empty handed – is the secret a gift?”

Discussions erupted in the crowd.

He smiled, “Yes! I intend to tell everyone this secret!”


“Are you for real?!”

Some people think he’s joking.

The consortiums in Yancheng don’t know anything about Freedom Mountains.

Before this, a Restricted Area called “Freedom” resided in these mountains.

The Federation once believed that Freedom will reign as the leader of all Restricted Areas.

But for some reason, Freedom disappeared overnight.

This has been a pressing mystery – people and beasts alike wanted to look for Freedom, but no one has ever succeeded.

Within Freedom Mountains, powerful beasts guard the core – even Level 2 Ascended Beastmasters have fallen to their grasp!

“Everyone! Silence! Listen to me,’ he spoke loudly, and zoomed the screen in.

“Can somebody tell me what this is,” he asked.

“This can’t be…”

“How is this possible?”

The crowd widened their eyes.

Wei Feng was surprised too.

On the screen was a pitch-black vortex – the core of the vortex glowed with a slight scarlet tinge, like it was connected to something.

“After some preliminary research, I conclude that this is a crack in reality!”

“A crack in reality?”

“Could it be…”

The crowd started to draw conclusions on their on.

The sixth uncle continued.

It is said that the people who once resided within Freedom disappeared into this crack in reality – and in this crack, is a secret enough to shock the world.

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